By Tony Paige
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I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of all of the play-on-words being perpetuated on Jeremy Lin’s last name.

I have heard so many variations that I am just sick of it.

Just Lin Baby!
Lin! Lin! Lin!

It’s no surprise that after the Knicks lost to the Miami Heat and the young point guard shot 1-11 from the field one newspaper used a headline that said Jeremy Is Linvisible!

I’m begging all the headline writers to get it out of your system once and for all and go back to waxing poetic and creating meaningful headlines like the classic Headless Body Found In Topless Bar.

How many variations of Lin can be butchered over and over again?

After I saw Linsane in the Membrane, I thought it couldn’t get any more clever and I was right, especially when headline writers and broadcasters started becoming a little too sly for their own good.

The you know what in the armor statement in headline and spoken word should have never been used in addition to noted philosopher Jason Whitlock’s sorry attempt at sexual humor at Lin’s expense.

No Richard Pryor is he.

When do the headlines go back to being about basketball and the Knicks and maybe moving up the playoff food chain?

Is every Lin performance that leads to win to have some form of Lin in it?



What if the Knicks announced a new sponsor? Is it possible that the product could be Proctor LIN Gamble?

Will Jeremy and Nikki LINaj become an item?

I just want to watch Lin do his thing without the extra word count attached to his every move.

When he has another big game to pull out a win, will the headline say he’s LINdicated or just playing his heart out?

I know … it’s not a snappy headline (or head-lin), but it serves a point.

The kid can play.

He’s just fantastic!

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