NEW YORK (WFAN) — Brandon Jacobs, running back for the Jets?

The two-time Super Bowl champion says it’s possible — if he doesn’t return to the Giants.

“I want to be a Giant,” Jacobs told the New York Times on Monday.

Jacobs restructured his deal last offseason, allowing the Giants enough flexibility to re-sign Ahmad Bradshaw. He may be willing to do so again with $4.4 million remaining on the last year of his contract.

The backup running back would likely know his fate by March 17. That’s when his $500,000 roster bonus from the Giants would kick in. Jacobs said if he doesn’t return to Big Blue, he’d be open to staying in town and playing for Rex Ryan.

Wait, Jacobs would be willing to play for the same coach he came nose-to-nose with with on Christmas Eve?

“It was a situation,” Jacobs said. “We were rivals then. There’s no apology needed.”

After the Giants’ 29-14 victory over the Jets in December, Jacobs reportedly yelled “Time to shut up, fat boy!” at Ryan.

The coach then approached Jacobs with an expletive and the two went back and forth. Ryan acknowledged after the game that they “had a private conversation. He doesn’t like me; I respect him.”

Ryan may have been partially wrong in his assessment.

“I like the way Rex handles his business,” Jacobs told the Times. “The guys on that team I know, know how I feel.”

The 29-year-old rushed for 571 yards and seven touchdowns in 2011.

Jets fans, would you take Jacobs? Sound off in the comments below…

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