Tensions Run High Inside Brooklyn Court As Det. Kevin Brennan Stares Down Accused Shooter

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There were high tensions inside a Brooklyn courtroom on Monday.

For the first time, NYPD officer Kevin Brennan came face to face with the man accused of shooting him the head — Luis “Baby” Ortiz.

Ortiz blew a kiss to a woman he knows inside the Brooklyn courtroom Monday. In a dramatic, silent confrontation, when Ortiz turned to blow that kiss, he could also see officer Brennan — standing beside his wife Janet — staring him down from across the courtroom.

About 100 police officers were also present as Ortiz was in court. There were also some strong feelings concerning Ortiz’s lawyer asking the judge to let his client wear street clothes instead of an orange jump suit for his next court appearance, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reported.

“The concern and the arrogance of this mope, was, with what he’d wear to court. Personally, we feel orange suits him and he should stay in that jumpsuit,” PBA President Pat Lynch said.

Kevin Brennan’s story, who has lived to talk about it, is truly miraculous.

“I go to therapy — occupational and physical therapy. It’s gonna be a few months. I still have pain in my neck and shoulders and obviously, in my head, but…it’s getting a little bit better every day,” Brennan said last Friday.

Officer Brennan was promoted to detective last week. It has been a remarkable 27 days for Brennan who was shot on Jan. 31, released from the hospital on Feb. 10 and promoted to detective three days ago.

Though Ortiz is already being tagged as guilty by police officers. Ortiz’s lawyer, Eric Poulous, question that premise and his client’s portrayal.

“Just because the intended victim is a police officer — he is to be treated worse?” asked Poulous.

Ortiz has a lengthy criminal record and police said he is also the prime suspect in a New Year’s Day murder.

Police now believe they may be able to connect the same gun allegedly used to shoot Brennan to the murder.

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  1. gitana says:

    u said it texas this new york and not tht what was done is right but tht happens here more the other way around nypd involved in shootings killings of innocent people who were not evn armed at the time of killing also rape stealing cheating tickets wow the list is huge but because is nypd they get away with it but because it was done to one of thier own they want to treat the kid the worst i bet if it was the other way aroud the police shooting the kid he would b walking free like many have after killing innocent,,, stay in texas new york is a different no justice jungle you enter at your own risk,,,

  2. William says:

    Pity we don’t follow Texas’ lead. This animal would be put down within a year. Save us all a lot of money that could spent on the needy!!

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