Peninsula Hospital In Queens Ordered To Stop Admitting Patients

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — The New York State Health Department has ordered Peninsula Hospital in Queens to stop admitting new patients and end all surgeries for 30 days and develop a plan to transfer current patients.

The decision came after inspectors found “problems that failed to meet the accepted standards of care” with Peninsula’s clinical lab which the state said put patients at risk.

A spokeswoman for the 173-bed hospital in the Far Rockaways says it is following the directive. Liz Sulik says a team is assessing the transfer of patients.

In a statement, the hospital said it will “expeditiously” work to fix the lab’s “deficiencies.”

Peninsula nearly closed in 2011 when it filed for bankruptcy.

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  1. kathyb says:

    As an RN with over 40 years experience and a resident of the Rockaway I was absolutely appalled at the deficiencies in this lab. Bad blood banking can kill someone. I left Peninsula 30 years ago because of these lapses in care which have been a chronic problem at that institution. Peninsula’s underlying problem has always been that it is run for the benefit of those who are currently on top and their friends. If you read Crane’s business report you can see that nothing is going to change with Revival and Zakheim at the top. It will be business as usual. Do what most people do- go off the Peninsula for your health care

  2. Ex Peninsula Victim says:

    I was admitted to this poor excuse of a healthcare facility in late January, and have to say that was the worst experience I ever had with a hospital. And, I’ve worked in healthcare for over 25 years, in clinical, administrative and now technology capacities.

    The sorry state of this hospital’s services were evident from my ER admission which had me waiting in the ED for over 16 hours, to the misdiagnosing of a fairly simple condition for 3 days which resulted in compounding of my medical issues that resulted in avoidable loss of vision to my right eye for 3 days, to an incompetent attending physician who was non-existent it seemed, to horrible nursing service/bedside manner, a dilapidated physical facility with atrocious hygienic/safety conditions, and an overall environment of disregard and disrepair

    1. P.A. says:

      Plain and simple….Far Rockaway, Queens is NOT the area you want to be in for health care!

  3. Joe says:

    Thank God someone is doing something for the people of Rockaway. Both hospitol are filflty. The sanitariation of these two places would be challenged by most third world health facilities. I just hope that the new administartion can use this time to fire all inempt persona=nel and hire good workers. NO UNIONS!

    1. P.A. says:

      I’m in favor of unions, Joe, with the only requirement being that the workers be PROPERLY CERTIFIED, and they must maintain their certification annually in order to keep their jobs. I’m sick and tired of not having overtime pay!!!!! With a union, you’re guaranteed time and a half OT. If there’s work left over or still to be done, I absolutely refuse to keep working when I’m not getting paid for it! The only way I’ll accept a non-union job and have to work OT without pay is if I’m very comfortable with my salary…..that’s why it’s so important to negotiate the right salary during your interview!

  4. White hooded says:

    Mostly for minorities anyway

  5. P.A. says:

    YES! Thank GOD for this closure! I was a P.A. at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, which is the closest hospital to Peninsula in Far Rockaway. And let me tell you….dirty and disgusting can’t describe these hospitals enough! I was actually fired from St. John’s because I confronted the corporate physicians who took over the Pathology department about the extremely unsanitary and unsafe working conditions. They didn’t like what I had to say, and boom…I was fired within my probationary period, on the spot.

    Well, guess what happened next….Four months after my firing, the state came in and launched a full-scale inspection (probably due to my pleadings with OSHA). The microbiology and blood bank departments were SHUT DOWN, and my supervisor, NAOUM YIORAS (the pig that he is) was asked to resign or be fired, so he quit! Karma! When you fire ME, a naturally bright and gifted healthcare provider who actually cares about patient treatment, YOU PAY THE PRICE! I will definitely put this hospital on my resume, and I will proudly say that I was fired when I have to go for any future job interviews. Once HR hears why, I’m sure they’ll see me as a martyr for patient care.

    Goodbye, Peninsula Hospital! And good riddance….Can St. John’s Episcopal be far behind? By the grace of God, I sincerely hope so…

    1. mike says:

      You worked at st johns not peninsula , you sound like sour grapes get over it, YOU WERE FIRED!

      1. P.A. says:

        Either way, I’M GLAD!!!! Now I’m going to be getting my Master’s degree, then probably medical school down the road! This firing was the best thing to ever happen to me, and NEVER AGAIN will I work in ANY hospital in Queens, New York!!! This also goes for New York Hospital Queens in Flushing….another disgustingly rude and dirty hospital that deserves to be shut down!

        Stick that in your pipe and smoke it deep, Mike!

        1. Observer says:

          PA, Your OSHA coplaints and those from Lab Staff Do catch the ears of the NYS DOH. They are fair Inspectors, and find it insullting if protocols are not adhered to, of course they are also concerned about patient care.. The BIG STORY here is that Labs are very restricted by upper ADMIN types that FAIL, FAIL FAIL to provide resources/$$$’s for corrections. THEY NOW HAVE TO PAY UP.. This is a problem caused by ALL of us. We want medical for FREE. It takes a lot of staff to handle these patients and provide the best care. for
          ” tired, the poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door… GOLDEN DOORS ARE EXPENSIVE…WE ALL MUST CONTRIBUTE/WORK.”
          …I want a Free BMW , as an entitlement, for my self -esteem to drive to work

    2. Observer says:

      LIJ called the inspection so that they can take over the hospitals, to have more feeder hospitals to fill their coffers. They will buy out at low price. However the the lab staff also brought thus upon themselves for being extremely uncooperative. They must learn to multitaski or they will no longer survive if they do not put out. Now the admin. Has to pay up to fix it up to standards. Healthcare does not come cheap. Admin fail to realize the investment necessary for high tech support services. Build it and they will come.QUALITY not MEDIOCRITY

      1. P.A. says:

        I never knew that, Observer. Very interesting. I’m just glad that I played my part as far as St. John’s Episcopal Hospital was concerned. That hospital was being battered by state inspections during my 3-month employment there, and I wouldn’t be surprised if my calls and letters to OSHA caused the latest round of inspections which shut down a few departments there, thus leading to the resignation of my supervisor.

  6. AL says:

    SEEN BETTER HEALTH CARE IN SOMALIA. My elderly mother was taken here for an upper respiratory infection, during my visit to her room, she began to suffer chest pains and difficulty breathing / shortness of breath. I ran down the hall to tell the charge nurse only to be told, “I can’t help you, she’s not my patient, I think her nurse is over there somewhere” fortunately a doctor overheard this exchange, and immediately examined my mother and began treatment with nitro /O2 and a blood test. Her blood test showed she might have had a minor heart attack. She is now on a cardiac ward waiting for transfer to a real hospital where nurses care. Bottom line stays away from this place unless you’re trying to collect on a death insurance policy.

  7. Lou says:

    You were there on a good day. I used to work there…urine and feces in the elevators is just one example of poor sanitation there. You don’t want to know the rest!

  8. redneck says:

    It is not a croc, that place is a run down hell hole that can barely perform essential services.

    You were fortunate that it was only a broken arm, probably a minor closed fracture. I am sure that the staff was professional and courteous, however that does not mean that the organization is well run.

  9. Michael Michael says:

    what a croc… i live right near the hospital and i believe the city just isnt happy with the new ownership…
    i was there 2 weeks ago for my nephew broken arm and the place was running amazing and looked better than it has in 40 years

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