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Jets’ Ryan Mum On Manning; Additional Surgery For Colts QB?

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Peyton Manning reportedly had three surgeries last year, not two, as the Colts originally said, according to a new report., citing anonymous league sources, reported Wednesday that Manning had a previously unknown procedure between his May surgery and the September surgery that ended his season.

The report says the same doctor who performed the fusion in California did not perform either of the previous two surgeries. It was believed Manning had undergone three neck procedures in a 19-month span that ended in September. According to the report, it was actually four.

The report also says Manning may have bone spurs in the neck and could require more surgery.

Meanwhile, Jets coach Rex Ryan avoided discussing the possibility of Manning suiting up for his team next season.

“I’ve paid enough fines this year,” Ryan said Wednesday, according to the New York Daily News.

NFL rules restrict coaches from commenting on the potential acquisition of players under contract elsewhere.

Ryan called current quarterback Mark Sanchez an “ascending” player.

“One thing about us: We dare,” said the boisterous coach. “We put it out there. I put it out there — that we want to be great.”

Jets fans, would you take a chance on Manning if he becomes available? Sound off below…

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One Comment

  1. Jr says:

    sanchez is a yoyo player and he is a yoyo, give Mcelroy a try and chance to show how its done, Manning wash up big mistake if JETS pick him up

  2. mike dayem says:

    if i was rex rayan get payton manning and cut mark sanchez and sign wide reciver .if rex rayan bring to ny jets we talk about superbowl baby ??????????

  3. ANTHONY says:

    Peyton will probably not got to the Jets because they have too many issues. He would probably not want to play in the same city as Eli because the media would be comparing them every week and neither Manning would enjoy that. The locker room is in disarray. The Jets don’t seem like the type of organization that he would want to play for. HOWEVER, they would be instant super bowl contenders if he regains most of his arm strength which is likely. If Peyton Manning came to NY and won a Super Bowl he would be treated like a King in this desperate city for the rest of his life. Odds = 80:20 against it

  4. Wayne says:

    NO ! don’t go down this road again. remember boomer, vinnie, favre, neil o’donnell, bubby brister. DON’T GO FOR THE QUICK FIX . stay with sanches push him draft kellen moore out of Boise State. !

  5. Joe Holland Jr says:

    Well everybody has there own version on Peyton Manning. Here is mine. I think first of all see where he is at the time of his decision to stay with the Colts or move on. If the Jets want a guy to push Sanchez and he is healthy enough go for it. Lets see who show up and wins the starting job. If not Peyton you need some better backups other then Mark Brunnell. Maybe Matt Flynn from Green Bay or see whats out there. Sanchez is good at times but not consistant. We need alot of help on defense also and a good Running Back. I love the Running Back out of Oregon ST he is a gamebreaker when ever he touches the ball. Please do whatever it takes to get this guy in the draft. And go after Mario Williams and John Abraham for our pass rush.

  6. Harold says:

    In his third season, in 2006, Manning was 25 years old; the Giants finished 8-8; he was 301 for 522 for 3,244 yards and a 57.7 completion percentage; he had 24 touchdown passes with 18 interceptions; his passer rating was 77.0; he was sacked 25 times; and his yards per pass attempt was 6.2.

    In his third season through 15 games, Sanchez is 25 years old; the Jets are 8-7; he is 287 for 511 for 3,267 yards and a 56.2 completion percentage; he has 24 touchdown passes with 15 interceptions; he has a 79.0 passer rating; he has been sacked 37 times (ouch); his yards per pass attempt is 6.4.

  7. Mike says:

    First things first, Jet fans Manning is not ever going to be the Peyton he used to be. He does not have the strength in arm to throw the ball, If I recall there was another Quarterback with same problem with the last name pennigton. Please Please Jets don’t trade or even consider Peyton. He is damaged goods. Sanchez should be given one more year to prove himself. If not then he needs to go.. Sorry Mark. But Peyton is not the answer for Jets fans…

    1. dERRICk says:


      1. donnab40 says:

        I agree with you Mark Sanchez has to go. Everyone that says he needs one more season-you’ve said the same thing last season. It’s time to put him aside & get us a QB. Not sure about Peyton after learning about this 3rd surgery. At first I was all for getting him but now I’m not sure. I guess we would have to wait & see what the medical experts say about him. There has to be another QB out there for the Jets.

  8. Bob giaimis says:

    I’m gonna start my own sports collem the Bobby boulevard Wfan scoop

    Lintastic teamwork jeremy. Coachrex Ryan keep your mouth shut n will be fine. Santanio Holmes should not be a captain how can he lead a team by being n idiot, Amarie n carmello should not be on the floor at the same time,,,,,,, and yanks good idea give your headache Burnett to th bucs

  9. Bob giaimis says:

    Lin sanity is great for knicks what’s not great is a marie and carmello on the same team they both are ball hogs that’s why they will never win Lin proves you don’t need a superstar to win just a little teamwork can do the trick

  10. Bob giaimis says:

    Think about it most superbowl quarterbacks are seasoned vets not rookies you need at least 6 or seven yes under your belt ask John elway,Warner,Gannon,manning,Simms, I can go on forever

  11. Bob giaimis says:

    Try to get manning if possible is a no brainer,Sanchez is good but never will he be a superbowl winner sorry jets

  12. Bob giaimis says:

    Jets will never win a superbowl with sanchez ,no offense but he’s really not that goodi think if they even had traded for Carson palmer they could have a better chance of a super bowl and this is coming from a raider fan. So it would be stupid not to try to get manning if possible.

  13. Freddie says:

    Peyton wants to play for a contender. Sorry Jets fans, that eliminates the Jets from his list.

  14. Dres says:

    Stop the madness. Peyton Manning is not going to the Jets.
    a) There’s doubts he can even PLAY again.
    b) Why would he want to play second fiddle to Eli?
    c) Why would he want to play behind the same offensive line that nearly got Mark (Captain Checkdown) Sanchez killed?
    d) Why would he play for this bumbling organization?
    e) After playing in a dome all of this life, why would he play outdoors?
    f) Could they even afford him?
    g) Why would he want to play with these diva wide receviers?
    h) Tony Sparano as offensive coordinator? Yeah that’ll work.

    and stop with that ‘it’ll make Sanchez a better QB” talk. Curtis Painter sat behind Peyton and had the chance to ‘learn from him” too. You saw how well that worked out for him.

  15. Craig says:

    Absolutely take the chance – Manning could change the entire playing method of the Jets and actually make Sanchez a better QB, and a winner!

  16. Bill says:

    yes, take a chance on Manning..the guy is a proven winner….Sanchez? I just don’t know anymore…

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