Report: Knicks’ D’Antoni Doesn’t Remember Anthony Vouching For Lin

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Should Carmelo Anthony be credited for launching Linsanity?

Last week with WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton, Jeremy Lin said Anthony “vouched” for him to get a shot in the starting lineup two weeks ago.

On the other end of that talk with Anthony was reportedly Mike D’Antoni. Only the Knicks coach can’t recall it, according to the New York Post.

“I don’t remember the conversation,” D’Antoni told the paper. “Maybe he did. I don’t remember.”

Anthony made his return to the Knicks’ lineup Monday night. The All-Star forward recorded 11 points in the 100-92 loss to New Jersey, not nearly enough to quiet the critics who wonder how he’ll fit in with Lin.

Lin said last week any notion that Anthony is “selfish” and unable to share the spotlight should be put aside.

“I’m just confused, because he’s the one who vouched for me in the first place,” Lin told Boomer and Carton. “We want to play together and we want to work together and we’re buying into that.”

Anthony was noticeably rusty in his first start since leaving early against Utah on Feb. 6, shooting just 4 for 11 from the floor.

“I want Jeremy to have the ball. Hands down,” said Anthony. “I want him to create for me. I want him to create for Amar’e (Stoudamire). I want him to create for everybody and still be as aggressive as he’s been over the past two weeks. I want that.”

What do you make of D’Antoni’s comments? Sound off below…


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  1. M Deniz Husayn says:

    lin remember it, he spoke about ti so d’antonio does not have to remember as long as lin and anthony have tit straight. d’antonio needs to go so the Knicks can win a championship. They have no coach thats their problem now< Ihave been a knick fan for over 30 years and I think with the talent that the knicks have Isaiah thomas would be looking at championship rings now, with a 800 ave at least not the position that d'antonio has them in. His game is not for the type of players that are on the knicks now he needs to go

  2. Chuck says:

    I am still at a loss for words here!! If you think this team has a chance to win a championship or even win many games without melo is insane. This team has only beaten 2 teams with winning records since “linsanity” started and hass lloss to the Nets and Hornets..and Melo was not there for the Hornets loss…Dont get me wrong he is a “good” player but the Knicks need Melo much more than Lin. I again have to get back to Amare? Anyone know where he is? Some plays it looks like he cant even touch backboard let alone dunk like he used to..Getting his shot blocked 7 times in one game?? If Melo had 7 of his shots blocked in one game he would be run out of NY…Like it seems everyone wants anyway…Just give this some time..It will all work out

  3. jonathan says:

    i can’t stand melo anymore. its all excuses and everything with him since he’s been here. he’s clearly not going to fit into the system and he is detrimental to the team. he probably didn’t even vouch for lin, if you listen to what lin said about the situation, he said he didn’t know anthony vouched for him until after the game and he wasn’t even sure who told him or the exact comments.. basically, melo is a selfish player whose always been that way and it will never change.

  4. jbird says:

    he wants to take the credit maybe it makes a better coach

  5. mike dayem says:

    i really don’t care who say it but melo need wake up and play with jeremy lin as point guard and take new york knicks to playoff and beat lebron james and sorry miami heat .

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