Long Island Rally Held In Support Of DREAM Act

UNIONDALE, NY (CBSNewYork) – A rally was held in Uniondale today in support of the DREAM Act.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs On The Story

The DREAM in DREAM Act is short for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors. The act would allow a path to legal residency for those who were brought into the country illegally as minors, but are in otherwise good legal standing and graduate high school.

John Vargas is one of 200,000 students in New York State who have lived in the U.S. virtually all of their lives, but are in constant fear of deportation, because they are undocumented.

“Tired of hiding under the shadows of American citizens and they want to go out and have that opportunity that I’m a dreamer and I want that opportunity just like any other citizen in this country,” he told WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs outside Nassau Community College on Thursday. “I went through every school system and everything and I learned everything, you know, and I found out when I was younger.”

Deborah Kernan is fighting for their cause.

“This is their home. If you were to send them back to their country, that would be a foreign land,” she says.

Where do you stand on the DREAM Act? For or against? Sound off in the comments section below!

  • P.King

    It is against the law in the United States to hire an illegal.
    If we educate illegals where are they to work?
    Will we be educating them in the United States so they can legally work in another country?
    What sense would that make?
    Wouldn’t it be much easier for the INS to track all illagals who graduate from a U.S. college and get a job in the U. S. and then arrest the owner of that business for hiring an illegal?

  • The Facts

    Illlegals should leave voluntarily. Those who refuse to leave should be promptly deported. No exceptions.

  • John G Head

    BTW- Not trying to be “cute” here, but isn’t there a law stating that you cannot benefit financially from a crime you commit?
    So, is it a stretch to suggest that the parents who committed the crime of coming here illegally would benefit financially from their children being granted “Legal Status”?
    I’m not against the “DREAM Act” by any means, but am wondering if this is an angle that can be taken to fight it.

    • Deborah Kirnon

      These kids did NOT COMMIT THE CRIME. They were brought here with NO choice so WHY SHOULD THEY SUFFER FOR WHAT THEIR PARENTS CHOSE TO DO. These are kids that are just looking for a chance to be productive. they deserve a chance. They want to give back and to do that they need a Education. No one is asking or wanting HAND OUTS. Just a shot at a future.

      • LiberalsRDopes


      • John G Head

        Nevertheless, so if my father ‘stole” millions of dollars 40 years ago, had it hidden away, then proceeded to give it to me when I turned 18 or so, then I can keep it? I mean, I didn’t commit the crime, so why should I suffer?
        I hate to say it, but they ARE asking for a hand out. They are trying to bypass a system that was put in place to attain citizenship that was NOT followed by their parents. Believe it or not, sometimes the innocent pay at the criminals’ expense.
        I’m not saying I agree with it, but let us be honest here.

  • John G Head

    “I went through every school system and everything and I learned everything, you know, and I found out when I was younger.”
    What kind of a statement is this?! Am I missing something here? This is a college student?
    The irony here considering the topic of the story is priceless.

  • tomay

    what part of the word ILLEGAL do you NOT understand????

    • Deborah Kirnon


      • Doreen Kirnon


        • Deborah Kirnon


          • The Facts

            Native Americans emigrated from Asia and are immigrants here like everyone else.

  • Andrea

    jerseyjoey, if you’re not a native American, you should shut up and do some introspection….if you’re a native then you should be mad at the early settlers that ate your people…..

    • Deborah Kirnon

      right on LOL

    • Michael H.

      b-b-but, joey’s grandparents came here *legally*…when you didn’t have to sit on a waiting list for years and jump through dozens of hoops to immigrate.

      • Deborah Kirnon

        And that is the way they did it. Simple

  • Andrea

    America should fix their injustices at home before trying to fix other people’s.

  • jerseyjoey

    This is your leftist liberal movement for you but we Americans pay for it.

    • Michael H.

      Let them become Americans too so they can pay their fair share.

      don’t you ever get tired of spewing hateful drivel day in and out, joey?

  • NYGirl

    Yea, okay, let’s educate illegal aliens children’s before our own.

    • Deborah Kirnon

      before you commit get your facts RIGHT

      • Kirnon Fact-Checking Society

        The RIGHT fact is: Illegals have got to go, and as quickly as possible.

        • Deborah Kirnon

          SO start packing that’s all we can say bye bye, Because that’s what the Indians would have said to your ancestor’s. Hate is such an UGLY WORD. You must be miserable look deep and figure out why you are the way you are. Good luck on your lonely journey

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