NJ Teen Gets 30 Years For Fatal Stabbing Of Foster Father

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) — A 16-year-old boy who fatally stabbed his former foster father during a burglary at the man’s southern New Jersey home last summer has been sentenced to 30 years in state prison.

Demetrius Minor of Gloucester Township must serve 85 percent of his term before becoming eligible for parole. He also received a concurrent 10-year term for an unrelated carjacking that occurred just weeks before Theotis Butts was killed.

Minor had pleaded guilty in December to aggravated manslaughter charges after voluntarily agreeing to waive his case from juvenile to adult court.

Authorities say Butts confronted Minor when the youth broke into his home in July to steal cash. Minor stabbed Butts during the subsequent scuffle and fled to New York City, where he was arrested the next day.

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  1. Margaret J Milligan says:

    Hello viewers, Where are the fathers of these poor, misguided youths. Might I say that this is got to be one of the things that I hate about being a mother, with the hopes of a bright future for your child, then this happens. Someone dropped the ball somewhere. Again, I say where is this child’s (angel) father, and the mother for that matter.
    This can’t be what happens when someone tries to help our (and I mean, our) children. I’m hurt to say the least, and all my prayers are with these two innocent indiviuals. One minding his own business and the other trying to help a child. God help us.

  2. What a Shame! says:

    What is truly devastating, is the statement, “…he voluntarily agreeing to waive his case from juvenileto adult court….” He is sixteen!!!!!!!!!!. Who misinformed him of his rights because he would never have made this choice unless misguided. What he did was wrong, he was in a government system (foster care), to be checked into another one. He should pay for his crimes in a juvenile detention and learn ways to be a responsible adult. He needs help and can be rehabilitated, he’s had no chance at a decent life. Wait, the government’s juvenile system is just as corrupted and hopeless as the adult system…. so who is to blame here. His mom, Foster care, juvenile detentions, adult detentions…….. I’ll let someone else point the finger.

  3. christine says:

    16 y/o in the system, it’s a given his basic foundation of family is missing. yes, he’s old enough to know wrong from right but i think the punishment does not fit the crime. this is sitll a kid. the is possibility for rehabilitation for him. Yet adult gangsters, drunk drivers who kill and pedophiles take ruin lives every day, some being repeat offenders and when they get caught, its a slap on the wrist. Never mind the fact that it is highly unlikely there is any chance of reforming these monsters. Shame this poor kid’s life is being discarded a second time around.

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