Can Jeremy Lin Help End Time Warner – MSG Battle?

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Two million Time Warner Cable customers have had to hunt around for the random Knicks or Rangers game that’s carried on channels other than MSG Network.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane On The Story

Now, speculation swirls that the rise of Jeremy Lin could give a nudge to the talks to end New York’s latest cable TV fight.

Even the casual fan is interested in the Lin-sanity.

“He’s like a Kobe, or Michael Jordan,” one man told WCBS 880 reporter Paul Murnane.

“It’s been a while. I mean, I’m a very loyal Knick fan, but it’s been a while since I’ve spoken with so much passion and Jeremy Lin is the reason for that, because he shows a lot of fire, a lot of warmth. He wants to play the game. He’s a winner,” said another.

The two sides agree on one thing – that, so far, there has been no progress made towards ending this cable impasse.

Time Warner Cable subscribers lost TV access to the NBA’s Knicks and the NHL’s Rangers, Devils, Islanders and Sabres on Jan. 1 because of a fight over rate increases between the cable giant and MSG Network. And dozens of college basketball games as well as boxing, soccer and sports talk shows have been blacked out too.

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  1. knicksfan4life says:

    I lived through years of pain and torture by watching other team’s super stars coming into Garden having career games. We finanally have a TEAM that plays defense, and actually is fun to wach but I can’t watch them because MSG wants more money and raise my cable bill????????
    You got to be kdding me!!!!
    Year after year putting out bad products and making mistakes after mistakes, over paying coaches, over paying players who doesnt want to work, but now they want to sequeeze extra couple dollars from cable subsbribers???
    MSG is trying to leverage Lin’s success and wants to cash in and make up the losses they mounted from their bludners.
    Mr. Dolan, please do the right thing and call your negotiator to take Time Waners deal. Please end this fight so we can all witness and ejoy something so special that is happening in right infront us.

  2. Jason C. says:

    Congress got involved when Time Warner threatened to not carry YES because of high cost demands, so what gives now? Because it’s the almighty Yankees?? I could give a crap about the Yankees, I want my Knicks!!! It’s too much of a hassle to change carriers as I have a large amount of boxes in my house and would have to get all parties to agree to the switch, but it’s getting to the point where we might have to pull out. Time Warner is to blame here, MSG might want more money, but TWC has been TAKING more money from its customers for as long as I can remember, the least they can do is offer the same programming that the other carriers can.

  3. darsben says:

    as a person who dos not follow sports and does not watch the channel I wonder why I must pay for the channel I would hope everyone would call Time Warner or the network and tell them to unbundle. Let those who care about sports pay for the channel

    1. Jason C. says:

      Well I have to pay for the garbage you watch, so get over it. All the non-sports fans in this debate really don’t realize how irrelevant they are. It’s a BIG money war, and sports bring BIG money, it’s about time you realized the world you’re living in.

  4. MikeScorpio says:

    This will drive people to go to those online streaming TV sites like

  5. Christie Danielle Mallon says:

    Well given the fact that in place of MSG they gave us the NHL Network, NBA TV, and the Tennis Channel. They gave us channels far better then the one we lost. Well for the time being anyways. My father and I don’t miss MSG. We’re so happy that if a team we like is playing the Sabres, we don’t have to listen to those God awful Buffalo announcers anymore.

  6. julie p says:

    I think the law should get involved, too. It’s totally unfair!!!! They are treating the fans like garbage! I have league pass and can watch EVERY single NBA game every day and I CANNOT watch the Knicks who I have stuck with for the last miserable 10 years because the games are blacked out. I am so angry and frustrated!!!

  7. B.Leung says:

    It’s quite infuriating. With Rangers having a spectacular season, we fans cannot watch games. With Football season over, no Knicks / Rangers games leads to a boring winter prior to Baseball season. If Time Warner is not providing their customers with MSG, they should certainly reduce our monthly fees. As a Knicks/Rangers fans providing subscribers with an occasional out of market game is not satisfactory.

  8. Denny Battista says:

    I think the law should be involved since this is the public and the way madison square garden owners and bosses are treating fans if there is no law a new one should be made to make it workout and please have more news stories.

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