Bronx Teacher Accused Of Beating Up 6th Grader In Front Of Her Own Mother

Marina Marquez: I Was Frozen While Watching My Daughter Get Attacked

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Punched, slapped and attacked — by a teacher?

A Bronx middle school educator is facing assault charges for allegedly beating a 12-year-old student.

Brigitte Aznaran showed CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez a healing bruise she said she suffered at the hands of her teacher, Evelyn Tirado.

“She gave me a punch right there and then she grabbed both of my arms back and then she was sitting on me,” Aznaran said Wednesday night.

The alleged assault happened last Thursday at Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health and Science charter school in the Bronx.

Aznaran’s mother, Marina Marquez, was picking her up early for a doctor’s appointment when the sixth grader said Tirado refused to let her leave.

The girl’s mom stepped into the classroom as Tirado demanded to see Aznaran’s schoolwork notebook. Aznaran said it was torn apart during the struggle.

“She threw it on the floor and then she grabbed both of my arms and she threw me on the floor,” Aznaran said. “I told her let go of me. I was crying and screaming and then my mom was standing there. She was shocked and all the classmates ran out to get help.”

Marquez said she was frozen in shock as she watched the teacher allegedly attack her child.

Aznaran said Tirado ran off as help arrived. The teacher, who had only been working at the school for three months, later turned herself into police to face assault charges.

Through a translator, Marquez said she’s concerned Tirado will be allowed to teach again.

“How would they permit that teacher return to school with any students? That’ll just be crazy,” Marquez said.

Aznaran said she, too, is terrified Tirado will return to the classroom.

She said that she is afraid of “the teacher coming back to the school and doing the same thing to other students.”

This is the second teacher at this school to be arrested this month. On Feb. 10, another substitute was accused of forcible touching and harassment of a male student. That teacher has been suspended while the case is being investigated.

With the recent spike in alleged assaults involving teachers and students, what should be done?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below…


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  1. isabel says:

    This is a terrible lie!!. Cannot believe all this allegations, wow!! And even more that the mother lied about it, when she was present and know how things really happened. People, dont believe this, I know this for a fact. this student has problems with authority.

  2. amanja says:

    The mother probably didn’t have the strength to defend the child. All of the mother’s energy went int redrawing her eyebrows…lol…lol…lol…lol.

  3. a.boyle says:

    Who paid for the translator?

  4. dmmd says:


  5. Odalys says:

    I can’t believe what happen I am just shock she was my teacher on 4th grade I don’t think that she will be able to do that she was really nice really calm is just incredible..

    1. isabel says:

      Odalys, you cant believe it because it’s not true. She is a great teacher. this student is saying a terrible lie, because the true is that it was all the way around, that the student attacked the teacher and the teacher was trying to restraint the student in a way to avoid been hit. This is just vicious.

  6. AMB says:

    I give credit to the dedicated teachers that try above all to maintain a safe and healthy environment while also teaching our children. I know that there are alot of rebellious, dangerous children out there. And the teachers are the ones that spend a majority of the day with them. But what is going on in the NYC School system lately?!?! There are also a lot of dangerous teachers and school staff as well. Teachers are beating and touching children inappropriately. I have a toddler at home and I am terrified to place her into a school, when the time comes. Something has to change, quick! Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott needs to get busy securing schools and perhaps raising the standards that are used to define the potentials of a teacher or school staff person regardless of position. This is New York City! The Big Apple! And lately you hear more about the worms infesting this city then the growers that should be nurturing this place and our future. I hope I never have to be in that position where I have to physically intervene with my child’s teacher. What a sad state we’re in……..

  7. Nakia says:

    I grew up in NYC and I have witnessed the disrespect that children do to teachers but I am never going to say that is an excuse for a grown person to put their hands on a child! Its crazy to me that I see some of you agreeing with what the teacher did all because some kids are bad. Which of you know that this child was bad or did something to the teacher (I’ll wait). In ending that could not have been me and my kid or I would be completely buried under the jail. Discipline is for the parent and even some parents get thrown in jail for just spanking their kids. This teacher was dead wrong and she definitely got the right one because as I said that could NEVER!!! be me and mine.

  8. Yvette says:

    As a teacher I am often blown away when I hear parents comment on what a teacher “better not do” to their child. These are usually the students who act out the most in the classroom. I do not agree that teachers should jump on students and beat them down, however I know students who throw things at and assault teachers because they know the teachers hands are tied. It is a sad time that we live in where the students have more rights then the teachers. So many great teachers are leaving the profession because of all the parents who are ready to help their kids fight their teachers. Shame and a pity is all I can say. I hope the real story comes out about this situation.

    1. Sixth Grade Teacher says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. As a sixth teacher myself I can understand that teacher’s frustration. After twenty-five years of teaching, I’ve often felt like whipping someone’s ass although I’ve never acted upon it. Give us teacher’s more support. I always say that God has sent me a child for a year and I try to do whatever it takes to educate that child. Although I am often commended, it doesn’t take the place of the times that I hear such negative comments upon the teaching profession.

      1. tellMeAboutIt says:

        i know what your teaching them kids, to curse and play victim…

      2. Cypris says:

        It would be “Give us teachers more support.” No apostrophe. I really hope that was just an oversight on your part and if not, I really hope you aren’t teaching children English.

        1. Cypris says:

          Wow, now that I reread your comment, I REALLY hope you don’t teach English.

    2. Tiffani says:

      You know even though these kids is bad as hell, and act out so badly in the class room, it does not give the teacher the right, to put her hands on a student like that, and sometimes it should not matter what the student did, for the teacher to beat up a 12 year old student. she should not be aloud to come back and teach at that school, or any school for that matter, she needs to get a new line of work.

  9. Kyle says:

    I would never teach that is way braver than being a Marines because their not allowed to fight back because you see what happens when they do. Kids today are horrible and I weep for the future!!!!

  10. willie woodson says:

    Good about time somebody kicked these bad ass kids in the ass parents need to teach their kids some respect thats not the teacher’s job a real mother would have not let anyone put hands on their kids guess parents need to go to school and learn how to raise these little FOCKERS!!!

  11. smiley says:

    As a teacher I know students who treat teachers badly (especially subs) on purpose and the students cry wolf when they get caught, students are becoming disrectful, rude, and very bad. (sagging pants and cell phones are now allowed in the classroom, thanks parents). Why is nobody telling what the kid did to be singled out from all the other kids. The students are not getting caught on camera not working, back talking and cursing out teachers, threatening teachers. Why “YOUTUBE” doesnt have a video showing “the real” student behavior. I don’t mean the AP students, just the regular students. they tear up and write in books, kissing and hugging in the hallways, getting high and drunk at school. Where the cameras, the parents or a paddle. Students provoke teachers for the fun of it. The average teacher cannot handle inner city kids or gang bangers, so give teachers a break. And teach your kid to be respectable and come to school to learn with their own paper and pencil.

    1. Meka says:

      So what your saying is, its OK for an adult to assault a minor? Do you have any children, if so please bring your child to me so I can beat their ass and let you watch, then you tell me how you would feel. I don’t care what a child has done to a teacher. In this profession you need to learn the word restraint and patience. If you don’t have neither one, then don’t become a teacher. There is absolutely NO excuse for this behavior from a teacher! None!

      1. smiley says:

        It’s only OK to attack a minor when there being ‘disrectful’, cant yew understand englich?

      2. HoneyDiptSis says:

        Are you a teacher? Do you even know what these kids are doing in the classroom. When I read this article, my first thought was, what did the kid do to provoke that teacher like that? You say a teacher is supposed to show restraint and patience… so you would stand there a let a child put their hands on you and do nothing? These kids think they are grown and they step to grown folks like they are grown. If a child steps to me like she is grown, gets in my face like she is grown, you best believe I’m going to knock her on her ass like she is grown. That is EXACTLY the problem. NO ONE is making these kids accountable for their bad behavior. I blame the PARENTS!! These young parents let their kids do and say anything they want at home and they bring that behavior into the schools. And then if a teacher tries to tell the parent about their kid’s behavior in class, the parent gets in the teacher’s face!! If these parents would teach their kids the meaning of the word RESPECT we wouldn’t have these situations in the classroom!!

        1. Nakia says:

          What you are saying is inadequate because no where in this report did it say that the student did anything to the teacher! Secondly you will probably end up dead because if you think someone is actually going to allow you to put your hands on their child, disrespectful or not, you are out of your mind. Think about this… if you blame the parents and the child is disrespectful and aggressive what type of parents do you think there is that is raising them, they will probably kill you. In my experience if I child is disrespectful I go to the parent not attempt to chastise the child. You have absolutely no say in how a parent raises their kid. If you’re a teacher you should know that there are going to be some bad seeds. Imagine a corrections officer, should they go around beating inmates up and these are probably the worst people in the world but they still have rights.

        2. Eddie says:

          There seems to be a huge divide on the Teacher vs Child and what it is that causes these situations. I feel that it (the debate) has got a bit out of control. Lets settle it by saying that maybe its time to put cameras or at the very least microphones that could capture any disruption in the class (teacher or child caused).

          This idea to a certain degree will protect both. But; as I write this comment I also realize that if the teacher is at fault going to far in putting his/her hands on the students. Teacher Goes to jail, loses her license to teach, loses her livelihood, loses the respect of her peers and most important the probable loss of her freedom.

          And what does the student get if they are found gilty? a note to the parent most likely not even read or read through some translator not really understanding it to its fullest. Then what? Go to Your Room, No Nintendo for you!!!, your suspended for 3 days (yeah freedom!!!!) for causing what ultimately on the other side of the coin sent a teacher (innocent teacher) to the lock up. like stated above. Lets get it together politicians, lets get it together parents, lets get together AMERICA!!!!

          1. isabel says:

            I agree, Eddie> I think cameras will be great. I am a teacher myself in a middle school, and I’m always wondering what if I could film the students without they knowing then show their parents the real behavior of their children in the classroom……hmmmm…..then the story would be totally different…..

    2. Yvette says:

      I have worked as a sub and it is one of the hardest jobs in the world. The students feel they can automatically disrespect you as soon as they see you. It definitely takes a special person to be an educator in this era. Because these kids don’t care about anything and their parents are in the background cheering on their foolishness.

      1. Eddie says:

        There seems to be a huge divide on the Teacher vs Child and what it is that causes these situations. I feel that it (the debate) has got a bit out of control. Lets settle it by saying that maybe its time to put cameras or at the very least microphones that could capture any disruption in the class (teacher or child caused).

        This idea to a certain degree will protect both. But; as I write this comment I also realize that if the teacher is at fault going to far in putting his/her hands on the students. Teacher Goes to jail, loses her license to teach, loses her livelihood, loses the respect of her peers and most important the probable loss of her freedom.

        And what does the student get if they are found gilty? a note to the parent most likely not even read or read through some translator not really understanding it to its fullest. Then what? Go to Your Room, No Nintendo for you!!!, your suspended for 3 days (yeah freedom!!!!) for causing what ultimately on the other side of the coin can send a teacher (innocent teacher) to the lock up. like stated above. Lets get it together politicians, lets get it together parents, lets get together AMERICA!!!!

  12. rocker90 says:

    When the charges against the teachet get dismissed she needs to sue

    1. Teacher says crack crack says:

      Bottom line is Teacher put hands on child she is going to get charged.Even a Parent cannot hit there child in public without getting arrested.This teacher should not be in classroom and is in the wrong profession .I think a place with a pole will suit her fine.I wonder if this teacher was drug tested she seems high-strung?

      1. smiley says:

        check this kid background and attutitude, maybe you might understand, and what did this kid do to this teacher? She did not wake up wanting to put hands on a kid. A student put his hand in my face and told me get out of face and I better stop talking to him if I know what’s good for me. I wispered to the student to stop playing and singing out loud his drug song. And he wanted to beat me up, so this is the kind of kids we are dealing with now. I reported it, and nothing happened.

        1. HoneyDiptSis says:

          Smiley I agree with you totally. These kids are not held accountable for their behavior so they feel they can say and do whatever they want to whoever they want. And if you try to punish the kid then YOU become the bad guy and the kid is the victim. How did things get this twisted around where the KIDS run the adults??!!

  13. Me says:

    Frozen in shock?? Someone is attacking your child and you just stand there and say you were frozen in shock????

    1. Robert says:

      Agreed! That teacher would need a doctor badly if I witnessed something like that!

      1. Teacher says crack crack says:

        She would of needed a pine box if that was my child

    2. Amtracmarine says:

      Cause that’s not how it went down. If it did the teacher would have been in the hospital. It would seem that the mother didn’t even say anything. Really??

    3. luen says:

      Me, your absolutely right. No mother is going to stand there while your child is getting beat up by an adult. This proves their lying. The reason why the mother did nothing is because it was the teacher getting beat up by the child. A mothers natural reaction is to jump in and “protect your child” no matter what you have to do. Mothers are like mama bears who fight to protect their cubs. You can tell they have no money that’s what this is about money, probably sue the dept. of education.

  14. Melinda says:

    everyone keeps saying the teacher has the right the kid was disrespectful, she had a note for goodness sake…and if she really was one of the disrespectful students I am pretty sure that she would have fought the teacher back but she didn’t she took the abuse My child is very well mannered and behaves appropriately, we’re not talking about paddling or spanking hands we’re talking about full out abuse beating and throwing on floors. I am sorry but no teacher is going to assault my child and darn sure not when I am standing right there.

  15. Amtracmarine says:

    When I first heard this story it didn’t add up. Did this mother send a note to school telling the teacher that her daughter had a doctors appointment?? If so and the teacher was aware that she was leaving why would the teacher flip out?? Maybe there was no note and the teacher refused to let the girl leave and it was the girl that flipped out. Are young children just allowed to say they have to leave school on there own,doesn’t a parent have to go to the office and then the office sends for the child. As I said, so much doesn’t add up.

    1. Me says:

      If the girl had a note or not doesn’t matter, the fact that this woman put her hands on the girl infornt of her mother no less is not acceptable no matter what the situation. the moment her mom walked through that door, she should have been able to leave, that’s why the teacher ran. she knew she was wrong for what she did. i hope they sue the teacher & the school.

      1. Amtracmarine says:

        “If the girl had a note or not doesn’t matter”, really??? She should have just been allowed to get up and walk out of class ?? No disrespect but are you out of your freakin mind?? Of course a teacher has to know when a student leaves her class.

  16. Shervon McBride says:

    Assualting a child or a person is not ever right, but the mother should have jumped in and helped her daughter. The teacher is not given responsibility to physically punish a child, so they should keep their job as easy as possible, give out referrals and send the child to the principals office. Stories like the one mentioned above, is the type of situation which will get a teacher followed home and help him/her remember they are a teacher and not the parent. Being that this parent looks a little older, she was more than likely afraid the teacher would beat her up as well. It’s not fair and charges should be filed against this teacher, civilly and criminal. This school should also be investigated by the state. Children are being beat and touched. Who knows what else.

  17. TOO REAL says:


    1. Shervon McBride says:

      Forgive me if I am wrong, but as stupid as these comments are, the teacher and her friends are probably the ones writing them.

  18. M says:

    I believe that if the parents would parent at home, the teachers’ job (to teach) would be a lot easier. Parents, let’s make sure that our children eat well, sleep well, play well and are well mannered. And no, I’m not a teacher. I’m a PARENT, and I do take my job seriously. If we do our part, they can easily do theirs. I hate to say it, but the current state of the schools is mostly the parents’ fault. We can’t leave it up to teachers to raise our children. It’s not fair that they have to do their jobs and ours too.

    1. rocker90 says:

      the teacher is innocent

      1. Thats crap says:

        Are you kidding…did you read this article?,,,,all of you are CRAZY!!!!!!!! NOONE has the right to put there hands on you…that would never happen to me and mine,,I raised my children to be productive citizens,,,I have their backs always..i would NEVER!!!!!! let anyone abuse my child not even their father….I wil Die for mine. and IF she was a troubled student that wasnt the way to handle that situation.

      2. Nakia says:

        so if a teenage student throws themselves at a teacher and the teacher has sex with them are they innocent then too??? You sound so stupid and you must not have kids nor grew up in the NYC public school system to truly understand what’s going on here.

    2. lola flanagan says:

      The public schools should close. since all these parents think they know best, let them home school their children. see how well that project goes.

  19. rocker90 says:

    Wnhy was the teacher charged? The mother sounds like she made it up

    1. luen says:

      rocker90, I believe your probably right. As I mentioned earlier, that mother sounds like she made it up, she would never have stood there doing nothing if her child was really getting beat up. I believe it was the child beating up the teacher, and they’ve twisted the story around so they can sue later!!

  20. Alicia says:

    The problem is that many parents have stated that if a teacher hits their child that they would beat the crap out of the teacher, however all I see are teachers beating up kids and nothing being done (yet). When I was a young one once I had a teacher who used to verbally humiliate me. No valid reason, she just didn’t like me. That is until I told my mother and she actually ended up putting Miss Kirschner in the hospital. The entire class room stated that the teacher did that to half of the class. The case was tossed out against my mother and myself. Yes this teacher tried to have me arrested and I never touched her. She was fired when she tried the same thing on another student and his parent came to school with a shotgun. Your children are not saints or angels but that doesn’t mean that the teacher is either. Cams in classrooms sounds good to me. A video is proof.

  21. Tim says:

    America as a whole could turn back to the Bible, to church and to building strong families. We would need far, far less anger management training, etc. if people would turn their lives over to Almighty God, who can transform their lives of hostility into lives of peace.

    1. Breeze says:

      yeah because religion always brings peace. especially during the crusades. fun times.

      1. Amanda says:


  22. Bronx Girl says:

    I can’t believe some of these comments. Obviously education was not a priority for some of you. Now, to the issue at hand, I agree that kids are not as respectful as they can or should be to teachers or other adults. I think there may have been some history between this teacher and student, but unless threatened physically a teacher should not “beat up” a student. Oh, and as for the mother not speaking English … this does not mean she is here illegally … remember most of our parents or grandparents didn’t speak English when they first arrived either, and that doesn’t mean they got here illegally.

    1. johnny o says:

      hey bronx girl at least when my parents came here and didnt speak english at least we gave teachers respect we didnt act like animals like some of the kids act today. kids today have absolutely no srespect for teachers . and who should we blame the parents

      1. Shervon McBride says:

        Did you not comprehend the story? The mother came to pick the child up for an appointment and the teacher would not let her leave. This says nothing about the child acting unruly. From your comment, either you don’t have children, or you are pro abuse. Either way, you should experience life a little more and grow up. Putting hands on people is a scare tactic. This teacher is a bully. With your ignorant comments, people see your ignorant ways. Karma will come back for you.

        1. Danny Cuzo says:

          Stop adding to the story, there is no mentioned of the child acting up. Regardless no teacher should ever attack a student. Maybe teaching isnt for her.

        2. Amtracmarine says:

          Aren’t parents supposed to go to the office and have the child sent for?? Did the girl in question give the teacher a note saying she was leaving for a doctors appointment or did she just try to leave the class. Why did the mother just show at the class (making her own rules??) and not go to the office and have the child sent for?? You’re right about one thing though this story so far is one sided. I’ll reserve judgment until the whole story comes out. Maybe you should also.

          1. Shervon McBride says:

            “Aznaran’s mother, Marina Marquez, was picking her up early for a doctor’s appointment when the sixth grader said Tirado refused to let her leave.

            The girl’s mom stepped into the classroom as Tirado demanded to see Aznaran’s schoolwork notebook. Aznaran said it was torn apart during the struggle.”

            Sounds like mom went to pick up child. Child taking too long. Mother goes to classroom (more than likely with instruction unless she has a map of the school). Child and teacher were fighting. Mom watched in shoick/fear. Other students went got help.

            Seems like you think schools have one class and parents know where every classroom is located. Unrealistic.

            1. Amtracmarine says:

              And the teacher’s side of the story is????????? Or doesn’t that matter (you know,the two sides to every story thing)????.

          2. Meka says:

            In most, if not all schools have rules that clearly states, “all visitors MUST report to the front office” I’m more than sure she follwoed those instructions. I go to my children’s school very often to volunteer and I know for a fact that parents are allowed to go to their child’s classroom, to pick them up!

            1. Amtracmarine says:

              Don’t be so sure. I’ve picked my grandaughter up from school and even though there are rules on how pick-up is to be done there are those parents that feel that the rules don’t apply to them and will just walk up to their child and take them before the class has been released. I’ve heard the “”F” you “B” report me”
              or “That’s my child I fdon’t have to wait”. I still say that I need to hear the complete stoty before a pass judgement.

            2. Amtracmarine says:

              “I’m more than sure she follwoed those instructions” ,Really?? You volunteer at a school and you’ve NEVER seen a parent act out.??? I use to date a teacher
              from a snooty private school in Bergen County NJ and even the rich bit*hesdon’t like to follow rules.Come on be honest.

  23. bill says:

    Something isn’t right with this story and I don’t think we are getting all the facts, and, in fact, I think there are some outright lies being thrown around. Why would a teacher put themselves squarely into an imbroglio with a student to the point of possibly getting arrested and/or fired from their jobs over a notebook? And in front of the mother and students? It doesn’t make any sense. Quite possibly a misunderstanding grew into a confused situation which was misinterpreted to such a point, that the onus of responsibility was unfairly shifted onto the teacher’s shoulders. Add into the mix the obvious miscomunication compounded by the language barrier and the naive expectations of a ten year old girl. I’m sure the truisms will be extracted once this situation gets parsed over by lawyers.

  24. LI Teacher says:

    As a teacher, I say, if they are found guilty of doing somethhing like this, public stoning would be good. And yes, even if she is hot like this teacher.

  25. johnny o says:

    I guess new terachers should have to take ascreening test. Put them in a classroom was a bunch of disgusting kids. Kids that curse, yell ,have no manners be very disrespectful, have parents that act the same way, etc ,etc. Keep the teacher in the room for an hour and see how they react. If they can handle it hire them cause most of the new teachers tody cant speak proper english

  26. Bullett says:

    The teacher (she’s hot) can sit on me!



    1. lovey says:

      More white americans get welfare, food stamps and section 8 than any other race/culture. Please go to school and get an education.

  28. Rob Maeurer says:

    Lots of negativity in the comments. The bottom line is that a better background check system has to be put in place to make sure certain people are not in charge of children. The current system does not work well. Along with the undergraduate and graduate classes a teacher takes, as well as state and national tests, another test should be administered – psychological. Similar to the police, teachers end up in stressful situations often. Many universities and colleges fail to teach classroom management skills as well. Some people aren’t meant to be teachers. This particular student may have been a pain in the a** at that moment, like many junior high students, but it’s not an excuse to get beat. Side note: for those pointing out immigration – your family emigrated here several generations ago. You’re no different.

  29. Att. Hoar says:

    Evelyn Tirado looks pretty hott.

  30. LUCIA says:

    I believe that all classrooms should have hidden cameras and monitors behind them checking them out–this will surely stop many conflicts by rapidly having security guards subdue the uncontrollable teacher or child before things get out of hand–be it of sexual context or physical or worst—and also–all teachers should be forced to take drug tests from now and then -lets say , like every 3 or 6 months because drugs, can also prevent the person from being able to with-hold their tempers–with these two simple actions in hand , i’m sooo way sure that many if not all – of these continuos problems will be controlled

    1. Jan says:

      This is a definite no. That would be big brother watching every move people make. Drug tests are a yes and also a background check. Fingerprinted like Nassau County schools as well. They probably should do a better job in interviewing these people. Once something like this happens their butts should be FIRED. I’m guessing CHARTER schools don’t do a s thorough a job hiring as the public schools do. There must not be the same stipulations as the general school system. 2 in the same school has to tell everyone something.

  31. RL SOMMERVILLE says:

    when i went to school u could smart off to teachers and b disruptive get in fight on school ground and the reachers wouls BEAT YOUR ASS WITH A PADDLE GOOD AND PROPER. and that my friends is whats wrong with public schools

  32. bitch says:

    Ugly Betty ?

  33. american says:

    Through a translator, Marquez said she’s concerned Tirado will be allowed to teach again.

    Another illegal getting free school for her child.

    1. Jan says:

      I kind of agree here. I thought to myself, “Why doesn’t this mother speak English?” The problem is that this country makes it real easy for the immigrants not to have to learn ENGLISH. This makes it so difficult to communicate with the foreigners and therefore why it makes them so resented by many Americans. They don’t even try to learn it and why should they? Everything is in both languages!!! ENGLISH people English!!!

      1. ROD says:

        I couldn’t agree more with your comment. I am so tired of foreigners not respecting our country and our culture and language. I am tired of feeling like I am the foreigner. How can we communicate with eachother when we all don’t even speak the same language.

        1. lovey says:

          Listen you asshole, it is more her country than yours or mine. We are the foreigners! Do you know anything about history? Get an education then come talk to me, you uneducated poor white trash.

          1. Amtracmarine says:

            No disrespect lovey,but unless she’s a Native American,it’s no more her country than it is your’s, mine or ROD’s. Oh,by the way, I am a histroy major.

          2. Robert Wallace says:

            You know, for two cents I’d treat you like the sh it you are and have to scrape what was left off the bottom of my shoe.

            1. dmmd says:

              calm down please

  34. mukoro Gladys says:

    what actually transpired between the teacher and the pupil? Was the pupil respectful to the teacher or the teacher just went out of control like that? The teacher should have been able to put his/her temper under control because as a teacher you have to lead an examplary life and one of them is self reatraint and control. Kids should as well respect those that are placed in charge of them because trying to aggravate a teacher by being mean, rude and disrectpectful is a minus on their side. A school is a place where kids learn to be useful and resourceful bringing pride and joy to their families and to the society at large not being insolent, thinking they can get away with anything. A bad behavior needs to be checked out using the proper method not people loosing their temper and causiing chaos. This is America, the land of civilization and people should act peoperly. Thank you.

  35. Eddie says:

    I am not condoning any aggression on behalf of teachers. I am simply stating that if a child comes to school with an attitude that has obviously needed adjustment because of bad parenting….(that is if this is the case). That being that a teacher has to spend more time with a child more than its parent. That maybe a teacher can have more discretion on what is considered just punishment. Yeah Yeah I know what you all are thinking…..this guy is nuts!!! No I am not talking about kids being kids and the normal ran tics that kids put teachers and parents through..I am talking about the kids that Throw chairs at teachers, I am talking about kids that start fires in class, I am talking about kids who curse up a storm in the class room at the teacher. I am sorry that some of you feel offended by this. But if you are sympathetic maybe its because you condone all of this. Grow some balls and lets get these kids back to where they belong. On the other side of the line that some of them have crossed. You Got it.

  36. Debbie Marcus Zotinis says:

    a substitute teacher pushed my son to get back to his seat. she was fired within an hour. no teacher has the right to ever touch a kid… period…

    1. RL SOMMERVILLE says:

      yr retarded and yr kid probably is too

      1. stinkweed says:


  37. James- Hmm 263 says:

    I would be in jail right now….

  38. MiaPerez says:

    It is time for home schooling at the board of Ed’s expense…

    1. Jennifer says:

      the last year of my high school year, i was homeschooled. it was horrible. there has got to be a better way to screen these teachers. and if people are really honest with themselves…I dont believe most people have the ability or the smarts to home school their kids.

      1. Eddie says:

        this is getting completely out of control. I just feel that kids though they should be given some form of reasonable doubt when situations get out of hand….But what about the teachers….they are responsible to handle 20 30 individual personalities at the same time. It is not easy. Kids need to shut the f*&^% U# and learn.

        1. Shervon McBride says:

          I understand what you are saying, but because they are children they shouldn’t have a freedom of speech? I guess you were not allowed to voice your opinion growing up. No matter what the age is, people are smart enough to come to their own conclusions. Now in this story, the girl’s mother came to pick her up and the teacher did not want to leave. I don’t know about you, but if I was in school and a parent came to pick me up, no matter what the teacher says, I’m leaving. I wouldn’t care if my parents did not come pick me up, I would leave. It’s my choice. For a teacher to bully a child is unacceptable. Then she looks like she picked on a weaker student. It could not have been me, teacher no teacher, assault me and I will protect myself. This teacher needs to be taken to an alley. Pick on someone your own age, not an innocent child doing what she needs to do.

  39. Eddie says:

    First let me establish that I am a father of two girls. Just like any other parent I would not want anyone; never mind a teacher or school official to touch them. But I have to be fair in my statement. Are we talking about a child or are we talking about an angry stupid snot nose disrespectful teen with a attitude that is uncontollable? Let’s face it…it is very difficult to find a kid that exemplifies any form of what kids use to be when we were growing up. Kids are completely out of control. I or anyone can not tell what exactly happened here but if the latter is established to hold some truth to it….it’s about time a teacher was ballsy enough to give it right back…Maybe the next child will think twice before disrespecting the educational system and it’s teachers.

    1. CJ says:

      All this will make the kids think of is the pay day they will get if a teacher puts their hands on them, no matter what their attitude might be.

      1. James- Hmm 263 says:

        Yeah, a 10 or 11 year old is thinking of a “payday”.. Really??

        1. Jennifer says:

          I believe some of them are. I know of a couple of 10 year olds that are constantly making comments about suing people, revenge, etc. so yeah….that age of kid can think of that.

        2. Amtracmarine says:

          Not a payday in the sense of a cash payout but a 10 or 11 year old is slick enough to know that all they have to say he,she touched me and all hell is gonna break loose

    2. James- Hmm 263 says:

      Do you really believe what you posted ?? I’ll argee that these kids can get disrespectful, but to put your hands on a 10, or 11 year old CHILD?? I don’t think so…

    3. Jennifer says:

      I agree..there is no way that teacher just “went off” for no reason!

      1. Steve says:

        James Hmm….a number of times in my 25 year career working in NYC i responded to NYC schools with 8 year olds swinging at teachers and throwing staplers at them also. As a NYC employee (LOL) I responded to find teachers afraid to subdue the child instead they wait for us. You would be surprised of the damage a 8 year old can do. My advise to parents….send there children to military school and hope for the best,between teachers having sex with the pupils and the children having sex with the teachers AND the violence…its a wonder ANY of the kids can get a decent education. AND on the suing part …THAT parent can get on line with the other 10,000 parents suing the city…with some luck the kid will have the first year of college tuition by the time the case is heard.

    4. Shervon McBride says:

      Next time you go pick up your child for a doctor’s appointment, I pray the school does not let them leave. Then you will understand what this child went through, trying to leave class get to her mother. Maybe once a teacher puts his/her hands on your child for walking out of a classroom, you will understand. There were no lines of disrespect coming from this story, other than a power hungry teacher who more than likely got picked on when she was younger. Adults do not act like this. Assholes do.

      1. Amtracmarine says:

        “Next time you go pick up your child for a doctor’s appointment, I pray the school does not let them leave.” Are you out of your freakin mind Shervon??
        You have no “F’in” idea what took place in that classroom yet you’ve been attacking people with differing views like a rabid pitbull. . Are you always so hair trigger?
        I’d bet that you were on the side of the two young ladies that jumped the counter to attack that Micky D’s employee. Clam down, and take a breath before you stroke out.

Comments are closed.

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