Keidel: Melo’s Fellows Sputter And Stumble Around Anthony

By Jason Keidel
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There’s no shame in that shellacking in Miami. But it could disturb your digestion when you consider exactly who did it. Last night was a composite of consolation prizes. Miami got LeBron; New York got Carmelo. Carmelo took all the shots; Miami got all the points.

In a league guided by stars, it’s alarming to see that LeBron James – who’s nearly impossible to like personally – is galaxies ahead of Carmelo Anthony. I, for one, spent all my money last night on all the posters LeBron put on Tyson Chandler.

And there’s no shame in Jeremy Lin losing his hypnotic grip on the sport (and the world) for a night. We can’t imagine what it feels like to ascend from scrub to starter to national landmark in two weeks. No one needs this All-Star break more than the progenitor of Linsanity, whom we hope returns to meteoric form next week.

I digress. This missive is for the Carmelo Kool-Aid guzzlers. And there are many of you, limping like zombies through cyberspace. My argument that Carmelo Anthony won’t lead the Knicks to a championship is only based on the reality that he’s never won one, joined a team that last won one before he was born, and that the two have teetered together. They did nothing last year, started 9-15 this year, and are 1-2 now that Carmelo has rejoined Jeremy Lin. These are facts, and they are most irritating when they interfere with your theories, hopes, or delusions.

(Please don’t email after every game with “I told you so!” This debate is entrenched in long-term results, not transitory winter nights against the Nets. And if your message includes any profanity, it will be deleted.)

Indeed, my inbox bulged with gibberish. You lean on non sequiturs like Syracuse and the Olympics. This is about the Knicks – their nostrils just above .500 last year before they traded three players and spent $100 million to remain a .500 team. Forgive some of us for not seeing the gleaming logic behind that transaction.

Back to the Kool-Aid tank, now welded to your Carmelo man cave. There’s a consistent quality among you. It’s far easier to shriek at us who identify the problem than to abandon the fantasy that your favorite player plays like a champion. If yesterday served any purpose, it’s that watching four Knicks watch Carmelo dribble and shoot didn’t work last year, won’t work this year, and will fail next year. (Hey, at least he got one assist last night.)

Yes, yes, Lin will play better, as will the Knickerbockers, and they will win enough to make the playoffs. Then they will lose in the playoffs, and you will go into hiding, swapping your Knicks jersey for something more palatable. This is the modus operandi of the Knicks propagandist.

Maybe the most disturbing part of this Carmelo Kool-Aid addiction is that so many of you claim to be basketball devotees, experts on the hardwood. If so, you should be the last to boast that a 17-18 team is on the fast track to the finals, and be the first to see that passing the basketball is winning basketball. And while Carmelo Anthony is a fine scorer, he does not make his teammates markedly better. But you must know what you’re talking about since you voted him into the starting lineup of the All-Star game! (Never mind that the other nine starters play for winning teams.)

It’s your right to worship a team that hasn’t won since George Foreman fought Ken Norton in Caracas. And it’s also your right to worship a player who hasn’t sniffed the NBA Finals in eight seasons. But their failures aren’t my fault.

Nothing bugs a man more than telling him his hero isn’t heroic. The best answer is to pick better heroes, not to blame some writer you’ve never met.

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  1. Jo Wind says:

    The truth hurts. I want Melo to do well for the Knicks. We got rid of what felt like half our team in order to get him! I keep expecting him to come through and light like dynamite but it just hasn’t happened. Abysmal record this year and then Jeremy Lin turns it around, almost single-handedly. Why can’t Carmelo, with all the plaudits, do that? Very strange.

  2. Steven Fahey says:

    Wow Jason,

    These people want blood. I, for one, totally agree with your assessment. I didn’t even get to watch the game last night, but heard about, after work.

    When I asked a pal at the bar what happened with the Knicks, I already knew his answer. I don’t understand why Carmelo Anthony was such a treasure last year when he came to New York. He has never won anything in the NBA, and has a LOSING RECORD with the Knicks (when he plays).

    He alienates his teammates on the floor. Period.

    Nothing against Melo, I don’t know the man personally. But, it’s clear that he is the wrong man for this job.

    1. Hank says:

      You contradicted yourself. You say you have nothing against Melo, but you’re quick to discredit him.

      When did you start watching basketball, just 3 weeks ago when Lin came into the picture?

      Anthony is one of the top 10 players in the NBA, won a NCAA National title while in Syracuse, winning the tournament most outstanding player and won an Olympic gold medal.

      Because he has yet to win an NBA tile does not mean he’s never won.

      If you really think Lin is the one to take the Knicks to a title and not Anthony head you’re *ss back to that bar and continue drinking because you have no idea on what the hell you’re talking about and have no idea in the game of basketball.

      Also, commenting on last night game without even seeing it is even more stupid.

  3. Rove says:

    i don’t have to defend myself because I obviously know more about basketball than this punk. notice he didnt say anything after the knicks blew out the hawks. . and his comparison of two different player’s games (who are apples and oranges) holds no water. Yet he has no comedic hooks in his article that aren’t ignorant and childish. Should be fired.

  4. Kyle says:

    lol @ this guy not knowing anything about the knicks or the game of basketball. why is he talking about melo?

  5. Ben says:

    someone PLEASE put this guy out of his misery. he CANT write.
    Why did i come here? This is horrible.

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