Cardinal-Designate Dolan: Obama Reneging On Birth Control Provision

Sources: President Promised Dolan That He Would 'Get Most Of What He Wanted'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan says President Barack Obama hasn’t kept his promise, when it comes to the new White House policy on contraception.

Sources told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer that Archbishop Dolan feels betrayed after his meeting with the president on the issue late last year.

A Catholic group in Alabama filed the first lawsuit against the Obama administration’s new birth control regulations as the controversy got even more heated Thursday.

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The president ducked questions about the contraception controversy that is bedeviling his administration. The reason may be the latest attack from Dolan, who, sources told CBS 2, feels he was stabbed in the back by the president after the two met to discuss the issue.

“He was worried about being at odds with the Church, especially when it came to health care and education and charitable outreach,” Dolan told Kramer.

Kramer: “He made promises to you that he apparently hasn’t kept?”

Dolan: “Well, yeah. I’m honest in saying I feel a bit let down.”

Sources close to Dolan told Kramer that the archbishop felt betrayed after a November meeting with President Obama to discuss the contraception issue. Sources said the president promised Dolan that he would “get most of what he wanted.”

Instead, the administration issued a directive forcing Catholic institutions like schools and hospitals to pay for things like birth control and the morning after pill for their employees. The nation’s 355,000 churches are exempt.

“He assured me my administration wants to work closely with you,” Dolan said.

But that experience has left Dolan leery of any compromises the Obama administration might come up with.

“You would not be surprised that I’m a little skeptical,” Dolan said.

Democrats say it’s not about religion at all, but rather giving women the freedom to make their own choices.

“One million people and their dependents are employees at religiously sponsored hospitals and another 2 million students and workers are at religiously sponsored colleges and universities — far too many women to exclude from crucial health coverage,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney said.

“My colleagues and I stand in solidarity with American women who have waited decades for equity in contraceptive coverage,” said Westchester Rep. Nita Lowey.

“No one is telling the bishops anything about the religious practices of the Catholic church,” said Rep. Jerrold Nadler from Manhattan. “What is at issue here is that the bishops want the ability to impose their religious beliefs on other people, on the employees of religiously affiliated hospitals and universities.”

WATCH: CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports 

But Republicans in Congress plan to make the birth control provision in the Obama health care law an election year issue.

“This is very straightforward. This is about whether the government of the United States should have the power to go in and tell a faith-based organization that they have to pay for something they teach their members they shouldn’t be doing,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) said Wednesday.

House Speaker John Boehner is already laying out steps to reverse the policy.

“If the president does not reverse the department’s attack on religious freedom, then the Congress acting on behalf of the American people and the Constitution that we’re sworn to uphold, must,” Boehner said Wednesday.

Most health care plans already cover contraception and according to surveys, most Catholic women use it and according to the Center for Disease Control, 99 percent of women will use contraceptives at some point.

“That’s the point of the Affordable Health Care Act, that all Americans will have access to the kind of health care they need,” said Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Illinois).

Obama is standing by the new policy, but said he is looking for ways to compromise, including one option where religious employers would not have to cover birth control so long as they refer employees to an insurer who would provide it.

The new policy is set to take effect in August. The controversy won’t go away until some compromise is reached, and now with the suit being filed some may wait to see if it is upheld or struck down.

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One Comment

  1. Russell dee says:

    Plain and simply put. the bishops have moved the goal posts. The bishops initial demand was for Prez Obama to set the rule so that no catholic organization (church, university, hospital, chairty, whatever) would have to pay for contraceptive care. Last friday, President Obama accepted that and set things up so that catholic organizations would be exempted from paying for contraceptive care. It should have been a done deal. But now the bishops have moved the goal posts. They made a demand, Obama gave in to the bishops demands, and now the bishops are changing their demands. Firstly, there is something dishonest about the bishops doing that. There is something dishonest about moving goal posts. If you make a demand the person you are making the demand from has an unspoken right to assume that if he meets (agrees to) your demand then that will resolve/settle your dispute. If you make a demand and the person you make the demand from agrees to your demand then it is the honest and honorable thing to do to gracefully end the dispute. But the bishops don’t get that. President Obama met the bishops demand and now the bishops dishonestly move the goal posts. It’s very sad that a high-raniking person in the catholic church basically just did something dishonest right out in public for the world to see.

    That aside, the way the bishops are moving the goal posts is that now instead of demanding that Obama just free catholic organizations from having to pay for contraceptive care the bishops changed their original demand (after Obama accepted their original demand and gave in to their orignal demand) and are now demanding that ALL employers be exempted from having to pay any contraceptive care for any and all women. The bishops are also demanding that any and all employers be exempted from having to pay for any aspect of health insurance that goes against the religious beliefs of any and all employers. This means that all employees would be at risk of being lost because there are religions out there that say that we should not treat medial health problems with medicine at all so if an employer is a fan of one of those religions, or says he is, then he could cancel all of his employees insurance policies.

    Also, the bishops are clearly Obama-haters. Note that they are not simply carrying on a conversation/discussion with Obama, rather they are fericious in their attack against Obama. Note their much softer disagreement with congressional republicans on the issue of extending unemployment benefits. The bishops scream at Obama and they talk civily and respectfully to republicans. The tone of the bishops attack on Obama makes the bishops partisanship clear. They are on the side of republicans.

  2. Russell dee says:

    Bishop Dolan first demanded that catholic institutions not have to pay for contraceptive care. President Obama accepted that and tweaked the rule so that catholic institutions wouldn’t have to pay for contraceptive care. Now bishop Dolan moves the goal posts and demands that no employer has to pay for any health insurance that the employer doesn’t want to pay for. Basically, Dolan has changed his position from wanting all catholic employers free from having to pay for contraceptive care and Obama gave Dolan that so now he changes his demand and demands more from Obama. Moving the goal post like this is a form of dishonesty and I do feel like bishop Dolan’s behavior of moving the goal post is a form of dishonest. The man is messing with all of our healthcare and what he is demanding is that any and all women’s contraceptive care be put at risk. I think it’s clear that bishop Dolan is an Obama-hater.

  3. Edohiguma says:

    And that’s the same catholic church covering rapists, saying that using contraception is a “grave imorality” and similar nonsense.

    Their whining is hypocritical.

  4. richard40 says:

    I just thought of another angle. Even if Obama caves, and gives a waiver to the church, how about individual catholics. Wont they still be forced to buy health care plans that cover something they personally regard as sinful?

  5. richard40 says:

    Left wing catholics have now learned a valuable lesson. Once you have given away your freedom, by giving the fed gov the right to say what health converage you are forced to buy, you have just given away your religious freedom. Economic freedom and religious freedom are inseperable. Once you give away the first, you lose the 2nd.

  6. richard40 says:

    “What is at issue here is that the bishops want the ability to impose their religious beliefs on other people, on the employees of religiously affiliated hospitals and universities”.

    What drivel. What is at issue is who is forced to pay the bill. Any of these women can get birth control at any time. But that isn’t enough, now the church has to abandon their religious beleifs and be forced to pay for something they regard as sinful.

    Dems seem to have a strange idea of what freedom is. I always thought it meant that if you wanted something, and was prepared to pay for it, you could buy it. But dems now say that you dont have freedom to do something, like buy birth control, unless you can also force somebody else to pay the bill. That sort of turns real freedom on its head, into something more akin to freeloading.

  7. Tom Donahue says:

    To bad PIGS can be ex-communicated, you would be right up front.
    Tom D.

  8. chris says:

    I say there should be a rally of Catholics mothers (and their children – so we can count them) to Washington DC, demanding this legislation is overturned.

  9. wake up folks says:

    never trust a black man especially with your car keys…that goes for obamba

    1. Chris says:

      Looks like this article has woken up the Klan members – frightening.

  10. Cathy says:

    Surprised that Obama did not keep a promise? Really? That is surprising, and painfully naive. Such blind naivete bodes ill for the Church’s ability to sucessfully defend itself from political slings and arrows.

  11. Roger Fedder says:

    Obama has been one of the most deceitful and dishonest presidents in history. Obama and his administration go to great lengths to distort the truth. So much for that “transparency” he promised. This isn’t to say that Republicans are much better by any stretch. If you’re a politician you are most certainly a liar and almost as likely, a criminal in disguise.

  12. Rob B says:

    The problem with the US Bishops is that they subjugated themselves to Obama in this plan. Their tacit approval of this plan put their flock in a position to be abused by government.

    It is not enough for them to seek a carve out that protects them from this government fiasco. They must fight the very principle upon which it is based. They must grow tro understand that government charity is based not on love but on power and it is inherently dangerous.

  13. Eddie Vroom says:

    But many Catholic institutions in New York — and in more than two dozen other states — already are complying with similar state mandates.

    New York began requiring prescription contraception coverage in 2002, over the objections of Catholic groups, which sued and lost in the state’s highest court.

    The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal brought by the New York Catholic groups, which argued their case on the same religious liberty grounds that bishops are currently using in a highly public campaign against the new federal requirement on birth control coverage.

    1. Rob B says:

      This is great. It means that there is no easy solution to the problem so it will remain a thorn in the side of the administration up through the election.

      The bishops were slow to wake up to this threat but it does not mena that it cannot be addressed and fought now.

  14. Stephanie Payne says:

    Dolan is an idiot… like all the other fools who were duped into supporting the Demwits.

  15. Blacque Jacques Shellacque says:


  16. Mike Spehar says:

    By saying that Catholic hospitals and universities are merely “affiliated” with the Church, the Administration is claiming the right to define what is part of religion and what is not. It is a direct attack on the First Amendment right to practice religion because it seeks to limit what things a Church can claim as their own.

    1. Chris says:

      The issue is more than that, if the employer is a Catholic individual he will be obliged to pay for health insurance that will include the right to have contraception if the employee so chooses. He will never know, but he is now refused the right to not be party to it.

  17. CMC says:

    Simply put, Obama serves the Devil. The Church should not speak to him, or make deals or agreements with any politician. Especially Obama – who will be in office for only a few more months at best, or a few years at worst.

    1. Chris says:

      Well they had to deal with lawmakers over the child abuse scandals, or are you saying they should have had a free pass on that as well?

  18. sguild says:

    A socialist Pig calling someone else a sellout. That is rich!

  19. Ben Franklin says:

    What I take from this is that Cardinal Dolan was fine as long as it was everyone else getting screwed by Obamacare. Now that the church is the one getting the treatment he isn’t so happy about it.

    Well Cardinal, you reap what you sow. You don’t get to loose the Leviathan on the rest of the world and then expect it to leave you unmolested. That is not how evil works. There is a pretty good book about what happens when people try to use force to impose their will on others. I am told it is the greatest selling book of all time. You might try reading it some day.

    1. Chris says:

      You must mean Baden Powell’s “Scouting for Boys” 150 million copies sold; and not Xinhua Zidian – the Chinese language dictionary with 400 million copies sold.Religious and political books are mostly given away so don’t count as most sold even if they are the most printed.

  20. FrancisChalk says:

    The Leftist elements in the Catholic Church have now learned the hard way that if you dance with the devil, the devil don’t change.

  21. John Adams says:

    Also, can anyone tell me why the Bishop would expect Obama, who’s famous for throwing members of his own administration under the bus, to tell the truth and not equivocate if politics required? Are there really people that stupid at the top of the Catholic Church?

  22. Lisa says:

    This is why people should NOT vote or Obama.

    1. Lisa says:

      This is why people should NOT vote for Obama.

      1. Chris says:

        This is why people should check what they type before hitting the Submit Comment button.

  23. David Aitken says:

    The First Amendment says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; …”. Obama is incapable of realizing that. By imposing this mandate, he is prohibiting the Catholic Church from exercising it’s religious beliefs. I’d love to see SCOTUS tackle this.

    1. Chris says:

      Well if the Satanists believe they should sacrifice babies as part of their religious rights, it sounds like you would stand up for their constitutional rights as well. Remember no Catholic is being forced to take contraceptives, but if a non Catholic asks his Catholic employer to cover him/her for child planning contraceptives why shouldn’t they pay for it?

  24. TJ Parker says:

    And we should respect His @ssholiness Dolan … why? Because he wears a dress or because he protected child molesters?

    1. John Adams says:

      So you’re saying it’s OK to lie to people. Is this a general rule or is it just OK for a Democrat to lie? I tend to think that it’s the latter, seeing as how the left worked overtime contorting George Bush’s words to try to create a lie for 8 years and the best they could come up with was “Mission Accomplished.”

      1. Chris says:

        Exactly outrageous behavior, though of course lying for God is fine.

  25. enough says:

    Eff the worthless libtards, I’ve had it.

  26. enough says:

    Why do we continue to coddle whiny. complaining, blame-laying worthless, non-productive, violent, intolerant and destructive liberals at the expense of everyone else? They’re just a bunch of disgusting spoiled little brats in serious need of a reality check.

    1. Chris says:

      Had a good vent? Good – now say 20 hail Marys.

  27. Buck O. Fama says:

    So Bishop, you feel betrayed. To feel betrayed means you must have voted for DUH WON. So Bishop, you got rooked and now it’s checkmate because you were a pawn. You need to know the game sonny boy if you’re going to play because commie-libs play for keeps.

  28. AZWarrior says:

    Catholics voted him in, they are just being rewarded for such fine judgment. Frankly, I think it is funny … ” but … but … but, I thought we had a deal!”

  29. bluestarmom2 says:

    Can the Catholics here explain to me how you as a religion overwhelming supported Barack Obama for President in 2008 KNOWING that he was the ONLY Senator to support PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION!!! He was the ONLY Senator to vote to ALLOW an infant who survived abortion to DIE!!!

    Catholics overwhelming support Democrats who support ABORTION! Now you are SHOCKED by this??? Take some responsibility for yourselves! YOU are the ones who put these people in power! Keep voting Democrat…..Elections have consequences!

    1. Lisa says:

      I’m Catholic and didn’t vote for him.

    2. Chris says:

      Perhaps they were fed up with the slaughter of their boys in Iraq and Afghanistan, the massive trade deficits with China, and the collapse of the housing market. US elections are not one issue referendums you know.

  30. AKdoc says:

    Reps: Maloney, Lowery & Nadler…I find your comments reprehensible…as a matter of fact, you sound just like the anti-smoking muggers here in Alaska… a couple of years ago the Anchorage anti-smoking thugs produced radio commercials to support their ‘WANTS’, just like you in the above article…in one they offered up a female bartender whining about smelling like smoke when got home, then sobbing about what the smoke was doing to her sinuses and on and on…the solution to her problem, just like this issue, is so simple even you three might finally see the light…rather than have the bar hound types have to bend to your ‘WANTS’…how about you taking responsibility for your own health needs and go get a job w/ a company that is smoke free…there were bars that stated that they would be happy to go smoke free, thus leaving the other establishments the right to let their customers choose the cancer option.

    So I ask you, why can’t your contraceptive, etc., hungry ladies get a job with a firm that has no issue with supplying them…maybe even as a perquisites.

    The problem I have w/ you liberal types is that you are denying these lady folks, you a politically catering to, the self nurturing gift that is ‘Responsibility’.

    Leave my church alone and go get a job w/ the atheists,

    1. Chris says:

      Is yours a smokers church? Cool…. Cigarette smoke and incense make a heady mix.

  31. Jackson says:

    When will conservatives realize you can’t bargain with the devil.. That’s how we ended up with Obamacare..
    Conservatives remind me of Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football…
    The only way to deal with the liberal/progressive/Democrat influence in America is vote them all out of office..

    1. Buck O. Fama says:

      The catholic church leaders are not conservative, most of them have been more socialist than the idiots in office.

    2. sure says:

      Yeah. What the libtards do is the conservatives fault. Wow you kids really got that no personal responsibility thing down.

  32. JokerWatcher says:

    the snake asked you to hold him, and then BIT YOU?!

  33. David Christensen says:

    I am seeking some help here. I am compiling a list of things that Obama has not lied about. So far, I got nothin’.

    1. craigalls says:

      You have to make sure his lips aren’t moving.

      1. mascmen7 says:

        Obama lies and lies. Born in Mombasa, Kenya. Never attended Columbia Univ as he was at Patrice Lumumba Univ in Moscow, Russia 1981-1983 where the Russian Academy of Sciences said they trained Obama to be a communist and atheist. When Obummer’s Red lips move, they are lying big time.

        1. lola flanagan says:


          you are crazy. really.

    2. Ryan says:

      He lies that there is going to be a recovery. It is all going down man better be prepared!

    3. John Adams says:

      So true. The lies have been so thick and often that it’s hard to catalog them all. It would be a full-time job for someone between now and the election.

    4. Rob B says:

      Under my plan energy prices would go up considerably.

      This is about the only one I can think of and think he let it slip.

  34. Alice says:

    Medically speaking most birth controls are the equivalent of a man receiving a vasectomy. It causes the woman’s egg to discard during ovulation. Not a embryo. The morning after pill would also discard a embryo for a woman so I could see that as being an issue, but I dont see the difference between wasted sperm and wasted eggs except that one comes from a woman. Also, if religious institutions wish to stay exempt from laws and legislation then they should not receive federal money or grants because my taxes shouldn’t go to them if they don’t want to follow the law. They could remain open and do what they like if they fund themselves completely and then they could also keep their tax exempt status. You can’t have it both ways, the Church can’t take tax money in forms of subsidies and grants but then want to cry separation of Church and State.

    1. Eric says:

      obama care changes that, the guv is in control of all health care.

    2. Rann Xeroxx says:

      You are missing the point. Contraceptives are against current Catholic believes regardless if you or I think its a pointless, flat-world view. The law is requiring them to go against their religious believes. Others thing that providing them promotes premarital sex. Why should they be forced to provide them to their employees?

      1. Alice says:

        Rann, I pay taxes. Universities and Religious hospitals are given federal money in one form or another. So if federal dollars are completely taken out of the mix then yes they get an exemption, this is why Churches themselves do not have to follow this law. They are tax exempt under separation of church and state. My Tax dollars then i get a choice.

        1. Alice says:

          Under that assumption you also have to keep in mind that any “religious institution” would be afforded the same right, they could receive federal money but be exempt from certain laws depending on their religion. People only think of themselves, what if a Jewish hospital refused blood transfusions because they did not believe in them but they were the only hospital near you. I started taking Birth control for a medical condition that causes clots, heavy bleeding, pain, and infertility.

          1. Tory says:

            If you can’t immediately see the disparity in your comparison of an entirely fictitious situation suvh as you described…yikes. First, blood transfusions are such a basic and common medical procedure that the fictitious Jewish hopsital operating under a fictitious religious belief would not even exist…if there is no possibility of transfusion, there could be no surgeries, no emergency unit, no trauma unit, no hospital—it’s a straw man argument that simply has no relevance to the issue of restricting our religious liberties that have been on the books or in practice since the country’s inception. Secondly, gynecological problems can be resolved through methods other than birth control…they are not the sole and absolute remedy—there is no substitute for blood loss other than transfusion of blood, again making your argument in the straw man category.. Using your argument, you could not be averse to the Federal and state de-funding of Planned Parenthood, as well…yes?

            1. Horlinrot says:

              Blood transfusions esential? That’s weird, George Washington University Hospital has a bloodless surgery unit, specifically for those, like Jehovah’s Witnesses, who have religious concerns about blood transfusions. So no, his hypothetical actually does have a solid grounding in reality.

              Also, Alice, the mandate applies to schools and hospitals even if they *do not* accept any federal, state or local funds. I suggest you get your facts in order and revisit your argument.

        2. hattmann says:

          the government gives them money to do these services. Actually, the administration wants to end all charities that don’t tow the party line.

          1. craig says:

            The government pays for Medicare and Medicaid patients. The money may go to a Church hospital, but it’s not a grant but payment on behalf of an individual patient.

            By the same logic, if Medicare is allowed to dictate to the Church, then all Social Security recipients can be ordered to violate their own consciences on any issue whatsoever. They didn’t have to take the government’s dime, did they?

            1. Michael H. says:

              Those retirees paid into the system for their entire working careers and are entitled to those social security dollars. There’s the difference between a hospital getting medicare/caid money and a senior citizen getting a social security check.

        3. Amy Kinslow says:

          Alice, Does that mean that the rights and freedoms of all federal and state workers, and all federal entitlement beneficiaries should be voided because they receive money from the feds? An employer should not be forced to pay for anything beyond a work related injury. These should have remained voluntary benefits. That is the problem with the left continuously mandating their beliefs on the rest of us. If people want or need something, go provide it for yourselves. Quit imposing your world view on the rest of us while you expect everyone else to pay for it.

        4. Don says:

          The government takes my money through taxation, declares it to be “Federal Money” and then offers to give some of it back to me if I live my life by the rules “they” dictate. The problem is more fundamental than a simple church-state conflict.

          PS: Isn’t the Arch-Bishop a little old to be so naieve?

          1. Tory says:

            I’m wondering if naive might be too kind of a word to describe Dolan’s sense of betrayal…Obama was one of the very few legislators in either the federal or state legislatures to openly and aggressively advocate for and seek legal legitimacy for infanticide in cases where babies survive abortion procedures.

          2. Bob says:

            Don — you get an A+ . Concise and 100% accurate. I cannot believe that Dolan is in line to be a Cardinal.

        5. Mike says:

          Alice, then let’s stop federal funding to organizations like Planned Parenthood — you can’t have it both ways.

      2. Chris says:

        Not at all no one is telling any Catholic they must take contraceptives, they are just not exempting Catholic business owners from paying for insurance which allows their employees Catholic or otherwise to make a decision based on their own conscience whether to take contraception or not. How is this any different from using tax dollars from anyone Catholic or otherwise to pay for sex education for instance which mentions contraception.

  35. Steve says:

    All these women are using contraception today, so obviously they don’t have a problem with access to contraception and obviously there’s no need to force Catholic organizations to buy it for them because they are getting it just fine today without Obama’s help.

    The Democrat argument about women not having equal access to contraception is a bunch of bunk. They can go to Planned Parenthood, they can go to their local public health clinic, they can get a prescription from their Dr and go to the Walmart pharmacy.

    What’s next, Obama? Free Viagra and Astroglide to go along with your free contraceptives? Who is paying for this since nothing in life is really “free”?

    1. Lbake says:

      I wholeheartedly agree with your Astroglide speculation ….hahaha touché.

    2. Chris says:

      I’m sure the Arch Bishop would have no qualms about Viagra.

  36. Post Apocalyptic America says:

    This president laughs at the Constitution. This nation is bleeding out culturally, morally, spiritually and financially.

    Make sure you and your family are ready if these idiots keep ruining our country past the point of no return… In the mean time keep writing your congressmen and telling them how this federal encroachment is too much.

  37. NoMoreMrNiceGuy says:

    Our candle burns away
    The ashes full of lies
    I gave my soul to you
    You cut me from behind

    Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
    You’re scared of the truth, I’m tired of the lies
    Cuz who I am, is where you wanna be

    Don’t act like an angel
    You fallen again
    You’re no super hero
    I found in the end

    So lie to me once again
    And tell me everything will be alright
    Lie to me once again
    And ask yourself before we say goodbye
    Well goodbye
    Was it worth it in the end…

    You said you were there for me
    You wouldn’t let me fall
    All the times I shared with you
    Were you even there at all?

    Nowhere to run and no where to hide
    You’re scared of the truth, I’m tired of the lies
    Cuz who I am, is where you wanna be

    Don’t act like an angel
    You fallen again
    You’re no super hero
    I found in the end

    [ From: ]
    So lie to me once again
    And tell me everything will be alright
    Lie to me once again
    And ask yourself before we say goodbye
    Well goodbye
    Was it worth it in the end

    Why’d you have to up and run away
    A million miles away
    I wanna close my eyes and make believe
    That I never found you

    Just when I put my guard away
    It’s the same old story
    You left me broken and betrayed
    It’s the same old story

    Don’t act like an angel
    You fallen again
    You’re no super hero
    I found in the end

    So lie to me once again
    And tell me everything will be alright
    Lie to me once again
    And ask yourself before we say goodbye
    Well goodbye
    Was it worth it in the end…

    Lie to me once again
    It’s the same old story
    Lie to me once again
    It’s the same old story

    Was it worth it in the end…

    1. notalib says:

      Thumbs up! Very goood.

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