Straphanger’s Savior Dies From Head Injury Suffered In Staten Island Incident

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A man who saved the life of a fellow straphanger, when he fell onto the tracks in Staten Island, died on Saturday.

Steven Santiago, 39, pulled Jonathan Parisen, 40, off of the tracks at the New Dorp station on January 8.

Police say Santiago jumped onto the tracks at the New Dorp station to help the man who was trying to recover a shoe. He got him back onto the platform but was hit in the head by the arriving train.

Santiago was hospitalized for several weeks and had been moved to a rehab center. Parisen was arrested and charged with criminal trespass.

Santiago died at Staten Island University Hospital.

Parisen tweeted his condolences on Saturday saying, “I was just informed that Steven Santiago passed away today. My prayers go out to Steven and his family. God bless.”

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  • brooklyn4ever

    Whether or not Mr, Santiago had a criminal past plays no role here. What does play is the fact that he, as a human, saw that another human needed help and he selflesly offered it only to end up paying the ultimate price for his heroism. How many here can say or see themselves doing what he did? Not many, I can guarantee that. I know I couldn’t. May Mr. Santiago rest in peace and may his family find comfort in the coming days.

    • rocker90

      i never said it did

  • rocker90

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the victims family sues Mr. Parisen and the MTA.

    Angel he did have a criminal past but at least here he did the right thing here.

  • Bruce

    He went on the tracks to recover a shoe? And Santiago died for this guy? I wish I could be on a jury in a civil suit against him.



  • Anne

    Rest in peace Steven Santiago.

    This MORON who jumped on the tracks didn’t deserve to be saved. When Mr. Santiago was still alive, Parisen REFUSED to contact his family, or visit him to apologized and thank him. Save it now, pal. I hope it haunts you for the rest of your pathetic life.

    • Nurse Dee

      I agree!

  • k

    such a pithy message for a guy who saved your life. you are a shame…

  • cygon

    ban all politicians so we can spend our own money that we work for

  • cygon

    shoulda let that damdrunken ‘director’ die.

  • Robert Moses

    This is why ALL public transportation should be BANNED immediately. Without train service, nobody will ever be hurt by trains.

    • Fredstead

      Hey buddy- as you regularly make these ridiculous anti- public transportation comments, please supply support for your “real Americans don’t use public transportation” claim. Otherwise, stfu.

      • Robert Moses

        Think about it for more than a few seconds and you’ll get it.

        – REAL Americans live in SUBURBS, where there is no public transportation.

        – Therefore, REAL Americans drive everywhere.

        – Therefore, people who use public transportation (and thus live in cities) are anti-American.

        Why else do you think I went out of my way to destroy New York City in the 1950’s, 1960’s, and early 1970’s?

        • Blasterific

          Hey Robert can you have them change the Name back to Interboro please. People look at me funny when I give directions with the Interboro Pkwy. Thanks!

        • Mr. Knick

          Robert… get back underground.

  • Angel

    Steven Santiago is a real HERO.He risked his life because he was a unselfish person.He DIDN’T have to risk his life.He could’ve just walked away,but he didn’t and now he’s dead.If you have to be there because of your job and you get paid to get involved,you’re not a hero.Steven santiago is the true example of a HERO.Rest in Peace,you died LOVED and RESPECTED and ADMIRED.You made your family very PROUD.

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