Monaco Prince Bloodied In Brawl At Meatpacking District Club

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A brawl at a Manhattan bar landed the grandson of the late Princess Grace of Monaco in the hospital over the weekend.

Prince Pierre Casiraghi, 24, was apparently beaten in a fight on Saturday at the Double Seven nightclub in the Meatpacking District.

The prince and his friends reportedly clashed with Adam Hock, former Hawaiian Tropic owner, over women and alcohol.

The 47-year-old is now charged with assault.

Casiraghi was treated at the hospital for cuts to his face and released.

His attorney said the attack was unprovoked.

However, Hock told the New York Daily News that Casiraghi and his friends began harassing models seated at his table.

Hock said Casiraghi threw the first punch and that he acted in self-defense, according to the report.

Casiraghi is Princess Caroline’s son.


One Comment

  1. mark escobar says:

    Whoever gets provoked and loses his temper to assault someone deserves disciplinary measure. We don’t tolerate stereotyping to any culture or royal scion from overseas but, justice gets it role in this case.

  2. jerseyjoey says:

    Welcome to NYC , coulda beem worse he coulda asked for the time that woulda got him popped and kicked in the ribs while he was down, LOL we could give a rats if your a royal they bleed just like the rest of us.

  3. angryNYer says:

    he gets what he deserves.. u cant be royalty anywhere.. welcome to new york.. ahahahahha

  4. Vik says:

    “Welcome to New York” — NOW GO THE F HOME!!!!!!

  5. pugphan says:

    Da pwince ina twash…wow- when’s da movie? smokersodysseycom

  6. Wrapper says:

    The “Prince” and the “Popper”…

  7. Pat says:

    Got your butt kicked by a 47 yo and he has charges on him…LOLOLOLOL!

  8. The Kid says:

    AHAHAHA…..We dont care who you are…Run that mouth get popped in it…

  9. Prince went down says:

    Looks like the prince opened his mouth one to many times.Welcome to New York.

    1. FBD says:

      It doesn’t matter what someone else says. The law is very clear put your hands on someone else= Assault! Fact of the matter is Adam Hock was an idiot when he was full of steroids and fighting against people he knew he could beat. All this talk about him being a venture capitalist is a bunch of bunk. Who in this world is a successful business man goes around beating people up. Adam, for the record is a two bit punk and if someone decides to investigate this guy. You will find lots of stories. And his brother Larry is no prize. This being said i was not there or witnessed this- but clearly doesn’t matter what anyone says- freedom of speech is clear- but beating up a bunch of scrawny kids is nothing to be proud of. Adam Hock is still the same punk he was 25 years ago- he can put on glasses and wear a suit- but he is still the same loser he was 25 years ago. Someone should ask him what Willie Marshall did to Adam at 21 North nightclub in Westchester? it was a TKO Adam Hock got knocked senseless. What is the point? Adam is a fraud plain and simple. Doesn’t surprise me that he selected such an absurd lawyer like Strauzzullo- another clown! Adam Hock is a tough guy when fighting against people he knows he can beat- really take the time and investigate him- loads of stories

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