L.I. Couple Wants Answers After Lavatory Leak From Overhead Plane

MALVERNE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — One Malverne couple was enjoying the mild night Thursday when they became covered by sludge as a plane taking off from Kennedy Airport flew overhead.

“A plane was coming over. Next thing you know she says ‘Oh my God it’s raining.’ I said ‘No it’s not’,” Artie Hughes told 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon.

“Some black liquid, black oil came off on her face, and I walked around and I looked and said ‘Oh my God.’ There was quarter-sized, nickel-sized, dime-sized drops all over my deck, my barbecue, my table,” he said.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon reports

Thinking something was wrong with the plane, they called police.

“It was oily in substance, blackish-greenish oil. I thought it was hydraulic fluid and then the policeman came down and said ‘No I don’t think so. Looks like something nastier than that’,” Hughes said.

The officer suspected it was most likely treated sewage, returning after making several phone calls for confirmation.

“He had spoken to somebody down at either the Port Authority or the FAA and said ‘Yeah, it looks like there was an incident,” he said. “Some lavatory excrement had leaked out.”

The couple tell Rincon they just want an explanation, and for this kind of incident to not happen again.

“I think they should investigate and find out what happened,” Hughes said. “Was a button pushed? Was the lavatory filled to capacity before it left the ground?”wondered.

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  • Christie: the Governor that ate NJ

    Christie must have been doing a flyby after eating lunch.

  • Ella

    Who does #2 on an airplane? Seriously people, that is so not cool.

  • David

    I am reminded of a ditty (Of USA origin) my old Dad used to sing to me as a child as follows ;

    “Ohhh the eagles they fly high in Mobil in Mobil” . . (omitted) ..and later .””Ain’t it lucky COWS don’t fly in Mobil in Mobil” . ..

    Looks like a case of a big cow airline . . .choice airline..fix your problem. These people certainly didn’t need this.

  • jfstroh

    What’s the problem? New York is a sewer anyway..

  • MajorRay

    Race cannot be separated from anything in America period! One Black guy with a grade lower than one white guy out a pool of 400 gets accepted to a school and the one white guy with a better grade than he has–which is also(better than the other 399 as well) claims reverse discrimmination against the black guy, not the others. The President has to be tops at everything period. He experienced what Black American males experience everyday. Those of us who make it are the best in the world at what we do (not counting “Happy Negroes” put in place by whites). This is just reality and it will probably be this way until Jews are kissed by their Arab cousins or until Christ returns.

  • RoySays

    mees thinks that there all fall of crap………………………

  • Chotiwala

    That’s great how the guy says “Was a button pushed?” It was premeditated.

  • Reppin2

    What a shiity day they had !

  • MeiMei

    If this happened to one of the Airline CEO’s would they sue?? Palease when poor people sue it’s only to make a buck. But when big wigs sue it’s the name of the game.

  • Sensible Mom of 3

    Whatever it was, it was disgusting and shouldn’t have happened. They deserve an explanation and the airline needs to ensure this does not happen again. End of story. No lawsuit, no massive inquiry. End. Of. Story.

  • bruce108

    Barry spreads his A** cheeks each day and dumps on all of us.



  • Dr. Dimento

    They should of broke out the buns and made a barbeque out of it just like the japanese do, feces burgers anyone?

  • Crumpet Cracker

    Who would be surprised that an airline would $hit on them?

  • Zoey Larkin

    Was it Air force One by any chance?

  • 1marg

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the man and woman were TSA agents?

  • glenp827

    this was a test run for the next OVOMIT election celebration

  • glenp827

    the liberal democrat NYers were just being reunited with their family

  • Tom

    Great! now the TSA will have to frisk airplane lavatories before take off…Beware the terrorist poop bomb!

  • rfa

    Talk about someone taking a flying sheeeet

  • Dufus

    I hope they weren’t gawking at the stars with the mouths open.

  • Dufus

    Hey, their grass will be greener in the springtime.

    • truther

      no thats not true for human waste just like its not true for dog waste, its a bio-hazard FILLED with germs and who knows what other nasty stuff.

  • David

    wonder if the excremint ws patted down before reaching it’s destination.

  • Richard Head

    I hope they were democrats!!!!! They need a good flushing.

  • Richard Head

    I hope they were democrats!!!!!!!

  • BradAZ

    Ew. Seriously? So Gross ( spoken as a popular middle school girl)

  • jim

    its a sign…America is becoming a tird world nation//

  • MDWhite

    This is what Obama’s been doing to the American people for the last three years. Crap from on high.

  • glenp827

    OVOMIT has been shoveling that on us for going on 4 years now —where are the complaints?

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