B&C Morning Show: Tom Brady & Gisele Vacation With Friends

After a grueling NFL season which culminated in a Super Bowl loss to the Giants, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his Super Model wife Gisele Bundchen took a little reprieve on the lovely island of Costa Rica.

No story there, I’d say the super couple is entitled to a little rest & relaxation.  The story is surrounding who accompanied them on their island vacation.

Following the loss to the Giants, Gisele went on a post game tirade where she defend her husband Tommy and by doing so took a direct/indirect shot at Brady’s teammate Wes Welker and the rest of the Pats receivers.  Which is why it came as quite a surprise to learn that Welker and his lovely fiancee Anna Burns (pictured, holding a picture of herself scantily clad) who joined them in Costa Rico – and Craig has a few ideas why…

LISTEN: Tom Brady & Gisele Vacation With Friends (02/21)

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  1. leaf23 says:

    Costa Rica is not an island! Fact-check!

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