First Boomer & Craig discussed Lou Piniella’s return to New York, as the former Yankees skipper has been hired by the YES Network to contribute to their broadcasts throughout the season.  The guys dismissed the notion that Piniella could be a threat to Joe Girardi’s job security, first and foremost because of his elevated age.

That led Craig to reveal that based on the fact that we could lose Boomer – who will turn 51 this April, which puts him on death’s doorstep according to Craig – at any time. Craig already has his eulogy prepared, which he plans on delivering by the way.

Understandably, the Blonde Bomber was not thrilled with the topic of conversation being his pending death and also isn’t in love with the idea of Craigie delivering his eulogy.  Craig assured Boomer it will be a celebration of his life and Al Dukes suggested Craig could end the eulogy by saying something like, ‘God must have needed another lefty quarterback’ – which only seems fitting…

LISTEN: Preparing For Piniella’s Return & Boomer’s Passing (02/23)

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