Proposed Rutgers – Rowan Merger Has Students And Faculty In An Uproar

CAMDEN, NJ (CBSNewYork) — Students and faculty at the Camden campus of Rutgers University feel betrayed by Governor Chris Christie. They say that his plan to merge the Camden campus with Rowan University will result in lower academic standards.

WCBS 880 Reporter Peter Haskell…

Jacob Soll, a history professor at Rutgers, told WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell that the plan will weaken the Rutgers academic community.

“It does not have anything to actually offer Rutgers, except for lower standards.”

Soll said that being a part of Rutgers opens doors and allows for high levels of academic achievement, something that he feels will be threatened if the school merges with Rowan.

“What allows people like me to win grants are the resources at Rutgers and the Rutgers name,” he said.

Governor Christie believes that the merger will strengthen both schools.

Are the schools better off as seperate entities or should they merge? Let us know in our comments section below…


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  1. Rutgers-C must stay says:

    Terrible Idea!

    Who comes up with these crazy ideas? This is tarnishing our state reputation even more. People are calling me telling me how they think Rutgers (the whole university) is going out of business. This is terrible for the Rutgers System and the State. Politics in this state are very corrupt and we really need to address this. I am a democrat, but some of these dems are acting very shady! Lets make sure to vote that new democrat running in Gloucester out!

  2. Christie THE MESSY BUCKET OF HOG SLOP! says:


  3. Jean Borough says:

    Why dismember a successful growing, well-budgeted institution that offers support and opportunity to Camden residents, South Jersey families, and students worldwide? Visit the beautiful, welcoming community at Rutgers Camden Campus, and talk to students, alumni, and faculty about their passion for education. Sit in a concert or lecture open to the public. Get the facts about Rutgers Camden and then decide what’s best for South Jersey higher education…. you can take PATCO or the Riverline or the bus. Mass transit is already available.

  4. Sean duffy says:

    Rowan foolishly was forced by norcross to buy cooper hospital to create a medical school and now needs rutgers Camden to use as collateral on bonds tomfund their corrupt debt ridden third tier medical school. That is all this is about.

  5. Gary G. says:

    This deal is a back room political payback to Boss Norcross to help finance the new Cooper Med School which is in need of funds. One of the only things that actually works in Camden is the Rutgers-Camden campus and Christie is going to destroy it.

  6. Patrick Cox says:

    National coverage on this is good, but also so shameful for New Jersey. “Hey, I know people make jokes about Jersey but what’s one really great thing about New Jersey that really works well and that people respect all over the world? Rutgers! Well, they’re dismantling it and giving chunks of it away to something called ‘rowan’.” Huh!?

  7. Patrick Cox says:

    To me the crazy thing about spending is this: since the plan is intended to make Rowan a research university, NJ taxpayers will have to pay for things they’ve already paid for at Rutgers! For example, Rowan will need to spend hundreds of millions to build a huge research library and buy access to all the electronic research databases that a research university needs and Rowan certainly doesn’t have. Taxpayers will be asked to spend all that money to buy exactly what they bought and pay for Rutgers, just to duplicate the same thing 20 miles away!

  8. M. Molloie says:

    I think this is a terrible idea for NJ. It is obviously going to cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in order to bring Rowan up to the level of Rutgers. I voted for Christie to fix this state, not make it worse financially!

    Not to mention the fact that Rutgers Camden is a gem in South Jersey. I’ve always thought, at a native South Jersian, that having Rutgers in Camden brought a lot to that city. Merging the two schools makes no sense whatsoever. If you live in SJ, you can attend Rowan or Rutgers Camden. They are very close to each other. Merging them leaves you with one choice. No thank you!

    This push to get this merger done reeks of back room politicking; something else I voted Christie in to fix. If continues down this path, I will not be voting for him in any election, state or national. He is proving himself a liar.

  9. D Schaefer says:

    Good for Rowan, definitely not good for Rutgers. This is a very poor idea for our state research university.

  10. T.J. Smith says:

    Let’s recognize this for what it is, Rowan is swimming, and SINKING FAST in debt. They have built beyond their financial and intellectual resources and now need to “absorb” another school with the tuition and students included to cover their bills, we all know this. But Rowans poor financial choices are not my problem, and I will play no part in the solution to them. The tax payers of New Jersey should not have to spend several billion dollars to do something that does not improve higher education, and is designed strictly to line the pockets of the politicians that designed it.

    1. Neil Wise says:

      Good point, and Cooper Hosp., which also needs to borrow money to create the Med. School, has also maxxed out its borrowing ability, creating a corporate raid situation to take advantage of Rutgers Camden’s relatively high rating.
      Additionally, what those behind the proposal who ‘foresee’ large grants overlook is that what enables Rutgers Camden to attract the grants the research grants the Med. Sch. will need is the Rutgers name AND connection.

    2. Iris of Philadelphia says:

      Hey Soprano State! I thought it was a time-honored tradition to pay out, so political bosses can prosper. After the merger goes through, can’t NJ kids can go to out of state schools that actually use their funds for education and not corruption?

  11. Cooper G. says:

    Christie says he wants to lower taxes, right? This merger is going to cost $100 million for tax payers. Everyone from the Dean of the Rutgers Camden Business School to Boss Norcross knows that.

    Besides, according to polls, 57% of New Jersey residents (not just South Jersey) oppose this merger. That is almost the majority. Isn’t the Government supposed to do what the people want? Not just what party bosses want?

  12. C D Clark says:

    Governor Christie is wrong about this merger producing anything positive, except perhaps financial quicksand. Unlike a consortium model, backed by Rutgers Camden faculty, the merger model will undermine Rutgers as the state university and destroy Rutgers Camden’s pro-research, pro-community culture in order for Rowan to finance its debt.

    Christie might as well try to build a college in his backyard, and hope that people (and their tax money) will come.

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