Quick-Thinking Teen Stops Illegal Livery Cabbie From Speeding Away At JFK

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A livery cab driver previously busted for illegal hails at the airport didn’t get very far as he tried to evade authorities Tuesday night, thanks to a quick-thinking teen.

Driver Bhupinder Singh, 37, was arrested on charges including reckless endangerment and resisting arrest after speeding off with a family of tourists at John F. Kennedy Airport.

It was a New York City taxi lesson learned the hard way for 17-year-old Aldo Sosa and his family from Panama.  Sosa, his parents and 12-year-old brother had just landed at JFK for a city vacation.  That is when police say a hustler cabbie took them for a frightening ride.

“He tell us that he was a cab and he was going to drive us here.  So…why not, you know?” Sosa told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

As the family was getting into the livery cab, two Port Authority Police officers spotted Singh, whom they recognized from his five previous times being busted for illegal hails at JFK.

“We followed him. He loaded them into his vehicle and attempted to exit the parking lot, where we positioned our vehicle in front of his, approached his vehicle, asked him to come outside, he didn’t,” said Port Authority officer Dante Castro-Recio.

Sosa thought they were being kidnapped.

“They told him get out of the car.  He said ‘no no’ and they were hitting the window, so that’s when I thought ‘Jesus, this is going to be bad,'” Sosa said.

As Singh floored it onto the Van Wyck Expressway, Sosa grabbed the steering wheel and crashed the car into a guard rail.

“When the cops drove by, he lock us so we couldn’t get away. And that’s why we decided to take the car,” Sosa said. “Reflex kick in and we just took the wheel and took the car to the side.”

Police quickly nabbed Singh as he tried to run.

“The hustler jumped out of the car and attempted to flee on foot.  Two officers, exited the unmarked vehicle, chased him down and tackled him on the exit ramp heading onto the Van Wyck Expressway,” Port Authority Spokesman Al Della Fave told 1010 WINS.

The Sosas walked away with only a few cuts and bruises.  They said they owe that to Aldo’s bravery.

Tomas Sosa, the teen’s father, said he is “very proud” of his boy and his younger brother described his sibling as his “hero.”

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One Comment

  1. Raul says:

    All these different opinions. This is way too simple to analyze. The kid did a great job period and so did the offiicer who arrested the stupid hustler.
    The victims don’t know the real intentions of this taxi hustler; why is he running from the cops, why is he locking the car doors on the family. Why should the victims wait and find out what their luck is going to be with this asshole….
    I also give the port authority police a lot of credit on this arrest and many others they’ve done. PAPD keep up the good work on getting these assholes out of the airport.

  2. jam Carr says:

    You say he is a Livery driver………I bet you that he is not a NYC TLC licensed driver at all. Did you check the data base to see if he holds a FHV License……Do your homework. he is an illegal taxi driver. Arrest him

  3. rocker90 says:

    Aldo Sosa must be charged with assault. He should pay for the damage to the guys car.

    1. propmgr says:

      I don’t think so…

    2. Jerri says:

      Don’t be BUTT! The driver ws driving illegally, these peoeple where new to this country and thought their lives were in danger. The boy IS a hero!

      1. rocker90 says:

        Can they investigate Mr. Sosa for a hate crime act?

  4. Love NYC says:

    If isn’t yellow, don’t get in it. Unless I call specifically for a car service, I won’t get near those predator operators. Aldo acted quickly and probably saved them from a far worse fate. A high speed chase would have certainly wiped out the whole family. Or worse — taken somewhere isolated and who knows what.

  5. TRACK says:

    Is the cabbie (illegal) here n the U.S.A.? Then that’s our fault, he has been arrested how many times? I bet his family gets food stamps, or some kind of assistance from our taxes! Bet ya…

    1. Freddy says:

      Track…shut up and go back to sleep. Your conjectures means squat!

  6. NYCSEWER says:

    Gov. Chris Christie IS FAT

  7. Glenn Erdmann says:

    Opinions are like @ssholes……….I see you all have one.

    1. MikeD says:

      Please lick my opinion

    2. Sailor Boy says:

      taste mine also turd hole

  8. Val says:

    Get a life – both Uncle Vova and James Learnard. So Learnard wants to talk poorly about American Citizenry and Uncle Vova wants to talk on the Panamanian government. I think you both have nothing better to do than cause discord and create controversy for controversy sake. GET A LIFE.

  9. James Learnard says:

    Good for you! More people should take charge of dangerous situations. Ignoring things around us does nothing but show our indifference and complacence. The boy was from Panama and lok what he did. What about a citizen of NYC? Would you do the same?I would guess not. Such a sad commentary on the American citizenry.

    James Learnard, RN, MBA, Ph.D
    Hefei, Anhui, China

  10. Uncle Vova says:

    Ok. Am i missing something? Who is a real villain here? Or pardon me a real idiot? A hero wanna be causes a crash that might have wiped out his entire family… Hmmm… Here is the role model worth emulating and a news piece worth publishing…. My spin – i think the Panamanian government should recall its ambassador from the US “for consultations” and protest long and hard for portraying their citizens in US media as complete morrons.

    1. GrandWazoo says:

      At least Panamanians can spell moron-maybe your spin left you a little disoriented. Where did it say”role model” in that story about a seventeen year old who reacted to stop his abduction (that’s what it’s called when somebody locks the doors and drives off with you) from a guy running from the police? Good thing he was Panamanian – cool headed, quick thinking people who have seen it all. Sept. 11th? – they had a full scale military invasion complete with naval artillery, air strikes, armored vehicles in the streets, and lots of bodies. You think one New York pinhead is going to be a problem?

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