B&C Morning Show: Ageless Sex-Symbol Bo Derek Suffering From A Case Of ‘LINsanity’!

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  1. Baudeck says:

    BO!!! You need some BOTOX. Good for you on your next gig.

    1. debc2 says:

      We would like to see a pic of you please. Tell us where we can so that we can decide what you need.

      1. Baudeck says:

        I get BOTOX every 3 months, I am not a ten on the outside, it is what is inside that counts where I am a 10!

        1. Leslie Jean Jones says:

          Botox can damage the brain, and may spread to nervous system.

    2. Melanie says:

      Yeah that would be great to see exactly what the critics look like.

      1. debc2 says:

        Right Melanie. I agree. They can say mean, nasty things because we can’t see them. They can say how good they look but we can’t see them. They should tell us where their pic is posted so that we can see for ourselves. I want to look like me. Nothing more nothing less. I don’t want anyone to make me feel like I should try to look like something else. That’s what makes women self concious in the first place and what causes some girls to bcome Bulimic and such.

    3. Leslie Jean Jones says:

      Botox can damage the brain, may spread from face to nervous system.

    4. Leslie Jean Jones says:

      The latest findings on the hazards of Botox injections come two months after the drug was blamed for 16 deaths in the United States. These deaths are believed to have occurred when Botox, used to treat muscle spasms, travelled from the site of injection to other parts of the body, weakening, in turn, the muscles used for breathing or swallowing.

  2. Kathleen says:

    She turned 55 a few months ago and is beautiful and has a wonderful boy friend, John Corbett.

    1. Mary says:

      John Corbett is a hunk!

  3. Sharon says:

    The comments on here are sad. We hold people who are famous up to much higher standards than we do ourselves. We judge them very harshly. I was surprised when I saw her picture how much she has aged, however she still is quite beautiful. She is growing older gracefully without surgery. You only have to look at her picture to see that she has choosen to mature and grow older in a hollywood society that frowns on women who do not have plastic surgery. I say good for her. She has always been a classic beauty. In our society it is very hard for women as they grow older as they are scrutinized horribly just as we are seeing on these comments.
    Men however not so much…it will be said how handsome they look as they are getting older and even younger women will want them…look how they are paired in the movies with young women. They still get great movie parts when they are quite old. So as many have said look in the mirror… I am a 50 year old woman who is not as wrinkled as Bo as I haven’t been in the sun like her but I know my day is coming…she has lived a life outdoors and that makes a difference with your skin.

    1. paula says:

      i agree with everything you said sharon.good for her to age gracefully, yes she has wrinkles, but that looks better to me than the false faces and pumped up lips on other aging women. i happen to be 51 and am blessed with good genes + i gave up the sun in my 20’s, therefore like you, i have only some fine lines. but our day will come and i for one won’t be heading for the botox!!! look at george clooney, he is my age and i could pass forhis much younger sister. lol!! he has many wrinkles and grey hair, yet he always has some woman 20+ years younger with him!!! oh well, noone said life is fair LOL!!!!

    2. DrGeorge says:

      Sharon and Paula, I agree with you both, with this proviso: we judge Hollywood celebrities by the same superficial standards they themselves embrace — glamour. It’s all about artifice and appearances in LALA land. And it is generally true that women age more noticeably than men, as the paucity of Hollywood roles for women over 40 attests. When you magnify anyone’s face to fill a 40 foot screen, every little flaw shows. So magnified, older women look haggard; older men look interesting and worldly. It’s all about money. The public will pay to see older women in film if they can act (like M. Streep), usually in character roles. But the public will not pay to see 50 year old women cast as sex objects or glamour queens, because they look ridiculous. Bo Derek cannot act, and she has aged more than most women her age because of her love for the sun. Which means she must rely on something other than her looks today to justify her celebrity.

  4. jack says:

    Who the hell cares but the jealous woman.I would take her home any time,and my grand kids would try to take her away from mee.She is still beautiful.

  5. Norm says:

    Bo is still extremly beautiful. for her Age. Father time has been good to her. I wish her the best as always. When you get our age. Beauty has a whole new perspective.. Hers is mostly Natural Beauty.. Not the Knofe and Fork type..

    1. Dan says:

      What is Bo’s age?

      1. Leslie Jean Jones says:


  6. big AL says:


  7. Lori says:

    Bo is beautiful. She has always been a very active outdoors person, therefore her skin reflects some overexposure to the sun. While I see indications of minimal cosmetic procedures, it is not even close to the amount of nips, tucks, and stretches of today’s starlets who are half her age. I hope she never goes Hollywood plastic. She’s still a “10” in my book.

    1. sojo says:

      IM a year younger and i look a lot bettewr she looks likes 60 looks old

      1. jack says:

        Well lets see you then.

      2. debc2 says:

        In your opinion. Tell us where we can see a picture of you. Maybe everyones judgement of your appearance will not be so kind as you are to yourself. That’s really the whole point you know.
        We all age sojo. And we all age differently. Maybe you look good for your age but who’s to say in a few years something won’t happen to catch you up and then some. You never know what life will throw at you later.
        So, where can we find a picture of you?

      3. preemero says:

        post a picture so we can judge you and tell you if your better looking.

    2. Melanie says:

      I seriously doubt that she has had anything done. its just peoples way of making themselves feel better for not taking care cf themselves that they have to insist that if a celebrity (or anyone for that matter) looks good for their age that they MUST have had things done.

  8. anna says:

    Age is a great equaliser, puts us all in our place.lol

  9. Jay Jay says:

    Thinks funny how this article is about how she is a Jeremy Lin Fan, yet a majority of you people posting are showing your own physical insecurities by bash how a 50+ year old lady looks. She looks really good for her age and I would love to see what most of you all look like when you hit that age

    1. Twin Tiger says:

      I think the reason for some of the comments is because the title of the article refers to here as “ageless”. Granted she looks great for her age, but not quite “ageless”. Still, that’s no excuse for some of more rude comments; they just wanna hate on the girl.

      1. barbiedollutah says:

        Are everyones eyes bad????????? Bo is looking her age and it ain’t pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her boyriend looks half her age!

        1. veeman94 says:

          She is very attractive for her age..You are envious.

        2. Sue says:

          So much of beauty is an inner beauty that shines through our outer looks, which in Bo’s case is still considerable. Barbie, I hope that you age as well and that when your looks are gone there is an inner beauty to shine through. You might want to work on that.

        3. debc2 says:

          So Barbiedollutah, does this mean that everyone in Hollywood that ages oughta hide their faces and drop out of site, not try to earn a living or go have surgery? If she were 16 I would say she looks too old. But since we know that she is 55 I think she looks pretty good.
          Tell us where we can see a true pic of you.

        4. debc2 says:

          Barbie if you think she looks so bad, isn’t it amazing how others can find good even still?

        5. Melanie says:


        6. suegou says:

          I just saw her boyfriend on a TV movie about a ranch in Montana and he looked at least 50+ and kind of pudgy around the middle. He is no spring chicken so he does not look half her age, you need glasses! BTW, she is still beautiful!!

    2. zimmertosser says:

      She is in her 70″s

      1. Debbie says:

        Guess again… 50’s

      2. Jay Jay says:

        Even if she was in her 70’s. I put 50+ which means 50 and over. Last time I checked 70 was over 50. please read the whole comment before you reply next time.

        1. barbiedollutah says:

          I will read what I want and reply when I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. barbiedollutah says:

        Are everyones eyes bad????????? Bo is looking her age and it ain’t pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her boyriend looks half her age!
        No, she is NOT in her “70’s”!

      4. big AL says:

        your brain is in the 70 and is been there for a looooongtime!!

    3. Fred Blitzfick says:

      Nailed it.

  10. mids says:

    what are you saying, halle berry is in her mid forties and by the time she reaches 50 she’ll still look better than this woman. Drop-dead gorgeous?! Do you live in a town with people that have asses for faces? I’ve seen plenty of pretty woman in their mid-fifities who look hotter. She’s pretty yes but I’m definitely going to look hotter when I reach 50+

    1. jim says:

      Mids, you — are a total fool, you wont, you dont, and you should’nt !!

      Great part …….. YOU KNOW IT 🙂

    2. Leslie Jean Jones says:

      When or if.

  11. TrentLott2 says:

    This is the beautiful “10” of yesteryear?!

    What happened?

    1. Leigh says:

      It is called aging….get a clue it happens to everyone. You included!

    2. Roger Ramjet says:

      Bad plastic surgery. A few wrinkles to the original fac would have looked so much better.

      1. veenan94 says:

        No plastic surgery at all nimrod..

    3. Gruntus says:

      Years of supporting far-right politics will do this to a person.

    4. swimmer2010 says:

      She was a “10” in the 70’s and is a “10” now. The Problem? Inflation. Female beauty is now measured on a scale of 1-100. My wife for example (she is 38 and LOOKS 25ish) is a 96 or a 97. That having been said, Bo is a “10”!!!

  12. tom says:

    looks good to me but im 55 years old to.

  13. Daniel says:

    I really enjoyed Elizabeth’s comment;Do you know Lizzie, that the Bible for tells
    of a time to come, (soon now) that we will all look young and stay that way?
    Read John 33;25.So we all can look look like Bo Derek)or George Clooney for
    the men.

    1. Roger Ramjet says:

      The Bible is pure fiction.

      1. edgewood says:

        You’ll find out one day– and you won’t like what you learn…

    2. veenan94 says:

      Clooney is 51..Bo is over 50..They both look their age they just started out good looking.

  14. busterbrown says:

    Look at the picture!
    She’s dropped from a 10 to a 4.

    1. debc2 says:

      Please tell us Busterbrown where we may go to see a pic of you? Or would you post one so that we may see what you look like and judge you? AHHH, so much cooler online HUH?

      1. debc2 says:

        And yes Busterbrown you may see a pic of me too so that you can also judge me. Go to facebook and look in the search bar for friendship quotes. I am the 55 year old chick dressed in black sitting on the beach with blonde hair. It was this winters pic. There is a quote in the pic beside me. I am sitting on a black coat. I am perfectly happy with who I am and what I look like. Believe it or not, some people are.

        1. Mike Jackson says:

          I believe the issue he was taking was with the patently false advertising of the headline. The term ‘ageless’ leads one to expect that Ms. Derek appears substantially younger than her actual 55 years; that’s most certainly not the case. When I saw the photo, I was shocked; my first thought was that she must be at least somewhere in her 60’s. I’m no plastic surgery expert, but she’s obviously been going to the wrong surgeon; she looks old enough in that photo to be Joan Rivers’ mother, and that’s got to be worth a malpractice suite of some sort. And before you go personal, I’m no prince myself; 41, a few extra pounds, some scars, you name it. And I’m not attacking Ms. Derek; I’m simply saying that it’s a bad headline, a bad photo, a bunch of bad plastic surgery, or any combination thereof.

          1. Leigh says:

            I agree Mike the headline is bad because she looks every bit her age “not ageless” but still a beautiful woman. I think she has probably skipped the plastic surgeon and may want to rethink that:)

            1. debc2 says:

              Leigh, the very reason that we are shocked when we see stars we haven’t seen in a while is because of plastic surgery. We see it so much that we assume everyone should look eternally young. Then when we see someone age without surgery we have forgotten what it looks like to see Hollywood age and we are shocked. I don’t think people should have plastic surgery simply to not look their age. They should have it if their appearance bothers them.

          2. veeman94 says:

            It is difficult for older gay men to properly judge the natural beauty of a Bo Derek.

        2. Fred Blitzfick says:

          Is someone actually supposed to be able to find that??

          1. debc2 says:

            Yes. Go to facebook. In the search bar type- friendship quotes. The first one in the catogory is it. Click. Scroll over about 2 or 3 pages. There is only one lady sitting on the beach in the winter time. That is me. Posted by a friend of mine. Of course I can’t give out my personal contact info on here. But my pic is there.

    2. Roger Ramjet says:

      Maybe a 5

      1. debc2 says:

        I don’t think I need a number. I am just happy being me. Not trying to do anything else. And not hiding on here while I bash someone else’s appearance.

        1. debc2 says:

          But Roger Ramjet if that 5 was intended for me I’ll take it. In my 20’s I could have been a ten. So since I’m a little over half way to 100, a 5 is fine.

  15. Tom says:

    To all the nay sayers knocking Bo derek ” would that God the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.” When you look in the mirror try taking off the rose colored glasses.
    Way to go Bo.

  16. rhp says:

    This is what a drop-dead beautiful young woman looks like when she reaches her mid-50’s. The rest of us have no chance. I’m not la big fan of this woman, but have to admit that she is aging very, very well and still looks spectacular.

  17. Donald Muniz says:

    A train leaves Philadelphia at 4:02 AM heading to California, the conductor is a Mason, the passengers ate Bologna Sandwiches and drank tea. “What color is the boathouse at Hereford?” Who cares? I hope at 57 I find a beautiful young girl to marry!

    1. David says:

      Hey Donald, Your comment really made me laugh. I sure get a kick out of reading these comments. The boathouse is yellow

  18. VPtech65 says:

    This is like one of those high school algebra puzzles. His age or the age he died at is irrelavent to hers. If she’s 55 now, and got married in 76, that was 36 years ago, so she would have been 19. Now if he was 71 when he died 20 years after getting married to her, he would have been 51 at the time. Yeah, quite an age difference. I’m only 46, guess I shouldn’t quite give up on the 20 year old I’m interested in. lol

    1. Leslie Jean Jones says:

      On an audition, she met director John Derek, 30 years her senior. John filed for divorce from his wife, actress Linda Evans, and John and Bo moved to Germany to avoid John’s being charged with statutory rape under U.S. law due to Bo’s being only 16. The couple returned to America soon after Bo’s 18th birthday, and they married in 1976. They remained married until his death from heart failure in 1998.

  19. Doug says:

    Thanks for the question. Bo was 19 and John was 51.

  20. Jerry says:

    What a big pile of BS. You’re best friend’s step-mother is feeding you the same
    stuff you are trying to feed us.

  21. annon says:

    what about your mum? why doesn’t she make 70 an hour?

  22. genii says:

    I think the article set her up ageless sexy she is not. she is jusr anormal aging woman rhe aricle invites unfair comments

    1. John D says:

      What I like about her the most is her TEETH they are only 1/2 tall.

  23. Myra says:

    Bo Derek is a classy, sexy-looking chick. End of story

    1. Someone Else says:

      If anyone is ageless it would be Christie Brinkley, who is actually older than Derek and looks far better. BD still looks good for her age.

    2. John D says:

      NO she is actually being marketed as the ANTIDOTE for VIAGRA.

      1. debc2 says:

        Post your pic John D and let us all judge you.

  24. rim says:

    Gloria and noe….both of u too will come to this process and maybe look more wierd and terrible uglyyyyyyy……..go ahead miss BO….i love u no matter what. these people are so jealous and mentally stupid….love u Bo….Chot…chot chot……

  25. Elizabeth says:

    what is everybodys problem here, we get old is that a sin?. People are people no matter what the age..would everybody here like the intire universe look young and act young and there would be no grandparents house to go to on the holidays or babysit, etc..

  26. dillon says:

    Ageless?? oooophahhh.. better look again cause I’d say the mack truck that ran over her face was from 1983

    1. 12know says:

      How old are you? 20? Bob Derek is a very attractive woman. Remember that she is now 55 and is not going to look like she did in the movie “10”.

      1. 12know says:

        Sorry, that’s Bo Derek.

    2. Dr.Dan says:

      That really SUCKS .May father time have pity on your appearance when you reach this age. I think she’s a knock out. Time stands still for no man. That you can take to the bank.


  27. Terence says:

    Still Lovely after all these Years!

  28. D0nald J Capone says:

    She looks beautifull

  29. CHARLIE says:


  30. kevin says:

    I used to live near her in Santa Ynez, CA in the early 90’s and even though I hadn’t met her or her husband personally, who is since deceased, everyone in town had nothing but nice things to say about them. Including a friend of mine who broke down on the side of the road and she stopped and gave him and his dog “Fuzzy” a ride home….Sounds like every guy’s fantasy back in the early 80’s.

  31. tim says:

    Sure, when I was in my late 20’s she was way way hot and of course like this would really happen… I would have fallen in love with her and now here we are 30 years later I’d still be in love with her. As time ticks along day after day the changes are subtle both physically and mentally. Now be as that may be and being a man of 55 myself I’d look back at the younger images and notice the changes, yet, I would still love to have gone through the changes with her…

  32. Fan says:

    I thought she was dressed in makeup for a guest appearance on the Walking Dead… my bad… 🙂 hahaha

    just kidding.. she looks healthy and happy. If we all could be so lucky.

    Way to go, Bo!

  33. Wojo says:

    All you naysayers….Understanding the Problems of the Eldery is just a matter of time! If you’re lucky, you’ll get to realize that someday.

  34. Vern says:

    All of you judgemental narrow minded, critical pinheads will look alot worse than she does at that age. And since you’re just below average creeps, you don’t have the money for a personal trainer, dietition, and all of the other anti aging tricks that Hollywood is known for selling to the s Stars, you’re just going to get old and look like crap @ 44. Are you already there, yep you looked in the Mirror and it scared the crap out of you. LOL

    1. mtntree@yahoo.com says:

      awesome comment!!!

    2. debc2 says:

      Maybe we should ask all the ones who think they look better to post their picture.No matter what your age, you look like you. Unless of course you go have surgery. Did it ever occur to some of you that some people are comfortable looking like themselves?
      The men in Hollywood that are aging are said to be aging well or growing old gracefully. Like Hell! They are just held at different standards. I suppose they could all go for that new Burt Reynolds look.

  35. Jerry says:

    Question Besides Bo how many 10’s did ex husband John have?

    1. Bo Derek says:

      Ursulla Andress and Linda Evans

      1. Sue says:

        Ursulia?? It’s Ursula . lol

  36. Jerry says:

    Question What does here ex husband John look like–if he is still alive?

    1. Lynda C> says:

      Her husband John Derek passed away quite a few years ago.

  37. cubanflowers says:

    wait a minute she’s ONLY 55?

    oh MY! why do pinkies age so terrible??? well at least she didn’t run out and get addicted to plastic surgery like so many HALF her age

    be blessed…

  38. Tensor Bagwasin says:

    Yikes! She looks a fright.

    1. 12know says:

      And you don’t? That I would have to see.

  39. Elvis says:

    She is no longer a “10.” I give her a “7.”

    1. John Derek says:

      She have you a Minus 3

    2. Ed B says:

      I still see a 10 in her . She is still a beauty in my eyes .

    3. 12know says:

      I give you a zero.

  40. JAK says:

    Good grief what a bunch of jealous cats commenting on here. The woman still looks fabulous for her age. Deal with it. People who post ugly comments are usually very ugly themselves.

    1. kellie says:


    2. Newby46 says:


    3. Lynda C> says:

      I couldn’t have said it better.

  41. Arcie says:

    mos of you yahoo’s don’t have the slightest idea what the real Bo Dereck looked like,you were all still in diapers,or not even born yet! as a matter of fact she is still a fine looking lady.

  42. Gloria says:

    I agree with Noe, look at her neck, she looks like a turkey.

    1. Seenitdone before says:

      You’ll have your own soon enough Gloria. So shut up.

      1. carol says:

        Thank you

    2. Newby46 says:

      Yeah, what “seenitdonebefore” said.

    3. 12know says:

      You’ll be blessed with a turkey neck also. It comes with age. Get ready for it.

  43. Nina says:

    Jane Semour and Madelene Stowe both look much better for their age then Bo Derek

  44. Paul says:

    I think Morgan Fairchild looks way better then Bo Derek. Morgan is older to I believe? They starred together on the short lived soap opera” Fashion House” in 2007. Morgan doesn’t look like she has has plastic surgery although I’m sure she has. She looks to good not to. She might be in her 60’s now? She looks like a woman in her 30’s.

    1. Average Joe says:

      30’s???!!! Are you in the middle stages of cataracts or glaucoma or something??

      Maybe 50’s at best – Take the makeup off both and you would probably
      cringe at the thought of your last sefl-pleasure sessions with either of
      them in mind (unless YOU are older than 65 or so.)

  45. Glen Aicinena says:

    You win! I did her too!

  46. Leslie Jean Jones says:

    “With Every Wrinkle Our Wisdom Grows.” Leslie Jean Jones

    1. Jerry says:

      Are you talking about Blood Hounds?

  47. littlebazz says:

    She looks good for her age. I am the only one that still looks the same today as I did in1980. At least she is not a whinning, complaining, wanting something for nothing, mindless liberal

  48. gamnin says:

    we remember u in sri lanka and how humble person u were. u are start than before

  49. congame says:

    The truth…we get ugly when we age…welcome to the real world..

    1. Leslie Jean Jones says:

      You are full of something more stinky.

      1. Leslie Jean Jones says:

        Noe is full of something more stinky.

    2. Leslie Jean Jones says:

      If she is ugly, I’d like to see what you look like.

    3. Shanique Bussey says:

      Unfortunately, you are absolutely correct. I’m sick of the he/she looks good for his/her age. It’s like saying that a turd is attractive for a turd. That woman in her 50’s, no way. I’m well into my 40’s and the movie TEN came out when I was in late elementary. Her age is more like 60 to 70.

      1. 2much says:

        She was 23 when that movie was made in 1979, so did you learn any math in that elementary school? She looks great for 55. Remember, commenting turds in their forties can look pretty bad, too. Of course they are much more easily picked when they come to the realization that they are now dried up and hard. 🙂

  50. Noe says:

    Ageless? She is full of wrinkles people!

    1. Newby46 says:

      I’m sure that there are plenty of 56 year old women out there that would give anything to look as good as Bo does. So when life happens to you, come back and talk about it.

    2. debc2 says:

      Post a true pic of you Noe!

    3. 12know says:

      And you will be too, if you live long enough.

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