By Juliet Papa, 1010 WINS Reporter

Thursday, February 16
(VATICAN CITY) – It’s unusually cold here in Rome – there’s even snow on the ground; you can see some at the foot of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Juliet Papa With The Faithful in Rome

But there is warmth and good cheer for Timothy Dolan who will become New York’s newest Cardinal on Saturday. He’s been celebrating Mass at some of the most majestic churches in the Eternal City, and the New York faithful are here with him.

On Tuesday afternoon, he prayed at the main altar at St. John Lateran Basilica. Deena Sweeney from Saugerties is here with the choir and she calls Dolan “the right man for the job.” Walter Tomlinson of Manhattan says Dolan is “more a New Yorker than any New Yorkers I’ve met,” describing his can-do spirit and hands-on style.

Dolan enjoys mingling with the faithful after Mass; he even spoke with a school group visiting from Spain. Dolan and 21 others will receive their red hats from Pope Benedict XVI in a two-hour ceremony on Saturday.

st peters basilica Blog: Following The Faithful: Juliet Papa Reports On Dolan Elevation From Rome

St. Peter's Basilica (credit: Juliet Papa)

The red signifies the dedication and sacrifice made for the church. The gold ring worn on the right hand is traditionally encrusted with a cross.

Back in New York next week, there will be a special Mass and prayer service honoring his new designation.

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