Seen At 11: Could The Next Generation Live To Be 150?

Experts: Huge Breakthroughs In Science And Technology Could Make It A Reality

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — People in the Tri-State Area are living longer than ever, and if scientists have their way, life expectancies will continue to rise. Technologies today could allow the next generation to live up to 150, but how far should scientists go to allow people to live this long?

Baby Maxwell Jones’ life is just getting started, but if he’s lucky, the hours-old infant could live well into the next century.

“A hundred years, seems a stretch but it’s obviously possible,” his mother told CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson.

More than just possible as some aging experts believe scientific breakthroughs will mean babies born today will live more than 100 years.

Geriatrician Dr. Joyce Fogel says medical advances have already made a huge difference.

“There was a time when people didn’t live to older age because they died from the flu. We’re doing much better. In 1900, when somebody was born, they were expected to live to the age of 50,” she said.

Scientists are making huge advances in the lab, growing new organs from adult human stem cells, creating body parts with 3D printers, and using gene therapy to successfully treat diseases like blindness and leukemia.

And that’s not all. Doctors have already doubled the lifespan of a worm.

“The hope is that we could make a drug that would replicate in humans so that it would allow humans to stay young longer as well,” Dr. Cynthia Kenyon said.

However, work like this isn’t considered mainstream.

“Sometimes technology exceeds common sense,” one woman said.

“As long as science will allow me to live I want to live as long as possible,” another woman said.

Sonia Arrison researched the science of aging for eight years.  She says longer lifespans will change everything about the way we live, from our families to our finances.  Some people will have second and even third careers.

“Some people are worried that we’re going to create designer humans or  something like that, but what I’m talking about is helping people who are already here live longer and healthier lives,” she said.

“You wouldn’t want to retire at 65. It gives people options and allows  them to create the life that they really want to live.  And I think that’s extremely exciting,” she added.

But for now, prevention goes on long way to improve quality of life later on.

“I would question if we’re really going to hit 150, but I think I would want people to live with good quality life. If at 150 we’re filling up nursing homes, I wonder,” said Fogel.

Aging experts say lifestyle changes can help you make it to your 80s. After that, it’s genetics that matter most.

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One Comment

  1. lieutenantdan says:

    Live to be a 150, what for?
    I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

  2. Dano says:

    Some magic little pill is gonna make you stop aging and extend your life to 150 years? Total BS. Everything has a max limit. Just deal with the fact that you’re all gonna die.

  3. Gary says:

    Great! Now every low level flunky in a dead end job will be able to work until 130. I guess suicides will be increasing dramatically.

  4. Ascetic43 says:

    Whatever the actual state of the technology -and I don’t doubt it’s further along then *we* are told*- do you honestly think they’re going to let the general public have it? While people like Bill Gates are busy trying to exterminate and sterilize populations….? I’m sure some small evil military industrial bankers and corporate (soon to be literal) vampires will have access to it, and bankers will probably live forever one day… Just like the COG DUMBS, and fallout shelters for the “government”. Rest assured, the world will be repopulated with the worst of what humanity has to offer if anything terrible happens… Not artists, or geniuses, or scientists, or historians- bankers. I feel like I woke up in the Twilight Zone a few years ago. …

  5. mike says:

    Not a chance given the quality of food today, GMO, Chinese and Mexican products with poisons.

  6. John says:

    I don’t WANT to live that long. I’m only 39, but I’m already looking forward to finally getting some uninterrupted rest.

  7. karl woytle says:

    With Ob*maCare about to be in effect, and healthcare rationed for all non-connected Americans, and doctors quitting because the profit is about to be sucked out of the industry so that no R&D will be performed, I highly doubt that the next generation will live as long as their parents.

  8. seenbetterdaze says:

    Obama has Czars who advise him…they have written articles/books about over population, and they believe we need to have only about a fifth of the people on the planet sooner rather than later…and that DE-Population is their solution to their perceived problem of over population. So if you believe this article written by the MSM then…
    No it’s just one of those “look here, not there!” articles. While they go about REDUCING the Population…fluoride in the water is just one way, Genetically Mod. seeds is another, and WHAT are they spraying on us everyday? Oh, those are just contrails! (with aluminum particles and other deadly stuff!)
    Don’t worry be happy! Obama-care is coming…he will look after you.

  9. Steve says:

    People should never live that long. stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.

  10. Steve says:

    It’s all a government scam to raise retirement for social security……ha!

  11. Bella says:

    We already have such an element, it is called natural thyroid hormone, but most doctors won’t even consider the evidence. It is just terrifying to me that the government and the doctors have so much control over our health care, but we have very little say.

  12. Anthony says:

    This planet is in desperate need of a nice cleansing plague, or other population cutting event, and starting at 50% would be nice. If we plan to sustain life here, we need to cut back on growth, and we certainly don’t have a need to extend life anymore than it already is.

  13. Bizet L says:

    When the brain goes, you can have grandma stuufed and hung over the fireplace.

  14. S-smith says:

    Pensions can only support people if the mean average retirement is about 25 years .Currently this works with the 62 to 67 retirement age, because most people pass away before age 87. If most people can live to 150 the retirement age will have to be 125.

  15. Daniel says:

    I think this would help Japan… they have about 7 kids left, everyone else has “careers”. ..they project that in 2020 the majority of the population (more than 75%) would be over the age of 65 years old.

  16. Anthony says:

    150? Are you joking us? We live way too long as it is, and there is no way that this would be healthy for our society, or economy. Can you imagine, working 30 years, then getting 100 years of PENSION……I am sure the labor unions love this, as does the government employees that already have bloated benefits above the private sector.

    Science and medicine have gone to far already, and this is stepping way overboard. I am an atheist, I don’t want ANY GODS, read or imagined messing with what nature has provided. This is just plain sick.

  17. bob says:

    yeah wonderful, science working on more breakthroughs so that people can remain cubicle-slaves for another 80 years, enriching their masters’ lives while they die a thousand more deaths plugged into the capitalist matrix… garsh, wouldn’t that be lovely? think of all the garbage and diversions they could continue to buy, how many more anti-depressants pfizer could sell… WOULDN’T IT BE NICE IF YOU SCIENTISTS COULD COME UP WITH SOME TECHNOLOGY THAT GAVE PEOPLE 20-30 GOOD, SATISFYING, HAPPY YEARS INSTEAD OF MERELY KEEPING PEOPLE ALIVE TO BE MILKED LIKE CATTLE FOR ANOTHER 80 YEARS BY THEIR GREEDY MASTERS?

  18. DEEP says:

    I believe the research of John Anderson, Dr. Bill Andrews,Drs. Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider, and Jack Szozstak is very relevant.

  19. desert says:

    For the sake of the world…I certainly hope not! I am not impressed with the ignorant, self serving, atheistic clowns in this generaltion that will pass it on to the next!

    1. Anthony says:

      I am an atheist, and think this is disgusting. What part of not believing that some invisible entity decided to create this vast universe, and put HUMANS on only one planet, and make us believe that we are all SPECIAL, makes me a clown?

      If you think for one second that the invisible man, never seen or heard, that has zero power, or zero love for his people, because he lets them die the most horrible deaths, and lets pedophiles run around the world with impunity, mass murderers live to their 90’s and die of natural causes. Where animals are here to serve and feed us, and when you die, you get to go to a place that is perfect, with the other “believers in christ”, like Ted Bundy, Jeffry Dalmar, and any other idiot that found “god” on their death bed……..sorry, you would be the clown for wanting to hang out with those people, and believing stories, written by men, and voted on by a council of men in Rome, led by a pagan, as the word of god.

      You believe and want all that???? I have pity for you, it is pathetic, at best.

  20. ian says:

    Imagine being married to the same person for more than 100 years… sure you could live to be 150 but who would want to.

    1. Anthony says:

      LOL, I bet the murder rate in domestics jumps by 50000%

  21. Frank says:

    That people even question the idea of extending life is astounding, and evil.

    Who appointed someone God to decide how long we should live?

    Personally speaking I think depressed people don’t like this news whereas those of us who love life applaud it. If you hate your life so much then do something about it instead of lecturing others.

  22. 150 Years of Paying Taxes says:

    150..? He may be able to pay off the trillions of new debt Obama is spending. Oh…wait a minute… Obama care health care rationing will kill him off with “take a pill” at 40.

  23. mariee says:

    Does this mean that Barry will live to be 150??? Wow…dictator for another 100 years! He and we have so much to look forward too! On second though, if he is the Dear Leader for the rest of my life…I’d rather die young.

  24. Charles says:

    This is not the greatest news. What do we do with a planet of 20 billion people? We are at 7 billion now and can’t house and feed everyone, but we want to make everyone live to 150? It would be bad news for the planet.

  25. William says:

    The question is would you really want to live for 150 years when the same kind of corrupt yahoos will be calling the shots as we have now? More than likely, they would keep such longevity for themselves so there would be a slowly aging elite lording over the shorter lived masses.

  26. Sonnyboy says:

    Who in their right mind would want to live to be 150 years old?

  27. tod schwarze says:

    150 years of working to send your money to the govt, all the while being placed in deeper debt/
    What is your effective tax rate when after paying a;; your taxes you still are in debt to the debt for more than youre total worth?

    The new monarchy NEEDS the selected serfs to live longer to provide for their luxuries, while providing them the bare minimum of services.

  28. Carmine Fragione says:

    First one group of scientists say the world will overheat in 40 years and end in one 100 years. Then other scientists say people will live to 150. Others say we have to use family planning and euthanasia to reduce world population from 8 billion to under 350 million to save the planet. This is a tortured world bordering on insanity. The madness is already seen in the fabricated lies in politics that calls Social Security Contributions a “Payroll Tax that needs to be cut” Then they say Social Security is going broke, Then they also say a Health Care Mandate is not a Tax . If the Payroll Tax for SS is Tax but the Health Care is not a Tax, then the people have already lost their minds, and whatever they say about the future is futile.

    1. Sonnyboy says:

      Truer words were never spoken. Good comment Carmine.

  29. tod schwarze says:

    as an architect it is clear, the qdministrative structure carefully designed and solidly built by this and preceding regimes is nothing more and nothing less than a charnel house for your bones, a repository for those exploited, extorted, exterminated and estracted corpses that used to have a place in the prefeudal society, but now were good only for donating their value to the civil servants for their own use

  30. Johnny says:

    It seems with this new technology I will now have enough time to complete my plan for world domination & enjoy it!

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