Deadly Stamford Christmas Fire Police Report To Be Turned Over To State’s Attorney

STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — A police report on the deadly Christmas day fire in Stamford is expected to be turned over to the state’s attorney today.

Three sisters and their grandparents died in the fire. The girls’ mother, Madonna Badger and her boyfriend Michael Borcina, survived. Investigators determined the fire was started by improperly discarded fireplace embers.

Now, the girls’ father, Matthew Badger, is taking steps that may lead to a lawsuit.

A decision to file criminal charges has not yet been made.


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  1. Deborah Jeffries says:

    There are many unanswered questions according to Matthew Badger’s Attorney. Even though Madonna Badger and Michael Borcina are the central focus, any suspect or persons of interest have certain rights like the expectation of a thorough and complete probe. It’s part of how the justice system works.

  2. Deborah Jeffries says:

    George you’re very right but I believe it was my City (Stamford) Building Department that ordered the demolition according to reports. But one thing is for sure, you can’t trust all news reports either. Some information released by the press is partially true or not true at all. After watching Attorney Emery yesterday, there are many questions.

  3. george Scott says:


  4. CR says:

    I worked briefly for Mike Borcina over a year ago, this guy was the ultimate Prick. I have been doing carpentry for 34 years and this was the 1st time i was ever treated like an animal so like all his other workers i quit with him owing me money which i never received .Understand this, as a contractor you must know all the rules of safety, you cannot perform work without having smoke detectors and fire extinguishers installed and are not to be removed for any reason. Even if the smoke detectors were removed why were the fire extinguishers removed? They are portable, there should have been 1 in every room. Borcina has numerous law suites against him from other clients. i know from the brief time i worked for him he has no regards for safety and this time it cost 5 lives

    1. Cherry says:

      That beautiful house stood there for more than 100 years. Then Borcina came along and turned it into an inferno.

  5. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Oh Jean K, I absolutely loved your comment about Madonna Badger. I live in Stamford, CT. I also noticed that my local cable News 12 CT said yesterday that the Prosecutor will decide if criminal charges will be filed against Michael Borcina. They left Madonna Badger’s name out (intentionally) though she may be charged too. This is yellow journalism at its worst but typical of News 12 CT.

  6. Deborah Jeffries says:

    News 12 CT reported that they are having an ‘exclusive’, ‘only on 12’ interview with Attorney Emery. Excuse me but exclusive indicates they are the only or the first agency to land the interview, hate to burst your bubble News 12 CT but this is old news and he’s been interviewed by numerous news outlets.

  7. jean k says:

    jean k

    Yes, Borcino needs to be held accountable. BUT Madonna made the unbelieveable selfish decision move her children into a house that did not have a CofO….DO NOT tell me she did not know – it is her responsibility to know – she is touted as a woman with a BRILLIANT mind – oh yeah, so why the clean pass on this one? Nope she is equally, if not MORE, responsible than MB cuz it was her family and her decisions to make….this was all about what Madonna wanted….and no one stopped Madonna from getting what she wanted…no laws, no people, no common sense…Nothing. Now, let’s look at the results of THAT brilliant thinking. She is a victim of her own desires.

    1. NYC10009 says:

      Exactly. And she has eyes in her head – she could see there were no working smoke detectors, yet still allowed her little girls to sleep way up on the top floor (she was on the second floor with her sociopath contractor boyfriend) in a sprawling, wooden old Victorian home. She allowed Borcina to dispose of dangerous, live fireplace embers any old way he pleased, and turned a blind eye. Yes, it was his fault, but she should have been overseeing this guest in HER home, and not allowed him to do whatever the hell he wanted with these lethal ashes. So ultimately the buck stopped with her. Or should have.

  8. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Thank you Kevin. Glad to see a sensible person with all the trollers a trolling today. I’m just a truth and justice seeker as you are.

  9. Deborah Jeffries says:

    I wonder who’s in charge of policing the Building Department? Especially them because they had a bigger role in this tragedy than they’re willing to admit. Issuing permits to an unlicensed contractor, tearing down the structure prematurely and failing to notify the Police Department and stalling prosecutorial requests for information.

    1. Kevin says:

      This stinks to high heaven.
      You hit the nose on the head.

      1. James T. says:

        Hit the nose on the head?

        What the heck does that mean?

  10. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Okay the Police FINALLY get the reports from the Building and Fire Departments TODAY when the fire happened on December 25th. Wonder how accurate these reports are after all the stalling? Not only should Badger and Borcina be investigated, but these two departments too for their incompetence.

    1. Francis Ford says:

      not very! (accurate)

  11. AJ Weberman says:

    Borcina was a recovering heroin addict. He decided hey it was Xmas eve I am with the classy broad and I am gonna do up some dugi. He got so wasted, drooling, scratching himself, wiping the mucus from his nose that he shoveled the embers from the fire place into a paper bag.

    1. Francis Ford says:

      This I almost believe as the Christmas eve embers disposal story reaks of alcohol and/or drugs over doing (to me) but is this really true about Borcina?

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