Tempers Flare As Whitney Houston Fans Cry Foul Over Being Left Out Of Star’s Viewing

As Who's Who Of Hollywood Arrives, The Taxpayer Wonders Why Not Us, Too?

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Whitney Houston’s family held a private viewing Friday at the Whigham Funeral Home in advance of the pop icon’s funeral this weekend.

LIVE VIDEO: Click Here to watch live video of the funeral service Saturday at noon

Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, 18, appeared at the private viewing. It was the first time she saw her mother since she died.

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Security was very tight around the funeral home in order to give the family privacy. Police closed down Martin Luther King Boulevard. Near the funeral home fans were not allowed near the inner perimeter that had been been set up around the church, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported.

The service inside was said to be sad, but at the same time celebratory, with Houston dressed in all white, her slender body not in a coffin, but fully displayed for family and friends who were sworn to secrecy.

“We want to keep it more peaceful and keep it quiet, and keep love and understanding and let’s keep the ministry of the music and what she meant,” family friend Steven Kahn told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

As three limos pulled out of the funeral home with a police escort fans were pushed away and moved up the street behind barricades. According to CBS 2’s Christine Sloan, that’s when tempers started to flare.

“I’m a taxpayer in the city … born and raised in this city … They should stop treating us like animals. We’re taxpayers … We made this lady who she is today,” resident Floyd Bishop said.

“Cissy Houston should come out and wave to us and say thank you. She shouldn’t have them keep us away. We bought her music. We helped succeed in what she had done over the years,” added Charlene Williams.

“Taxpayers paying for all this, treating us like we’re from the street or something. Make no sense,” resident Shawn Holsted said.

Because of the Houston family’s request for privacy police have had no choice but to keep the crowds away. Many fans understood.

“She came back to her home and we love her for that,” Carol Ray said.

“We would like closer … We are here to honor her memory … She’s from Newark and East Orange so everybody knows and we want to give her that respect,” Estelle Buchanan said.

Later, the Houston family funeral director, Carolyn Whigham, hand-delivered a small, colorful brochure on the life of Houston to those that had gathered — a token of thanks for disappointed fans.

“C’mon fans, thank you, you’re more than welcome. This is what Whigham Funeral Home is doing on behalf, I believe, in giving,” she said.

Earlier Friday, fans were able to share their memories of Whitney Houston in a condolence book.

Following the private service on Saturday, Houston will be laid to rest at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield next to her father, John Russell Houston Jr., who was buried there in 2003.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney With Fans At The Funeral Home

Fans and childhood friends who won’t be attending the funeral have been leaving heartfelt messages of sympathy outside the funeral home.

“It’s the least that I could do for her, just to say goodbye,” said fan Simone Mercury. “My last final goodbyes to her.”

The throngs of fans being kept out of the private funeral are people who traveled here from near and far, reports CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

“Greatest singer in the world as far as I’m concerned. The least I could do, really, is come here and pay my respects,” said Peter Chamberlain of England.

“She will always be present in our hearts and so special,” added Sarah Brinson of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

Houston’s funeral will be a who’s who of Hollywood. Among the invited celebrities is Kevin Costner, who co-starred with the singer in “The Bodyguard,” her mentor Clive Davis, Elton John, Oprah Winfrey, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Dionne Warwick, Chaka Khan, and Houston’s Ex Husband, Bobby Brown.

Houston’s godmother, Aretha Franklin, is expected to sing. On Friday night, while pleasing a packed crowd inside Radio City Music Hall, the “Queen of Soul” sat behind a piano and gave a touching and heartfelt tribute to her goddaughter with her rendition of “I Will Always Love You,” reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Franklin will continue her emotional dedication at Houston’s funeral Saturday at the request Houston’s mother, Cissy.

Cece Winans, Stevie Wonder and Jennifer Hudson are also expected to perform. Houston’s mother may also speak.

whitney memorial Tempers Flare As Whitney Houston Fans Cry Foul Over Being Left Out Of Stars Viewing

A dress, shoes and picture of Whitney Houston on display outside the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark on Friday, Feb. 17, 2012 (credit: Kathryn Brown/CBS 2)

The pastor of New Hope Baptist Church said the service will be similar to what Houston experienced as a child singing in the choir.

“This is a church and we’re going to have some church in the celebration,” said Pastor Joe A. Carter.

It’s a celebration that will steer clear of the cloud that engulfed Houston in recent years.

There is new video of a disheveled looking Houston outside a Los Angeles nightclub last Thursday and reports of hard partying at the Beverly Hilton, with the star drinking heavily as early as 10 a.m. on the Saturday before she died.

Police are looking at surveillance tapes and have subpoenaed Houston’s doctors.

A cause of death is listed as “deferred” for now, pending toxicology reports.

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One Comment

  1. The Atom Bomb says:

    What’s the big deal? It all figures considering the viewing that went on there. They didn’t describe what she was doing, but I suspect she was either sitting in a chair or lying in a tub…

  2. CWS442 says:

    You ignorant, in-bred, hillbilly racist. I don’t think she is a “hero” either, but you are a pig.

    1. chris says:

      sounds more like someone from Boston

    2. freecheese says:

      I’m from Minnesota. No hillbillies here, but yes, I am a proud “racist.”

      1. Joe says:

        Why don’t the news outlets report on someone who died defending our country our service members deserve more news coverage Instead of a ghetto drug infested ho who never did anything for our country all she did was support the drug dealers and liquor stores.

  3. CWS442 says:

    As a Jew, I find your ridiculous facade distasteful and laughable. You are no more a “Jewish liberal” than my Hispanic cleaning lady.

  4. Gman213 says:

    A sense of entitlement in that crowd? Shocking



  6. Big Jack says:

    Bobbie Brown is “an invited guest” to this woman’s funeral? Are you serious? He’s the one whose very presence in her life led to her being dead in the first place. Without him, Whitney would still be alive and doing well.

  7. Robert says:

    Taxpayers? Since when, the crowd looks more like the 50% that don’t pay taxes. The same people with their hands out to the government looking for something free. Hey we’re all taxpayers now, except that mean old 1%.

  8. A.W. says:

    This is the “you owe me!” crowd at its best!

  9. derwin says:

    Whitney also said dat crack beez whack.

  10. Chuckles says:

    What a bunch of pathetic, mindless drones. Whitney was a singer with a drug problem and it killed her. Deal with it. She wasn’t a goddess or some miraculous human being she was a singer. The world will continue to go on. Maybe, just maybe this will be a lesson for someone else but I doubt it. She isn’t the first and she won’t be the last celebrity to make terrible choices and decisions in their life. Oh well.

  11. PLauren says:

    Hey Floyd Bishop…what is this ” we made this lady who she is ” crap of yours. you don’t own her in any form. Unless you want to take responsibility for the downside too and pay for her funeral, child’s upbringing and all else..take a hike man.

  12. PLauren says:

    you are a fraud. no jewish liberal would have posted that remark.

  13. Charlie Sheen's National Crack Pipe Convention says:


  14. Civilization says:

    It’s too bad they don’t teach class, decorum, and humanity in the schools anymore along with how to use a computer judging by the comments here. Not to mention spelling and grammar.

    I personally never cared for her music, but I don’t find the half-masted flags offensive, she brought a lot of joy to a lot of people through entertainment and that’s worth something in my book.

    She had some bad habits but so do a lot of literally tortured artists and ultimately many of them, like her, do the ultimate harm to themselves and their own family. This is plenty of price to pay without people handing out their self-righteous judgements on the life of another. You who do so aren’t your imaginary God, and you sure don’t act like him.

    You who want to pile on with these sort of disgusting comments are ghouls and ignorant human vermin and I hope you never breed. Crack use or whatever other problems she might had, she’s worth thousands of your kind because she uplifted others and contributed while you only know how to tear them down and subtract.

  15. CL says:

    These are so ignorant azz folks, I mean ignorant and selfish. They expect Cissy to come out and wave and thank them ? OMG what ghetto ignorance. The woman is heartbroken over her daughter and they expect a “show”. THESE are Obama voters lets not forget. Ignorant, easily led and childish.

  16. KELLY says:

    Karma is a B++++H!!!! BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY!

  17. KELLY says:

    You are so dum!

  18. Randi says:

    Those people are obnoxious, this is a funeral not some photo opp. Demanding that a grieving family owe them something, pathetic. Makes me sick, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  19. Kevin Gamble says:

    I heard Whitney was drug free for 6 days now.

    1. Gman213 says:

      thats funny…sick but funny…lol

  20. Rhadagastt says:

    What, no gunfire?

  21. Dave says:

    These “fans” make me sick. Give the Houston family some privacy to grieve and say farewell to a member of their family. Did you as a fan personally know Whitney Houston? No, you didn’t. What gives you the gall to think you should attend a funeral simply because you enjoyed a person’s music. I’m not sure who more pathetic, you or the folks that have made low class racist comments in the comment section of this story.

  22. The Realist says:

    If her fans in Newark were actually upset, they would do what all real Americans do… SUE to recover their monetary losses.

  23. Jonathan Silberger says:

    Why is there always trouble in crowds of black people?!

    1. DJ says:

      Like Occupy Wall Street, Greek protestors, and critical mass demostrators . Oh wait those are all white people destorying property. Maybe you should do some research before you sterotype.

      1. Liz Ernst says:


      2. Al Sharpton's used Toilet Paper Inc. says:

        Uh, like you said, those events are PROTESTS AND DEMONSTRATIONS which are not expected to be too civilized. The West Indian Day parade and the aforementioned A&T homecoming are celebrations.

  24. Jeff says:

    Time to predict the next loser celebrity premature death.

    Tough call.

    What isn’t tough to predict is how little I’ll care.

  25. billy says:

    those people outside should pitch a tent and start pooping in the street and then they would be allowed to stay and even collect donations for jackets and stuff

  26. ULYSSES S GRANT says:

    I got an idea for all you people feeling left out: Go to a Memorial Service for one of our Nations’ fallen Soldiers. Or better yet, take you emotion and twisted sense of reality to the Tomb of the Unknowns and thank them and your God that these Soldiers made it so you could even listen to this drug addled talent-wasting druggy.

    1. Dave B says:

      I’m assuming this commenter is being ironic, talking about soldiers and complaining about a “druggy,” while using as his screen name of a general and president who was an alcoholic.

      Dude, your sense of humor is amazing! Have another drink, Uly!.

    2. TMA1 says:

      The same crowd for Pricess Diana now have another 2-3 onths of living to do while they swoon over this unfortunate woman’s death. They never even knew that Mother Terresa died that same week as the Princess.

  27. billy says:

    does that mean no snorting ashes ???

  28. ironic says:

    im having a hollywood party downstairs in the church at the same time…clive davis is coming

  29. Gary "WhiteDemon" Harper says:

    Ms. Whitney was cool by me. She self medicated and failed the her own drug test. Singers bring happiness to us, by soothing our hearts with words about the life issues we are all familiar with. White people call her a “crackhead” and Black people call her a saint.. Poking dead bodies has become a national sport in this country. Imagine that at the end of our lives, the people we denigrate are there to talk to us about what we said. Just who are we to judge anyone? Do we believe we know something or someone because we read it on the internet? We need to check that bag of Shiite at the door. White demons killed Whitney?.. Yeah right Slick. You have no idea about the silent numbers of WHITE Americans who want the American dream extended to ALL and want to correct the evil done to Black Americans for the past 225 years. Watermelons and Chicken? You thought that was funny eh? Throw that “cracker”: a Coors. The instant internet wisdom all have found has created a nation of idiots. White people talking trash about a President who has done more for our national security than most Presidents in history. Black people using every opportunity to scream racism and shout down any idea outside the bounds of the newly found so-called “diversity”. Black, White, Brown and Yellow people are tired are listening to the constant stream of crap coming from the diversity police, telling America ” what they entitled to”. There will be no race war. Thinking people, will unite to create an offense to the stupidity that has been created by people who react to words on a screen. Please by all means, keep talking trash, so the rest of us can see you coming. People who act as compassionate human beings will get the almighty dollar from the folks silenced by the new diversity police.The “screamers” who shout “racism” at every controversy, will exile themselves into communities of self-righteous diverse people, “just like themselves”. Some screamers will see through the facade and think as individuals. White people will eventually disappear. The faces of America will become composites of Black, Asian, Hispanic and White. They will be stronger and smarter than any ethnicity we currently acknowledge. Yes, White People will disappear and eventually, so will every other color. Look at our great President. He is Black? ..I am as white as they come, but my great grandfather?.he was said to be “Egyptian”… Read the book, “Life on the color line” sometime.
    Some people believe they have a “Right”, to be at Ms. Houston’s funeral service, because they bought her record? You made her what she is? Does that mean you created her need to self medicate as well? Who are you to pick and choose what you think you did for her?

    She sang about love and life and we should respect hers by giving her family the privacy they request. Any indignation should be reserved for the sense of loss we feel because we missed out on the new release of Air Jordans.

    If you can see or feel this Ms. Houston, We will always love you.
    “It’s a short trip from the Limo to the gutter.”
    Quote from Kinky Friedman

  30. billy says:

    at least she wasnt cremated because the other bands would snort her ashes to pay respect

  31. billy says:

    isnt it a tradition to pour a bottle of beer over the casket or something

  32. David says:

    “I’m a taxpayer in the city … born and raised in this city … They should stop treating us like animals. We’re taxpayers … We made this lady who she is today,”

    So it was YOU who made her a broke now dead crack addict?

    In all seriousness, what makes people think they have the right to crash a PRIVATE funeral service uninvited just because they may or may not have purchased a CD? In addition, I don’t believe these people actually pay taxes at all. People who work for a living don’t have time to take off to go to the funeral of someone they don’t even know? I can’t imagine any employer permitting such idiocy either.

    1. CL says:

      and I DOUBT many of them are taxpayers…50% of this nation does NOT pay taxes (many make too little or get it all back, or do not work)..and no doubt these cretins are a good percentage of that group.

  33. billy says:

    or maybe those new nikes

  34. Scott Trent says:

    A dollar says a “Footlocker” gets looted before this funeral is over with. Just saying…

    1. Rhadagastt says:

      LOL! Freaking brilliant!

    2. DJ says:

      Really? Is there an Occupy Wall Street protest near by funeral? You act as if white people do no wrong.

  35. ren says:

    She sold you her music..you have no right to her funeral if the family decides so. This is not entertainment…I would suggest “fans” of these entertainers get their own lives and stop fixating on others lives…

  36. billy says:

    and those new nikes too

  37. Peggy Martinez says:

    Do these “fans” REALLY want to see Whitney lying in a coffin that badly?! Why wouldn’t they want to remember her as she was in the prime of her life instead??

    Why not remember the beautiful, talented and vivacious Whitney instead of cementing a memory of a gone-too-soon, tragic woman lying in her coffin?

  38. billy says:

    Im surprised nobody broke into the local stores and stole all the tv’s

    1. Momofthree says:


  39. Momofthree says:

    I am sorry, but it is the family’s right to not let everyone in the public come in! Get over it people, you were probably fans in the 80’s and 90’s and now you are her biggest fan right? PLEASE, go to the church outside, pay your respects, and quietly leave. Why does everything have to end up in a mess?

  40. James says:

    I liked her singing but like all other celebrities that I admire for their music, athletic skill, acting etc… I could not care less about their personal lives and their death is of no more importance than any other stranger. People that somehow think these celebrities are part of their life and actually believe the BS such as “I do this for my fans…” are brain dead useful idiots. They make their fabulous wealth possible while many of them live at the poverty level and imagine her death somehow affects them.. Their grieving and sorrow for somebody that was not even aware of their existence is pathetic.

    1. Off Duty says:


    2. Rhamad says:

      Agree, let’s move on and watch the next pity party for a self-absorbed celebrity to destroy themself while the “frinds and family” wonder what happened and look at someone to blame.other than themselves. Whitney was never about the fans.

      1. SiM says:

        Whitney was about a paycheck to her enablers. Enuf said.

      2. mary williams says:


      3. Anonymous 1% says:

        You deserve all the scuz stuck to the bottom of my shoe, you weak entitlement driven slug. Was the woman’s number on your speed dial? Did you happen to buy an album 20 years ago? And because of that $2.07 royalty she received, you, for whatever reason, believe you are entitled to mingle with her friends and family to pay respect to… a stranger? Surely you received more than $8.97 worth of pleasure from her voice.

        While she may have sang her way into your life, your contribution of $2.07 does in no way entitle you to a key into hers nor her demise.

        Grow up.

      4. CFD says:

        Show some respected to the family. You need to move on.

      5. Chuk A Spear says:

        a chimp out on the way?

    3. Bill Me says:

      Yes yo said alot ther, as an Independent Thinking Black Person things happen like this because they let them. I am software developer and I am starting to make money, and i get approached by those “Rap” type people and that social garbage all the time. I keep in perspective that these people are not my friends and not my enemies. Second you know this dope crap kills why take it? Like I say the reason why these things happen is they choose to let it happen. I done come to the place I really have little or no pitty for “Main Stream Black America”

      1. patriotgirl1 says:

        When more black people as yourself start to see the stupidity of “black culture”, then we will be making progress. Personally, I think people are sick of it. It’s classless and shows complete ignorance. Let’s grown up rappers!

      2. Ted Rutherford says:

        “thinking Black Person”??? No you’re not…you’re some wise guy that thinks that your comment is funny. It’s not and you’re pathetic.

      3. Scott says:

        Bill Me,
        Please use spell check. You comments are spot on but your writing skills are a little lacking.

      4. DigitalBob says:

        Thank you for seeing the world as it is. Most white people truly don’t care what color someone is. What they do care about is the drug use, the crime, and the irresponsibility seen in so much of ghetto culture. If poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton really had the interest and promotion of the black community at heart they would tell their people to put down the pipe, quit shooting each other, take care of your babies, and fly right. Then again the more black culture evolves beyond the ghetto, the less need there is for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    4. Alphonse says:

      I couldn’t have said it better! I cannot wait until tomorrow when all this crap will hopefully be over…sick and tired of hearing …she was such a good example, a good human being, a good mother…etc. she was a junkie, a good mother doesn’t do drugs…and I sure as hell hope no one
      follows in her footsteps!

      1. Larry Fyne says:

        Perfect comment and perfect description.. Typical left-wing media glorification of a druggie.

    5. Joanne says:

      I think its sad that fame can take over the lives of great talent and they are human and pushed to extreme. I dont believe there should be such hateful comments made when someone has passed wether due to drug use or not.Everyone who makes such comments should be ashamed.This is why people are so screwed up and theres so much hatered amoung people today. Everyone should have respect for others and that just may make a world of difference…We all make misakes. Im sure everyone has drank and been stupid at one time or another. Who are you to judge then. We dont know how she was feeling deep down.Depression can take over lives . She had a lot of good in her as well. Those are the things we should remember.Karma folks. One more thing. Everyone has someone they admire and if they choose to grieve for someone who they admired and artist they enjoyed listening to then so be it.Their entitled. Worry about yourselves and family. Stop thinking about what everyone else is doing and bashing others because o it.(.W.H. R.I.P.)let her have that

  41. exbobbie says:

    What part of ‘Private viewing’ do these morons not understand?. What the hell do they think gives them the right to complain about being left out of private affair?. If they were in fact devoted fans of Ms Whitney, then they would have shown the respect she and her family deserve. “I’m a tax payer in this City”, “We made this lady who she is today”, Hey Floyd, shove it!, what kind of statements are these?, this is friggin unbelievable.

    1. Momofthree says:

      Amen exbobbie!

    2. myob says:

      A private funeral is nobody’s business but the family’s. That has to be respected and honored.

    3. gretzkyoneyzermantwo says:

      Ima Taxpaya show me da body!

      1. askis says:

        I would like to see proof that he is actually a taxpayer. I don’t consider someone who lives in public housing, receives welfare and food stamps to be a taxpayer because he pays sales tax when he buys a Colt 45.

        1. patriotgirl1 says:

          Believe me, he didn’t buy the Colt 45…he got it from his peeps…it’s stolen.

          1. Mike says:

            I think he was referring to referring to the 40oz…..not the gun.

          2. Sammie Jo says:

            colt 45 is a brand of cheap malt liquor.
            No one has a RIGHT to attend a private funeral, what’s wrong with these people?
            Taxpayers don’t pay for the police escorts at a funeral, the family does.

        2. tomasco says:

          BUY a Colt? Hahahaha, fat chance. Why buy what you can steal?

    4. Dave B says:

      Seriously! What is this attitude of “I bought her records and/or pay taxes in this city, therefore I should be entitled to attend the viewing, or the deceased person’s mother should come out and wave to me”?

      Folks, if you buy an album, you get the music contained therein, not a seat at the singer’s wake/funeral/etc. Yes, lots of people loved Ms. Houston’s music, maybe as many as loved Michael Jackson’s music, but that does not mean the family is obligated to have a public service in the Prudential Center.

      If people really care about Whitney Houston, then they should let her family mourn her loss/celebrate her life in the manner they see fit.

      1. lmm says:

        well said. like cissy houston who is mourning the loss of her child is only thinking about waving to the “fans” another case of them thinking someone owes them something!!!

    5. sheesh says:

      No kidding! I’ve never seen a sense of entitlement played out in this bold of a manner. Disgusting.
      Let the family grieve as they choose.

    6. fred says:

      I can respect the need for privacy and the need for the family to greive, however, the family also needs to understand the need for the public to morn as well. Whitney Houston was and always will be a member of the public forum. Her life centered on the relationship she had with the public, her fans were so important to her, and like so many who have gone before her as in life and death, the public was a part of what she represented. Michael, biggie, lefteye, presidents, they all shared in the services as they remembered the lost of someone they came to love and admire. To shut them out and treat them in the manner they are being treated is wrong. Remember she is who she is because of the PEOPLE.

      1. PC Incorrect says:

        Mourn what? The passing of a stranger who none of them really knew but had a wonderful gift that she ruined. What public mourning? I just don;t get people that have no lives but pretend to live vicariously through celebrities… Screw the public

    7. Oscar says:

      You can be very certain that there are no taxes being paid by these people…bilking money from the tax payers yes…but definitely not paying taxes!

    8. Robbob says:

      My big laugh came for a Newark NJ resident claiming to be a taxpayer. I almost fellout of my chair in tears. What is funny is that the only tax money being spent is to keep the uninvited away. The family, funeral home, and church had made it plain and clrear that the viewing and funeral were invitation only.

    9. Chuk A Spear says:

      might be a way to get a flat screen when it starts

  42. amos says:

    Right. . going back to singing in the church. . More like, One more night with the frogs, to me. She chose who she wanted to serve.

    1. ditchdigger2 says:

      She harmed no one but her self, it is not my place to judge.

      1. 4sailing says:

        On one account you are correct. Not our place to judge. However, she did bring more harm to people than just herself. Pretty sure her mother is grieving and we know her now motherless daughter is.

        1. Reality Check says:

          Who cares, it’s fun watching the media exploit the crap out of her death. She’s a goldmine even in death. American’s love a dead celebrity train wreck story. It’s frickin golden. Where were all these adoring fans when she was smoking crack and snorting lines and drinking and partying? If they really cared, maybe they should have staged a huge intervention. Nah, too much fun fitting in with all the sad mourners once the object of their adoration croaks.

          1. Rev. White says:

            took the words right out of my mouth: “Where were all these adoring fans when she was smoking crack and snorting lines and drinking and partying? If they really cared, maybe they should have staged a huge intervention.”
            Nuff said

            1. bullrider says:

              Yeah, tell me how fans would ‘stage a huge intervention’. I’m sure that would happen, we see it so often. I mean, never….

          2. Midge Martin says:

            Meanwhile back at Reality Ranch … 4 illegal wars rage on, the dollar is about to vanish as the world reserve currency, the real unemployment rate is over 20%, the price of goods is skyrocketing, the value of homes is dropping and as the 4th year of the depression carries on … another dead pop star, everyone dies. Degenerates.


          3. Midge Martin says:

            Meanwhile back at Reality Ranch … 4 illegal wars rage on, the dollar is about to vanish as the world reserve currency, the real unemployment rate is over 20%, the price of goods is skyrocketing, the value of homes is dropping and as the 4th year of the depression carries on … another dead pop star, everyone dies. Degenerates worshiping a degenerate.


            1. YUR Conscience says:

              Welcome to Obamaland. You aint seen nothin’ yet. Wait ’til he gets re-elected and his cronies take over. All of this will look like child’s play…just warmin’ up.

              1. BOB says:


            2. steve sharkman says:

              what war exactly is illegal?
              maybe you’re thinking about all the illegals coming in over the boarder we just let break our laws.
              that’s gotta be it.

          4. You need a reality check says:

            You sound dumb as hell. Fans staging a huge intervention, really? Come on now..

      2. Whitney died as she lived - an ADDICT says:

        She HARMED HER DAUGHTER!! Her daughter is an addict now.

        Plus Whitney Houston probably took drugs while pregnant. It would explain why Bobbi Christiana’s face is uglier than her father’a face and why she has such an oddly shaped squatty body.

      3. ssljc says:

        but here u r judging

      4. steve sharkman says:

        i’ll do the judging.
        she was an admitted crack ho.

      5. amos says:

        Ok. . how about this. . By their fruit ye shall know them. . we can fruit inspect. . ok. .
        1. She drank alcoholic beverages. . um let see now who did you serve doing that? A holy God?? A dirty devil??
        2. She took drugs . . .um. . let me see now. . . who did she serve doing that? A holy God or a dirty devil?
        3. She was in a sexual relationship out of the bonds of marriage. . fornication. . Um. . .let me see. . who did she serve with that.A Holy God or a dirty devil?
        4. She got in to a cat fight with a girl she thought was hitting on her fornication partner. . . Hmmmmm. . .Who did she serve with that. . .A Holy God or a dirty devil. . . .
        5. She was quoted as cussing shortly before she died. . .Himmm. . out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. . .I wonder who was in her heart?? A holy God or a lying blaspheming devil??

        I could go on hear but my point is this: This sloppy agape we have is allowing people to live contrary to God and we tell these people they are ok and going to heaven. We need to be honest and clean up the Church. Quit preaching a cheep salvation. . one that cost God everything. . the Life of His only begotten Son.

        1. Hawkerbuff says:

          Yes…you are right…thanks for your input…but please can you learn to spell?

        2. Mavis says:

          Amos, You are correct. Satan has our world greatly deceived. That is why people idolize those who llive like Satan and demonize bornagain Christians. Mavis

          1. mjazz says:

            So only perfect Christians are saved.
            I guess that means you.

        3. Elizabeth says:


          I too am believer, but at some point, especially for family members who may be perusing websites through their grief process, you’ve got to know when to speak and when to keep mum.

          Right now, would be the time where you use wisdom, and not erratic conversation to prove a point, based off of your opinion. We don’t know the last moments of Whitney’s life. We don’t. So to say she’s filled with the dirty devil – is ridiculous and borderline crazy.

          Were you in the bedroom with Whitney and Ray-J to know, ” She was in a sexual relationship out of the bonds of marriage. . fornication?” How do you even know they were having a sexual relationship at the time? How do you even know she was fornicating? You say, she was quoted as cursing shortly before she died – what report did you hear that from? Were you in the bathroom with her?

          What saddens my heart, is that people miss the mark- our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – because of people like you, who, instead of showing true agape, show “sloppy agape (your words not mine), ” in the form of harsh tones and judgemental innuendo.

          Amos, Whitney is now gone and unfortunately for her mother, daughter and siblings, she’s not coming back.

          But for those who may be hurting, who are lost, why don’t you take them by their hand and show them the way, instead of pointing a finger?

        4. mjazz says:

          So only Christians who live perfect lives are saved.
          That’s you I guess.

    2. freecheese says:

      Northern New Jersey is the STINKY ARMPIT of the United States. This “Celebration/Funeral” is a good example of that !

    3. Dan says:

      Hope you never have anyone in your family who becomes addicted to anything. I was not even a fan, but geez, how can one not have anything but compassion for her family and regret for the wasted life.

    4. Amo says:

      I guarantee that there are hundreds of thousands of black people who are more competent than you are. As far as I’m concerned, you’re not my equal. You’re an intellectual midget, along with the other supremacists who feel the need to take pride in their race because they can’t contribute anything of value to this world. Just a bunch of miserable losers.

      1. Ballet1 says:

        I agree with you on almost everything you’ve said here. However, what is this “other supremacists who feel the need to take pride in their race…” stuff you’re spouting? Is taking pride in one’s race only allowed for minorities??

      2. wam says:

        oh really? if that’s so why is the IQ of the blacks substantially lower than whites. and it’s even lower for African blacks because they were never exposed to white genetics. read the Bell Curve written by Harvard professors. the evidence of black inferiority is everywhere 1) taken as slaves and happy to live that way for 200yrs 2)the white man freed you never could manage it yourselves 3) been free for 140yrs given handouts and AA and still living in poverty and uneducated. fighting over Nikes and ho’s. killing each other over trivial things. 4) you still need the white man just as much as the slave days. where would you be without that welfare check and foodstamps 5) no blacks have ever created an advanced society nor maintain one that was handed to them (south africa) do you think it’s some unlucky accident everywhere blacks are the majority is a third-world hellhole? you are in self denial my nappy headed friend. but ya’ll were kings n-sheit built the pyramids.LOL!

      3. GMK says:

        ahhhhhhh! so very Christ-Like!!!!!!!!!…….Amo you need to “Look and Listen”…….Look at yourself in the mirror as you Listen to the things you say!

    5. JustTheFacts says:

      Whitney just happened to pass away on the same day as Sarah Palin’s birthday. There’s an interesting story that mentions Whitney’s inadvertent role in the election of Obama and the media cannot report on it.

      Biggest cover up in history is exposed here

  43. Tom says:

    Look Houston was a magnificent singer ….20 years ago
    She lived the Hollywood life and ruined her life with crack
    She was a sick woman with all kinds of enablers surrounding her
    Now she is dead..let this serve notice to you all:

    Even a sweet little choir girl can grow such an ego that she ruins her own life by abusing drugs…its not a victimless crime, she victimized her friends , family and fans…she was only human, now let her rest in peace, she lived her life and lost it…to addiction and the liberal hollywood lifestyle…this is a very common death in liberal hollywood. Pathetic

    1. Rhadagastt says:

      Actually the one thing that’s not accurate about your comment is that she was never a sweet little choir girl. She was always “ghetto”. I know people who knew her early in her career who said that her handlers never let her talk to anybody outside of her immediate circle so they could foster that image. The knew they had an amazing talent on their hands, but they wanted her to go mainstream, so they kept her in check for about a decade before she finally took over and became the lovely person we knew her as in the final years.

      1. Truthbe says:

        How do you know this? Everyone now has some story of Ms. Whitney Houston. Some of it just legend. She was the cousin of Dionne Warrick, called Aretha Franklin an “Aunt” and her Mom was a gospel singer. She said her parents were strict and loving. I don’t think she was by any means “ghetto” as you put it in that connotation. Just a humble, shy, down to earth person in the beginning. That is what one of her childhood friends said on TV. Maybe later on when she fell into the wrong crowd you see the negative change.

        1. steve sharkman says:

          you need to change your name.
          you don’t see the truth.
          she was an admitted crack ho.
          those are not good people.

      2. getreal says:

        You’re so wrong. She always had class. i think to appease some of her circle, she acted a little ”street.” But she wasn’t.

        I think she could have just been happy to remain a housewife, singing in the choir. God help those who push drugs.

        1. Wtf says:

          If we could only get the same treatment for military funerals….I say let the crowds see the funeral home! No special rules for the famous!!!

      3. Hof says:

        The “lovely person we knew her as in the final years” was coked out, cracked out, mixing painkillers and alcohol (and spare me the “how do you know?” BS. You think she died of natural causes?), and was little more than an answer to a Trivial Pursuit question.

        Until she died. Then the lice crawl out with, “Oh, she was so sweet and kind,” “Oh, I’ll always remember how I wanted to be like her.” Hogwash. The people oozing such false sympathy today like they always cared for her were glued to the latest episde of “Jersey Short” right up until the announcement last Saturday.

        1. Truthbe says:

          Speak for yourself. I personally don’t watch Jersey Shore or none of those stupid madeup “reality shows” that some people are fixated on now. I have always admired Whitney Houston since I was a little girl and was rooting for her to pull through her struggles. I have been concerned about her since the early 90’s actually when I thought she made a wrong choice with her marriage to Bobby Brown etc. I am not blaming him for her death though. Unfortunately she lost her way and yes the person we saw in the latter days was someone struggling with “demons” from addiction and not who I believe was the “real” Whitney Houston. She will be sorely missed, what a heavenly voice she had.

          1. Teresa says:

            People are what they do! So, yes, that, unfortunately, was the real Whitney Houston!

    2. dave says:

      oh shut up. there have been plenty of dead white singers who have died from overdoses yet remain idolized. your additional use of “negro” and “minstrel show” is your cute way of demonstrating your white-ness. go to hell.

      1. Teresa says:

        Demonstrtating your white-ness? Yeah, that’s not racist! As if being white was a bad thing. Hey! Don’t demonstrate your white-ness! That’s bad!

    3. eyes that see and ears that hear says:

      What did Whitney do for the Kingdom of God? As beautiful as she once was, she will be remembered as as a drug addict. Where was her personal responsibility to herself and her child? How is it that she thought these drugs and wild life would not eventually kill her, like it has so many others before her.
      She opened doors for demons to come in and they did, they took control. She is now dead and my Bible doesn’t say she will be resting in peace.

      1. MedB says:

        What ugly and ill conceived comments. If you’d actually taken time to read that Bible of yours, you’d have the sense to realise you’re in no position to judge others, and that compassion is the highest form of dedication to a Holy life. I’m sure once you’ve left school and seen something of the world you’ll be able to rethink.

      2. lala says:

        that’s not true……….because one saved……….always saved, and if she was truly saved, then demons could have no place in her………that’s what my Bible says. I pray she did truly know the Lord and that people will remember that in giving her life to Christ, her sins, past, present and future were paid for on the Cross…..it was terrible that she was an addict…..but as I like to say……I’m not perfect, just saved….

        1. mjazz says:

          Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the last song she sang was “Yes, Jesus Loves Me.”

      3. Miss V says:

        For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

    4. hill says:

      just like Marilyn Monroe, Heath Ledger, John Belushi…..

    5. da Cracka says:

      This women was brow beat by the so called “black community” for years to Stop Acting White.. She took this brilliant advise and married a Filthy Ghetto Rat named Bobby Brown.. It was her fatal lifes mistake

  44. smokinhot says:

    must be those O,W.S. now they have something else to protest

  45. JamieG says:

    While I don’t think taxpayers should have had to put up with the street being closed, how dare fans think because they bought her music they have the ‘right’ to see her corpse! Please.

    1. patty says:

      The family should have to pay the extra man power.

      1. rexroad says:

        good luck with getting blacks to pay for anything.

    2. Natalie says:

      I am appalled too that fans believe they have a right to view Whitney’s body & that her mom should come out of the funeral home to thank her fans. yes Whitney was a public person, but her family has a right to decide how they want to grieve & mourn her.

      As for the taxpayers paying for all the security, there are times when excess security is necessary that the family actually pays for the cost, so maybe that will happen. Also, if you think about it, all the security wouldn’t be necessary if her fans would be willing to respect the family’s wishes of a private funeral.

    3. Angel says:

      They would be NOTHING without the fans.When you become a public figure,your life is an open book.And when you make a living off of your adoring fans,they should be considered when you make your funeral arrangements.The public should have gotten a day of viewing.We LOVED HER TOO>

      1. Pete says:

        And there are plenty of those who have become public figures who maintain a very private life. Let Ms. Houston’s family grieve. Ms. Houston was their daughter and therefore get final say in how to proceed with the wake/funeral. No one has to be considered for anything, so stop your bitching and moaning and STFU.

      2. Jazz says:

        You’re joking right? What the hell makes you think that since you dropped cash on their albums/movies/concerts etc that you have the right to attend a private event that is for those that actually knew her.

  46. Nunya Bizniz says:

    What a bunch of crybaby losers!! When she first burst on the scene, she appealed to eveyone across the genres and RACES! But soon the racist started getting on her for no LOKKING, ACTING and SOUNDING BLACK enough! She gets on Soul Train to get an award..she gets booed by the same knuckleheads that are whining about this service.

    Right after that she got involved with that loser Bobbie Brown, doing drugs hooking u with the rap (so-called Black) Culture. After that…downhill, BABY!!

    Her own “people” killed her, their own RACISM! So sad, and now they DEMAND to be part of this, because they’re TAXPAYERS?!?!?! Ignorant, pure utter ignorance..

    1. Keep Honkin I'm Reloading says:


    2. chichi says:

      She took drugs, and then became addicted, and her mind went cuckoo. Next?

    3. ella funt says:

      Will her race nominate her for “BLACK SAINTHOOD???— The media seems to give Whitney more press and adoration than they did Mother Theresa. There really should be more Black Saints. C”mon, Jesse & Al Sharpton–work on it.

    4. jha says:

      I seriously doubt that they are tax payers. Anyone ignorant enough to think that because they bought an album gives them the right to attend the most private family moments, couldn’t be intelligent enough to contribute to society!

  47. puzzled canadian says:

    I have rarely encountered such racist comments. Shame on all of you who have turned this into a racial three ring circus. Then you Americans wonder why your country is going down the tubes. Hate only breeds more hate.

    1. JenC says:

      I agree with you but please don’t think we’re all like that. I am disgusted too!

      1. ULYSSES S GRANT says:

        No Jen, I saw you write some mean and nasty racist things too.

    2. Tom says:

      its going down the tubes because liberalism is at the heam…and if you notice its sinking faster by the day, we are now at 15 times the debt we had three years ago!!! This clown in the whitehouse and his supporters might be on same drugs Ms. Houston was on..and its killing this nation just as it killed her.

      1. arnoldripkin says:

        Bush Jr started us down this sorry road. Expansion of nearly every govt program plus getting us involved in trillion dollar wars (off budget) and giving tax breaks to the most wealthy people in the country when the country needed money the most. Obama’s folly is continuation of Bush policy. People like you have a short memory. And what in the Hell does your comment have to do with Whitney Houston? Drug abuse started only after Obama was elected? Tom, you are either ignorant or a fool!

    3. ironic says:

      you must not be able to understand french.,have you been to quebec?

    4. Robert Bontempo says:

      well said puzzled canadian

    5. whitney says:

      dat crack sho beez whack

    6. ULYSSES S GRANT says:

      You are right. It is just a 3 Ring Circus. No race need be brought in.

    7. ULYSSES S GRANT says:

      You read Drudge Report? You are the Drudge Report crowd then logically.

    8. PLauren says:

      Mr. Floyd Bishop…you didn’t ” make that lady ” who she was or is. you don’t have ownership..be respectful.

    9. Angela says:

      Amen as an American

  48. JenC says:

    I am reading many of these comments and I am shocked. I am not someone who particularly liked or disliked Ms. Houston. She had her demons. Let those without sin throw the first stone isn’t that something Christian say? I think organized religion is creating demons! How else, in a country that say it is Christian, can there be so many mean, ugly people who stoop so low as to malign a dead person who’s body isn’t even cold yet. I learned long ago not to speak ill of the dead, they can not defend themselves. Whoever she was and how she lived her life, she only hurt herself with the abuse of drugs. With her voice she did bring much joy to many people. I must agree with Gandhi who ones said ” I like your Jesus, I do not like your Christians, they are so unlike Jesus!” The comment section here proves just how right he was.

    1. Marto says:

      “I think organized religion is creating demons!” LOL did you just throw a stone?

      “How else, in a country that say it is Christian, can there be so many mean, ugly people who stoop so low as to malign a dead person who’s body isn’t even cold yet.”

      I guess you haven’t noticed, but in the last few years this country has done everything it could to remove itself from Christianity. Could it be that there lies the problem? Hmmmm? This country is less Christian now than it has ever been. Ask your buddy, obama if he thinks this is a Christian nation.

      “Whoever she was and how she lived her life, she only hurt herself with the abuse of drugs.”. Uh, tell that to her daughter……

    2. ULYSSES S GRANT says:

      Who brought up Christians in all this? How does it feel to hate Christians like you do? Hate is hate, no matter what the hate is about. You are a sick puppy.

      1. JenC says:

        Ts ts ts! raving lunatics.

    3. mjazz says:

      Only Christians comment here?

  49. Keep Honkin I'm Reloading says:

    “As Who’s Who Of Hollywood Arrives, The Taxpayer Wonders Why Not Us, Too?”

    The Taxpayers?


    no…really…the taxpayers…. LMAO!!

    1. Tom says:

      I still remember the woman celebrating after Obama’s election screaming “Im gonna get me some of that Obama money”. They then asked her, “whats Obama money?” She said “I dont know, but Im gettin me some!”

      This is the liberal entitlement attitude that has destroyed this great nation, it is why the greeks are rioting ..the government has said they cant afford the entitlements…so people are outraged they might have to work for their own entitlements…that is so pathetic…and this is what is in the urban cukture of amnerica..its the gimme society, its no different than Ms. Houston indulgence in drugs and taking 20 years to committ suicide..here we are doing it, not with drugs, nut rather by demonizing freedom and capitalism…its sad..its obvious, yet millions are blind to it, like whitney was to her addiction..the result is the same though..death of whitney, death of freedom…foolish people…so dumb its scary.

      1. Kiki says:

        I agree with everything you said, Tom, about the liberal destruction of our country with Obama driving us over the cliff and everyone seemingly blind to the collapse. Having said that, I don’t think the anti-lib rant (and I’m very anti-lib) is warranted here. It’s off track and not about anything but WH’s death.

        1. Moo Chelle says:

          Kiki there are millions of people MILLIONS, who are losing their house. People are committing suicide. people are giving up. They are grasping at anything, to change back before this devil in office took power. It ‘s ALL about her death, and how drugs can kill a person, and how the freedom to kill and take drugs, destroys.

          1. I P Standing says:

            Yes our partys platformr on contraception will fix all that,,

      2. American Patriot says:

        But it’s cool for the King of White Trash (Elvis Presley) to take 20 years to commit
        suicide? Right my redneck friend?

        1. Pearlander of Texas says:

          silly faux patriot, you really meant Hank Williams, no wait maybe Lenny Bruce, no no you meant Marilyn Monroe, oh what the heck the list could go on for ever. Lifestyle choices. She was terminally affected in the human condition. Like you, by the grace of God we all. Tread lightly, judge not, for you’ll get judge, but not by some that it appears you may not yet know or not understand. Every single one of us are on our own life journey. Moderation is the key, forget not the seven deadly sins, and most important, NEVER TAKE ADVICE FROM YOUR FRIENDS. Ponder that…

          1. ditchdigger2 says:

            This is an old story, as a certified redneck, whatever that is, this woman had one of the greatest voices of the last century, endured a life of misery, because of that gift. She has gone to a better place.

        2. Mark Twain says:


          Elvis fans are world-wide..you are the trash. And you are likely a white liberal, who feels self-hate every day. And you feel guilty for being white.

        3. Casual Observer says:

          That’s some great babbling gibberish you’ve got there, un-American patsy.

        4. ella funt says:

          It seems you’re suggesting (Whitney Houston) was the Queen of Black Trash.

      3. rob says:

        Geesh, that was the worst brain dump I’ve ever read.

      4. Scott says:

        Cloward–Piven strategy. Look it up.

    2. TonyZ says:

      THEY think that sales tax on 40’s of Old English entitles them to view the corpse of someone they never knew or met in their lives. I’d like to see their income tax returns. Good luck with that.

    3. getreal says:

      funny, true

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