Seen At 11: Could The Next Generation Live To Be 150?

Experts: Huge Breakthroughs In Science And Technology Could Make It A Reality

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — People in the Tri-State Area are living longer than ever, and if scientists have their way, life expectancies will continue to rise. Technologies today could allow the next generation to live up to 150, but how far should scientists go to allow people to live this long?

Baby Maxwell Jones’ life is just getting started, but if he’s lucky, the hours-old infant could live well into the next century.

“A hundred years, seems a stretch but it’s obviously possible,” his mother told CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson.

More than just possible as some aging experts believe scientific breakthroughs will mean babies born today will live more than 100 years.

Geriatrician Dr. Joyce Fogel says medical advances have already made a huge difference.

“There was a time when people didn’t live to older age because they died from the flu. We’re doing much better. In 1900, when somebody was born, they were expected to live to the age of 50,” she said.

Scientists are making huge advances in the lab, growing new organs from adult human stem cells, creating body parts with 3D printers, and using gene therapy to successfully treat diseases like blindness and leukemia.

And that’s not all. Doctors have already doubled the lifespan of a worm.

“The hope is that we could make a drug that would replicate in humans so that it would allow humans to stay young longer as well,” Dr. Cynthia Kenyon said.

However, work like this isn’t considered mainstream.

“Sometimes technology exceeds common sense,” one woman said.

“As long as science will allow me to live I want to live as long as possible,” another woman said.

Sonia Arrison researched the science of aging for eight years.  She says longer lifespans will change everything about the way we live, from our families to our finances.  Some people will have second and even third careers.

“Some people are worried that we’re going to create designer humans or  something like that, but what I’m talking about is helping people who are already here live longer and healthier lives,” she said.

“You wouldn’t want to retire at 65. It gives people options and allows  them to create the life that they really want to live.  And I think that’s extremely exciting,” she added.

But for now, prevention goes on long way to improve quality of life later on.

“I would question if we’re really going to hit 150, but I think I would want people to live with good quality life. If at 150 we’re filling up nursing homes, I wonder,” said Fogel.

Aging experts say lifestyle changes can help you make it to your 80s. After that, it’s genetics that matter most.

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One Comment

  1. Mike says:

    I hope the Illuminati or the Bilderberg doesn’t read this story?

  2. Bill says:

    I heard a lecture once on a utopian society. In short went like this. Better medicine would lead more people living. Which means our society would need more resources. Well in a utopian society, technology and better farming would help with that problem. But then there is more waste and pollution. In a utopian society that would be taking care of so no problem there. So there would be a utopian society. Well what is that did not all work as planned. People did live longer by means of medicine. At some point people would have too give up their lives to make room for others!! This little blue marble does not have enough resources! Time to mine the moon of its resources. Can we say over population in a big way!! Lets move to the moon! Take earth resources to build on the moon. Well lets mine Mars and move there! Utopian Society? Better hope we get help from Aliens OWait they might want our resources too. Are they might just want us as food!! That would mean we are their utopian society, over population the earth farm is ready for harvesting!

  3. Vince says:

    Is physical longevity all that important? That’s the real question. And it’s at the heart of spiritual understanding. We’ll leave it at that.

  4. Edwardito says:

    So many comments are just hilarious!! LOL!! But on a more serious note, if it means life in a nursing home. Leave me out. Have you ever been to a nursing home? It’s pure hell in there!

  5. snap says:

    Not to worry; we have Obamacare.

  6. judahbenhuer says:

    And I thought quality of life was superior to length of days.


  7. says:

    Not good — we need to die around 70, 80, 90 max — our children cannot get on with their lives if we linger on and on and on.

  8. Ounce Oflogic says:

    People living to 150 is the absolute last thing the government wants.

  9. Rich says:

    What is a mere 150 years, when mankind once experienced life spans of 900 years and more and still had to capability to go out and come in.

    1. Vince says:

      Without proof, that comment sounds awfully silly. But even if there was a time when humans lived that long, is physical longevity the most important thing? That’s the real question.

  10. AlexU says:

    Who in the hell wants to live to 150?

  11. rob says:

    Only the rich will be allowed to live that long. the rest of us will become fertilizer

  12. Marie White says:

    Fantasic use of money. This will really help solve our debt issues. Cute baby though!!!

  13. Buttchop says:

    I would advise all democrats to take full advantage anything that will extend your life on earth. Since, when you die, you’re all going to burn in Hell for eternity.

  14. Angelo says:

    This “news report” was brought to you by the American Nursing Home Association. “Live Long, Live with Us.”

  15. Pop says:

    Humm, interesting, There are not enough jobs now so who wants to live to be 150 and work at ?????

  16. R Smith says:

    My Mom’s been retired for over the past half century. You better have your millions of dollars saved up if you want to live to 150. Also, what about the people in third world countries. Are doctors-without-borders going to upset the natural existence and make them live to 150 so we can support them too?

  17. Chris says:

    Great, it’s not like we have an overpopulation problem as it is.

  18. Sassan says:

    This is great news. I hope that one day we can map the human brain neuron by neuron so that we can transfer our consciousness into computer chips and live forever!!! The day will come – I hope as a 27-year old I will be alive to experience that moment.

  19. Kip Noxzema says:

    So you read the whole article, which is all speculation, until you come to the last line.

    “It’s genetics that matters most.”

    That was a nice headline to grab readers, CBS.

  20. John Ulrich says:

    I just want to live long enough to see Obama and all his corrupt and inept cronnies out of office and in jail. Only then will I know there is a future for my children and grand children.

  21. John says:

    Have you noticed how active people who live to 100 are? No? Because they’re not. What science is actually doing is making it so we live longer but we age the same. So we’ll have a bunch of 150 year old people who can’t feed themselves much less take in solids.

  22. paperpushermj says:

    Hahahah in order for you to live to 150 means you have to work until you are what 120 or 130. Or do you fools think you can have retired people living off what ever saving and SS for 80 years.

  23. big air says:

    old age is a disease i dont want ever! the smart people keep working hard find a cure the rest go watch the kardashiens you mite miss some thing ?

  24. 53% says:

    Good gravy….I’m barely survuving my 30s….now I might have to live ANOTHER 120+ YEARS ? I can’t , I’m exhausted !…. Ok, if they insist…I’ll do it…but I’m NOT going to driviecar pool when I’m 100, no matter what they say….you can bank on that ! (Oh, the bank…I forgot to go to the bank today! See…. I can’t handle another 120 years of this ;- )

    1. 53% says:

      Mind my typos… clearly I’m too tired and it’s too late to be posting comments! lol
      Better get to sleep— I have #$#$^$%^$%@% car pool duty at 7 am !

  25. Tigerblood 53 says:

    New York–
    Senior citizens in the Tri-State area were thrilled to find out that they might be able to live to the ripe old age of 500 years. WOW! Exclaimed Mildred Harris of Newark, “you’re talking Old Testament age brackets!”
    Mrs Harris and fellow octogenarians at the “Happy Valley Rest Home” discussed the possibility living well into several millenniums. “Gosh, I imagine this might bankrupt Social Security unless our kids work into their 150’s,” suggested Phil Cannesco of Trenton. Oh well, party like its 2384!

  26. Obamessiah says:

    Dependent on government from womb to tomb, baby!

  27. dossier says:

    Lifespans of 150 years would mean working until 130, the complete collapse of Social Security and Medicare, or an engineered culling of older individuals whose “value add” to society drops below a certain threshold. None of these seems very enticing.

  28. Diogenes says:

    After Methuselah (sp?) et all living hundreds and hundreds of years, the Bible says our maximum lifespan will be 120.

  29. Olrik says:

    Yeah, but what is your definition of “live”? Many people today are having their lives extended 80+ through drugs and other medical procedures, but do not enjoy a true quality of life. Wanna be a vegetable in diapers using up precious funds/resources? In truth, nature should take its course and they would be better off dead, and more could be passed on to younger people, as is natural. If there was a means to extend life and retain physical characteristics to at least a health level of middle age or younger, of course this would be a good thing, and I for one would want to live forever…

  30. LTC_Ray_Burke says:

    I will celebrate my 89th birthday in April. As an incurable optimist I have decided to go for the magic 200 !!! I understand the odds are pretty impressive.

  31. NP says:

    80 will be the new 30 🙂

  32. CapitalG says:

    Great. So an entirely new generation of lazy, over coddled, work skill deficient generation will leech off the productive few for 150 years.

    How about we genetically engineer a generation with some common sense and a work ethic instead?

  33. diane says:

    It’s Bush’s fault or Cheney’s fault…..You are freakin stupid
    Screw Obama

  34. David says:

    Telomerase injections didn’t make the old Harvard rats feel younger, it actually made them biologically younger, their cells reproduced as younger cells…

  35. MrLogical says:

    After a few more Democrat administrations, I wouldn’t count on the US even being around for another 100 years.

    One term of Obama has been more than enough.

    Pray that America wises up before November.

    1. 53% says:

      Don’t count on it…When robbing Peter to pay Paul, there will always be a lot more Pauls than Peters…..THIS is EXACTLY what is happening in the US. That is why the Democrats want to keep people poor and bring in more illegals to make them citizens.

  36. Snæbjörn says:

    Well as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather live a “LIVE life” and enjoy it.. drinking, smoking, running around with loose women, and die at 80 with a smile on my face.

  37. sherman says:

    Great…50 more years of diapers and crapping myself. Whoo Hoo!!!!

  38. steve says:

    Nazi Pelosi and Hitlary could live till they’re 150? ! That would really suck!

  39. AmyDeAwful says:

    Science gives us the ability to live 150 years just in time for the government to take away our will to live.

  40. Jobo says:

    Work until you’re 130 to pay for loafers who refuse to work. No thanks. On the bright side, it would be cool to live long enough to see the Bengals win their first Super Bowl in 70 years or so.

  41. Kristi says:

    Just make Jesus your Lord and Savior and your’ll have eternal life.

    1. Jobo says:

      You’re right Kristi. People make such a big horrific deal of death, but if you’re right with God you’ll be so glad when you’re taken to a better place. People’s priorities couldn’t be more screwed up.

  42. artemis133 says:

    Why on God’s green earth would we even WANT people to live that long? With the way the population’s exploding, it’s not something we need!!

  43. Dan Shays says:

    And the public employee unions will still fight raising the retirement age to 67!

  44. Bill E Bob says:

    The way to live that long is to be a boil on the ass of humanity. The good die young.

    1. RandyC0609 says:

      Go for it. I want out of the test group…

    2. Jim Bob Bubba Boy says:

      It looks like you are safe.

    3. tod schwarze says:

      this will surely help someone, just not you, being evicted for lack of a job or future, unable to pay your bills, your promised earned or promised benefits disappeared into a vacuum, your currency losing value at accelerated rates, and the formerly productive segment of the population being demonized by all manner of gummint agencies.
      Just WHO will be the beneficiary of the wonderful technology that you helped pay for, for you know, if will not be you or yours

    4. FrankD says:

      This is why we do not want the liberals to take control of how long we are allowed to live.

      1. FrankD says:

        This did not associate my reply with the appropriate comment. We do not want the liberals to take control of how long we are allowed to live because they believe we have a responsibility to die.

      2. Mike Harlow says:

        If they’re in charge, I don’t want to live that long, and chance are they won’t either.

  45. YouDude60 says:


    Most corrupt City in US: Chicago
    Most Dangerous City: Detroit
    State with Highest Unemployment: Nevada
    Most-Indebted State: California
    State most-vacated by wage earners: California

    All States have something in common: decades of Democrat governance.
    Does this make you “leftandproud”?

  46. Chantelle says:

    Amazing new medical breakthroughs in redox signaling molecules have already been stabilized and are for sale. It is health care for the future, Enable your bodies own healing mechanisms to function at levels you had as a child. check it out at,, or
    ASEA, the first and only redox signalling molecule found in a bottle.

    1. rlafr001 says:

      Yea that makes sense… Ill tell you what if the planet is still alive and human society still functioning then i will be impressed.

  47. DL says:

    You’re so uninformed it’s actually mean. *Bad liberal! Bad!!

  48. Ken Puck says:

    Hadn’t considered that. Ghastly thought.

  49. gwh says:

    The government is B-R-O-K-E. They cannot afford for people to live to 75 –let alone 150, and are already putting known carcinogens in the water like Fluoride and other known toxic chemicals to cause systemic organ failure later in life. Don’t believe me? Check out:

    Also, were you aware that the general cancer rate has increased by 800% in the last 100 years? Have you ever wondered why the government is pushing vaccinations so hard? Or why they’ve doubled the vaccination schedule for infants since 1991? Have you ever asked why they’re getting ready to FORCE-vaccinate the public? WHY, you ask? Because the government is B-R-O-K-E.

    1. JDH says:

      Ya think that’s bad…turn around,they’re right behind you !!!

    2. snake says:

      The government could care less if they are broke. They are not going around trying to kill us. The cancer rates increased because people who would have died of bacteria and viruses are now living longer allowing for their cancerous genomes to be exposed.

      Trust me the government doesn;t work that hard or that in depth to try to conspire against us. They aretoo lazy and but they are a-holes.

      1. tod schwarze says:

        i can say for a fact that fummint needs us all dead, so that the the benefits they promised and you paid for will be retained by them for their won use..
        WHO gets to keep abandoned properties?
        They have no further need for you

      2. Paul Revere says:

        Agreed 100% there is no chance in hell these institutions could pull off any sort of conspiracy at that level filled with the legions of incompetents that they are filled with.

    3. Central Command says:

      I am with the government, and we have been monitoring your activities for some time now. It appears that you are getting too close to the truth, and we will be forced to take action against you. You won’t know when or where, but rest assured that anything bad that happens to you from now on is due to the actions of our department.

      1. Hilarious! says:

        PRICELESS!!!! Thanks for that laugh “CENTCOM”. 🙂

        1. Greatfully Alive says:

          Yes… and that is why the Grateful Dead are always on tour.. Jerry Garcia is not dead. The whole band are agents from Central Command and spy on the whole country.

    4. jes says:

      A healthy, more youthful 100 year old = a more talented worker. If we can decrease the aging process then one, as the article states, wont need to retire at 65. This will lead to less costs for the government plus more skilled, wise, and less selfish workers. So this would be a win win imo.

      1. M says:

        Well I am sure you won’t mind the kiddos and their kiddos and possibly their kiddos as well at home for the next 70 years. As generation useless has to go back and work for another 70 years to afford too retire at 135 .

    5. Sassan says:

      LMFAO @ someone referring others to a “holistic med” website which at its core, constitutes CRACKPOTS to begin with as there is no thing as “holistic medicine” that actually works – since the concept itself is UNSCIENTIFIC.

      1. DocieDoodle says:

        Yep, as for me and mine- we worship at the alter of the Erlinmyer flask.

    6. RandyC0609 says:

      It is doubtless that eugenicist scientists that are the sweethearts of elite philosophy want to cull populations. Flouride, vaccines, GMO crops, and poisonous food additives are their delivery systems of choice. What I think could be an interesting outcome from this is a slow version of natural selection (Darwiin, Malthus’s protege, is a founder of the eugenics cult) will be that cautious, skeptic, self sufficient, intelligent,government fearing populations would arise. All of that is assuming that the insane elites don’t kill the world with a modified flu or a nuclear winter. HAVE A NICE DAY ER”BODY.

    7. RandyC0609 says:

      Everyone should get a fluoride filter for their drinking water, steer clear of BPA, fluoride, and processed foods, use Tom’s of Maine or Nature’s Gate or some other fluoride free toothpaste and eat as organic as possible. People vote with their dollars. Every time I go to the grocery, the organic section is larger. Now if we can get GMO labels, that trash will be shutout too.

  50. Jack says:

    I know a lot of pretty smart dems…you don’t seem to be one of them! no offense

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