Michigan Man Burns NJ Flag In Response To Houston Tribute

KALAMAZOO, MI (CBSNewYork) — A Kalamazoo, Michigan man whose son, Eric, died in Iraq in 2005, was outraged when he heard that flags in New Jersey were being flown at half-staff for the death of Whitney Houston.

John Burri decided to burn the New Jersey state flag on his outdoor grill as a form of protest.

Burri said that he believes the lowering of flags should be reserved for those who have given their lives for their country.

1010 WINS Reporter Glenn Schuck Reports…

“Maybe it’s a little drastic. I know that’s a little extreme but I’m sorry. This is how much it hurts. This is how much of a slap in the face it is to all that have served and given their life,” Burri said.

New Jersey residents, while sympathetic, felt that burning the flag was an extreme measure.

Alan from Waldwick suggested a national policy for flag lowering to avoid future disagreements.

“They definitely should take a look at the policy all over the United States. What’s good for one state should be good for all states, and have a definite policy,” he said.

Burri’s son died when his patrol was attacked with an IED.

What do you think, should the flag have been lowered? Let us know in our comments section below…


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  1. SHUTUP says:

    I loved WH. You people are all a bunch of idiots and I am so sick of all the trash talking and whining everyone is doing – like your opinion matters……lol!!

  2. todd says:

    Yes, she was a good singer, but really? So if alcoholics and people on drugs die are we going to lower the flag too? The lowering of the flag should only be for military anyone in government, police and fire personnel.

  3. jack thibault says:

    I understand that losing one’s son is an extremely painful experience and the death of one of our soldiers dying should sadden all of us. I am guessing many people were affected dramatically by the death of Whitney Houston as well and though it is obvious he does not share those feelings should respect those who do.

    Perhaps he will want to burn the Fargo, North Dakota city flag as they lowered it to half mast today to honor four North Dakota State University students who were killed Monday afternoon due to a snow storm on their way back to school.

  4. BORNINNJ says:

    I was born in New Jersey. I LOVE WHITNEY! Thanks for the flag to honor her death!! The military is given so much special treatment and too much power already. How PETTY can some people be? If we had to fly flags half mast every time someone in the military dies we might as well leave them at half mast at all times. That is the military’s job. You sign your life to them literally. I hope all of you that made a single negative comment about Whitney burn in he** for not respecting the death of a human being that chose to live a public life so we could enjoy her beautiful voice. YOU “PERFECT” PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK!!

  5. Benji says:


    1. BORNINNJ says:

      People like you make it news by asking why. Why are you even here talking about it?

  6. Greywolf1963 says:

    People really need to think about our millitary, I served and I will back any of our men and women of the millitary service, If I was called up I would go. If this country was ever invaded, the first thing that would say is where is our millitary, why should they protect peolple that dont; give a crap about them.This country was won by our millitary, it was protected by our millitary, and it should be backed by the people, and give our millitary the utmost respect. I think Whittney was a great singer but there has been more about her then any of our Millitary personel. I salute our men and women of the millitary and I amd damn proud of them too. People wake up and smell the napalm.

    1. BORNINNJ says:

      Too bad the military that “won” this country is nothing like the punks in the military today. No pride……

    2. Robert says:

      We lowered the flags for Elvis. What’s the big deal? At least Christie lowered the flag on 31 occasions for our fallen soldiers. I don’t think our governor did it once. If a big celebrity dies, that’s going to be front page news. In wartime or not. You let Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston die on the same day a hundred of our own soldiers die and see who gets the most news coverage. what you should be complaining about is how our veterans keep getting thrown under the bus. Look at all the cuts Bush made against veterans. Even another poster called our soldiers punks. If you’re a VFW or affected by someone in the military, this doesn’t apply to you. Vietnam and Iraq were bogus wars.

  7. a soldier says:

    I am deployed overseas and I believe for something worth fighting for. When I read about our nations flag lowered to half mast for her, I felt why am here doing my part to help with war on terrorism. The flag is our symbol for everything that we stand for, and for every soldier, airman, marine, and sailor that fights for. I don’t understand why people today doesn’t backup our military. The people did during world war 2, when our country needed it. We need the same support today just like the generations before. Lowering the flag for a popular celeb just goes to show how fellow American people show more interest in. And the comments about, “your choice”, yes, I did join the military and took that extra step unlike some of you have stated about “choosing”. If it wasn’t for young men and women “taking that choice”, think about what America would be like today. It doesn’t matter what color the skin is, why does everybody want to play the racial card? I don’t believe that the flag should be lowered at half mast for any celeb period. And if anything was past for a bill to allow this, then besides myself others will be getting out of the military as well. Don’t get wrong, I listen to her growing up and loved her music. People put yourself in a service men shoes with this thought, being in the desert getting shot at and wondering when the next i.e.d. goes off and takes my life defending freedom or singing and being on the top of charts week after week making millions. Now who do you think should have the flag lowered at half mast? WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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