Goodyear Issues Tire Recall, Warns Of Tread Separation

NEW YORK (AP) — Goodyear is recalling six versions of its Wrangler Silent Armor tires over concerns that the tread could separate from the tire and cause accidents.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. said Saturday that the separation could happen under what it called “severe usage conditions.” Goodyear says the separated tread could strike the car and damage it or cause a tire failure.

Goodyear says the recall affects about 40,000 tires made in 2009, including 27,000 in service. It says it will replace the recalled tires with new ones.

The tires are designed for trucks, vans and SUVs. Goodyear says it will notify owners and replace the tires for free. The recall will start by March 22.

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  1. rosemarie terry says:

    no they dont care i have goodyears on the front of our titan at 60 -70 the front in is a bouncey ball wal mart thinks if they balance them again today it will be ok just balaned on 1/27/12 nope still there

  2. Mike Klenovich says:

    What idiot is in charge of this recall? How could they come out w/ a recall and be more vague that they are now? Is there not a series & model numbers of these particular tires? Doesn’t Goodyear want their customers to be made whole? Where is the AAA & Auto unions and why aren’t they forcing the hand of Goodyear? Clearly there is no Government oversight of any large corporations today and it’s all about the payoffs and graft by the politicians.

    1. darsben says:

      Why would the auto unions get involved in this recall.

    2. darsben says:

      also full details are available from the government website
      You do not even have to give them a bribe.

  3. Jayn says:

    Have a 2009 toyota with l5,000 miles on it. When it had 2700 miles on it I had to replace a back tire and itcost me $161.00. Now when my car starting pulling to the right I took it in and the repair person told me I have a “bad” tire and would need 2 new tires which with balancing and alignment would be close to $500. Unabelievable. what kind of junk i Goodyear putting on their new cars? I need an answer and hopefully some com pensation. The car currently has l5,000 miles on it. so upsetting.

  4. eick says:

    is there a code or serial number to look for to identify these tires

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