NYPD Detective Shot During Confrontation With Suspect In Hamilton Heights; Suspect Killed

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A police detective was shot in Upper Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon during a deadly confrontation with an armed suspect, 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported.

Detective Kevin Herlihy, 47, was shot in the arm and is listed in stable condition at New York Presbyterian Hospital after a shootout with 52-year-old suspect Michael McBride.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon Reports On The Shooting

McBride, a suspect wanted in the shooting of his girlfriend’s 25-year-old daughter in the Rockaways on Monday, was being pursued by police when the gun violence erupted inside the subway station at West 145th Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue in Hamilton Heights.

Detective Herlihy, a father of three and member of the Queens Warrant Felony Squad, was trying to apprehend McBride, who realized police were tracking him and tried to get away.  Detectives eventually caught up with McBride in the subway station.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman Reports

That is when, according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, McBride fired at least three and possibly up to six shots. One of those shots struck Herlihy in the left bicep. McBride was killed in an exchange of gunfire in which he was shot in the chest and ended up collapsing on a flight of stairs to the subway.

Eric Ferguson, McBride’s nephew, told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey on Tuesday night that it seems his uncle, who had an extensive arrest history and was on parole for robbery, had little to live for.

“You got felonies, you got the age 52. What you going to do? You know, he didn’t want to go back to prison. I guess that was his only way out,” said Ferguson.

Herlihy fired approximately 13 times and was the only officer to fire, Kelly said.

Herlihy is expected to be released from the hospital on Wednesday. He is the third member of the NYPD shot in the last month.

“Fortunately, we had another miraculous outcome today.  With an officer shot at close range — just 10 feet away — he not only survived, but was able to stop his assailant from shooting anyone else,” Kelly said.

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  • jim rule

    We should only be so lucky to have these bad ass cops here in San Fran. Here, all they can do is harass jaywalkers, while the felons walk on by. Well, more or less.

  • fern

    If arrested he would be sent back to the slammer, he had no future, he knew it so he hit the officer in the left arm with a .22, he knew what the response would be and he died. I would call this a form of suicide at least he died with his boots on in his vision of what a proud man he was.
    It’s not the guns really it’s our society that is bad.

  • Peter

    Sharpton will be on the seen shortly !!!!!

  • Pi$$ed Off Long Islander

    Cops 1, Thugs 0

  • John

    Glad this went well for the NYPD. I never want to have to contribute to a fallen officer fund agian.

  • Fourbike

    Wait…I thought HANDGUNS were OUTLAWED in NYC? Thank GOD the officer survived! GUNS don”t kill people, People Kill People! More Guns + LESS Crime! Look it UP!

  • tiya Migan

    That was a great Job to the officer,; http://snipurl.com/227vub5

  • Jerry Frey
  • Sick of cop haters

    HUH and they were saying a few weeks ago “our black men are a endangered species” more like nypd officers are!!! Cops are getting shot at and killed every other week and people wonder why that cop in the bronx feared for his life when that IdIOT ran and then didn’t put his hands up!!!! Al get on the news and talk about this guys rap sheet oh yeah and ramarley Graham’s bc he had a long one to!

  • robert

    It seems to me that by reading all this lovely lovely get well soon greeting card comments by grown men that I might be in a gloomy neo-nny precint.

  • Bullett

    I think I’ll be at the hospital Wednesday when Detective Herlihy is released and buy him a nice steak dinner and wash it down with a few cold beers.

    • Bullett

      Sorry about the double posting guys & gals.

  • Bullett

    I think I’ll be at the hospital Wednesday when Detective Herlihy is released and buy him a nice steak dinner and wash it down with a few cold beers.

  • Gaff

    GOOD, the bad guy got what he deserved!!!!

  • leo

    bet rev alvin the chipmunk will be on this one soon as he takes care of whitneys details

  • Wrapper

    Glad they bagged the shooter. They should bag more violent criminals. Less trash to feed and house, less garbage on the streets.

  • Joe Gomez

    Hope the officer is Ok and glad the perp is dead.

  • Moshe

    Maybe another friendly fire incident?


      No police department uses .22 ammunition. The dead man shot the officer with .22 rounds. Does that take care of your friendly fire theory?

  • Capt. Bill's Daughter

    my hope for the quick recovery of the officer. the extended family of the long blue line stands in solidarity with one of our own, and his family.

  • Keep nyc safe

    Hope officer recovers.And for the low life who shot him hope you die long and slow.We should support police not criminals.

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