Landlord: South Plainfield Home Had Smoke Detectors

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ (CBSNewYork) — South Plainfield’s mayor says smoke alarms were not working in the home where five people were killed in a fire this week.

But while authorities continue to investigate the cause of the fast-moving blaze, the landlord, Gerado Avalos, said he there were smoke detectors inside the home and that all the detectors were working when he inspected them back in October.

“I don’t know whether they were removed,” Avelos said. “They probably did. I can’t tell you that.”

Meanwhile, police are still looking for a man who lived in the house, but has since vanished.  They say he lived in an apartment that adjoined the South Plainfield home and was there just before the fire began.

Four children and their grandmother died in the fire that broke out early Thursday morning. The children’s mother, Natalie Jefferson, and three of their siblings were able to escape.

Killed where 2-year-old Elijah, 3-year-old Christopher, 12-year-old Alize, 7-year-old Tyler and Jefferson’s mother, 62-year-old Ann Jefferson

Two-year-old Angel Taylor is missing her brothers and sister. She’s one of the children to survive what officials have called the worst house fire in the history of South Plainfield.

“I’m very, very thankful that I have my daughter,” said Angel’s father Robert Taylor. “I’m hurting that I don’t have my son.”

Taylor lost his 2-year-old son Elijah in the fire.

“I don’t know where the blames lies,” he said. “I just know we lost five, really good people.”

Investigators are still searching for a cause. They know the fire started on the first floor in the kitchen and then quickly spread to the top of the house, trapping the family inside.

Vera Harrell knew the grandmother well.

“She was so good, I can’t explain it to you,” Harrell said.

The fire department says there were smoke detectors, but for some reason they weren’t functioning.

For now, donations are being collected for the survivors of the blaze at the South Plainfield Senior’s Center. Clothing in all sizes is needed for the surviving children and their mother.

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  1. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Julian I can see we have much in common. As an extreme far leftist, I question government on all levels from municipalities to Washington. The Badger case in my community makes me wonder why the Prosecutor or The Police have not mentioned an investigation of The City. They don’t have sovereign immunity from an investigation or prosecution. Makes you wonder.

  2. Julian Penrod says:

    It’s part of a developing pattern in that area. The remains of the Twin Towers were never examined to see why exactly they fell. New World Order shills just acted dumbfounded if you asked why exactly the towers fell and called you a nut. But they never examined to see if the steel showed the torsioning and deforming that collapse would produce or if there were traces of explosive charges if the entire event were staged. The collapse did the razing for them, then they rushed to remove and melt down the scrap to keeo it feom being examined. But that’s not the only area. Dale Earnhardt, Sr., earlier in 2001, should not have died in the simple skid and scrape that his car underwent. But the court refused even to release the records of his autopsy to avoid “offending the sensitivities” of the Earnhardt family. Add things like the police doing everything they could to botch the “investigation” of the JonBenet Ramsey murder only indicates a wholesale initiative on the part of “law enforcement” to facilitate crime. That’s why numbers of crimes are down, simply because the “law” has taken them under their wing, so they are no longer classified as criminality.

  3. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Julian your comment about the Badger fire is right on the mark. Many Stamford residents such as myself think The City Building Department and Fire Department should also be investigated. The Police Department was never informed of the demolition plans. A fire with five fatalities, they obviously shouldn’t have touched let alone demolish or remove the structure as it was forensic evidence in an ongoing investigation.

  4. Julian Penrod says:

    So often, so many ignore crucial facts in stories that may contain as least as much information as all the rest of the “official stories”. Such is the case with the South Plainfield fire. The fire raced through the house, burning everything. Damage is obvious. But the authorities didn’t order it razed to the ground! The damage was evidently no less severe than the Christmas Day 2011 fire in Stamford, Connecticut. But the authorities there couldn’t rip it down fast enough! Their “excuse” was “the danger of going through the house”, but investigators evidently are searching the remains of the South Plainfield home! Nor could the Stamford oficials wait to provide an “explanation”. Michael Borcina was willing to claim he placed a bag of ashes from the fireplace on a mudrroom floor and officials immediately declared that that had to be the cause of the fire and no member of government would ask any more questions! The Stamford case still stinks and it has to be brought up until it is acknowledged it was deliberately set and the officials of Stamford, apparently including the “police”, criminally obstructed investigation.

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