Court Tosses Prop 8 In Calif.; What About Gay Marriage In NJ?

WESTFIELD, NJ (CBSNewYork) – Since California’s Proposition 8, which basically outlaws gay marriage, has been ruled unconstitutional, what effect does Gov. Chris Christie think the ruling will have on his preference to have New Jersey voters decide on the issue?

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney On The Story

“None. Because what we’re talking about here is a constitutional amendment, which could not be ruled as unconstitutional,” said Christie on Wednesday.

He says if voters approve the measure, “I will be governed by the will of the people. I don’t understand why that’s such a radical proposal.”

There is a bill going through the legislature to legalize gay marriage instead of a public referendum vote. The Senate is expected to vote Monday on the bill and the Assembly is to vote on February 16.

“Let me be really clear again. If the bill comes to my desk, I am vetoing it,” said Christie.

Christie says he’s not trying to avoid deciding on the issue and doubts lawmakers have votes to override a veto.

“So, I am not attempting to avoid responsibility. What I’m attempting to do is to avoid a train wreck,” said Christie.

He says a train wreck would be another heated debate over gay marriage?

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  1. Michael S says:

    VOTE him OUT in 2014!

  2. EdwinP says:

    Dear NJkid, let me clear your incorrect point up for you. In CA, the Prop 8 law was found unconstitutional in accordance to the CA Constitution (i.e. took away rights for gays to marry). In NJ, Christie is saying that a constitutional amendment to say that gays have the right to marry should be voted upon – he is saying that the NJ amendment is not unconstitutional because it is giving rights rather than taking away.

    1. NJkid says:

      Actually Prop 8 was found unConstitutional in accordance with the US Federal Constitution NOT the California Constitution. The California Supreme Court said that it was a constitutionally permissible ballot question per their state Constitution which is how it was allowed on the ballot. The 9th Circuit and Judge Walker are part of the Federal court system and decide things based on Federal law not state law. Prop 8 was struck down because it violated the equal protection clause of the US Constitution not because it violated anything in the California Constitution. So you are incorrect on that point.

      Anything that New Jersey adopts in its Constitution is subject to being struck down by federal courts so his statement is 100% factually incorrect. We would have to wait and see what the language is for this Constitutional amendment, which probably won’t happen anyway, before we’d know if it was totally positive or somewhat negative. It could be like the Rhode Island civil unions law which offers so many conscientious objections that its virtually unused–that could cause it to be declared unConstitutional if challenged.

  3. NJkid says:

    CBS did it ever occur to you to find out what Christie means by constitutional amendments can’t be ruled as unConstitutional? Prop 8 was a California Constitutional amendment that was ruled unConstitutional and nothing New Jersey puts in its laws or Constitution is immune from having the Federal government declare it unConstitutional. He’s making stuff up.

  4. SpringField says:

    If the Governor wants a public vote on Gay Marriage, than why can’t we have a public vote on Charter Schools…better yet, why can’t we have a public vote on EVERYTHING…then we can eliminate all Senators, Assemblymen, and save NJ millions of dollars in salary!!

  5. paulnadra says:

    I agree, Christie is a coward. Marriage equliaty now, marriage equality forever!!
    Corizine would have SIGNED the bill

  6. DarthEVaderCheney says:

    Ohhhhh, if only Governor Crispy Creme… a Midwest doughnut company… had a brain!!! I hope the Legislature overturns his veto with a landslide vote in favor of GLBT marriage!

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