The West beat the East 152-149 in last night’s NBA All-Star Game, Mario Manningham declares that it is unlikely that he will return to the Giants, meanwhile Tom Coughlin expresses interest in coaching Big Blue for quite a bit longer.  All of that took a back seat on this morning edition of the Morning Extravaganza, as Craig declared the future of David Wright as the number one topic on today’s docket, so it was there that Dynamic Radio Duo focused the majority of their attention early on.

The Mets find themselves in quite a quandary when it comes Wright, as they are faced with the not so simple decision of should he stay (meaning they pony up the dough and pay him what he is worth) or should he go (meaning the Mets should look to deal the 29-year-old third baseman for prospects).

Craig says the Mets will never win a World Series with Wright, so therefore should look to move him.  Predictably, with the NHL trade-deadline mere hours away, Boomer drew a comparison to the Rangers, as it appears they will no longer pursue Rick Nash, choosing rather to hang on to their young talent.

So we had some baseball, some basketball and some football – a well-rounded New York sports talk lineup. Come get some!

LISTEN: Wright & Manningham Both Goners?  LeBron Wilts in All-Star Game (02/27)

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