MTA Considers House Calls To Experience 2nd Avenue Subway Noise

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The MTA says restrictions in the hours of blasting have forced the jack hammering, the drilling, and the other noisy byproducts of the 2nd Avenue Subway into the nighttime hours.

WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane On The Story

The agency is now reportedly at least considering nighttime visits to these apartments to see, and hear, for themselves.

One doorman on East 72nd Street says they should expect an earful from his residents.

“They can’t understand how come they are working so late at night,” the doorman told WCBS 880 reporter Paul Murnane. “Sometimes til midnight.”

Nothing has been set up yet, and one resident said it’s the blasting in afternoon hours that bothers her. She could feel it in her apartment, 17 stories up.

“There are times when those explosions go off that my entire den shakes and it’s very scary,” she said.

The MTA is restricted from blasting after 7 p.m. and no trucking is allowed after 10 p.m. The agency says that those rules make it difficult to do things like install rock bolts, drill holes in the rock for the next round of blasts and load explosives.

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MTA Considers House Calls To Experience 2nd Avenue Subway Noise


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  1. Connie Citizen says:

    All of this said, I live on the 72nd & 2nd right in the middle of the construction. Everyday the MTA lies about what they will do to alleviate “quality of life” issues caused by the subway. Up to now, they have done nothing, zero, zilch – anything they say is only for PR purposes without any teeth in it. Case in point was the air-quality issues that are causing the community severe respiratory problems – they contracted the study to be done by one of their contractors, the head of the MTA Capital Construction project worked at this contractor for 16 years, they distorted the findings, and if you delve into the study itself, it states that the monitoring equipment was unreliable for 10 of the 12 months during testing. Sure, they will come to our comes to check the noise level, but I will bet you actually anything you desire, they will make that construction that evening is light and shuts down early. There is absolutely no oversight by the MTA or any concern for the health and safety of the community. All for 3 subways stops (yep that’s right) that took 10 years to build (double the projected time) and almost double over budget. Hope everyone is happy with all of their wasted tax dollars, particularly when quality service is being cut for those who desperately need it in the outer boroughs!

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