Police Arrest Flight Attendant Who Allegedly Stole From Passengers

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Police at Newark Liberty International Airport say they’ve nabbed a sticky-fingered flight attendant.

Police say Jean Paulino lifted about $140 in cash and two driver’s licenses from a couple going through a security checkpoint Tuesday.

Port Authority officials said Paulino was in a flight attendant uniform when he allegedly chatted with one of the travelers, waited until the other turned his back, then plucked the items off the X-ray machine. Authorities identified an airline they say he worked for but the airline says he did not.

Transportation Security Administration screeners notified Port Authority police, and they retrieved video footage that allegedly showed Paulino taking the money.

Paulino was arrested as he prepared to board a flight to Washington. He’s charged with theft. It’s not known if he’s retained an attorney.

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  • Jay

    As far as cameras go, the only reason this person was caught is the couple immediately noticed their belongings were missing, and reported it. usually it takes people alot longer to realize a drivers license is gone due to not needing identification after the screening process. Im certain this person has probably gotten away with this same crime hundreds of times prior to this and not been caught until now.

  • Adam

    Hey, don’t rag on him. It isn’t his fault they only pay flight attendants minimum wage! How’s he gonna afford food? ;-p

  • Eliminate TSA

    The TSA hates competition

    • TSA Criminals

      Maybe they should hire this guy – he’s qualified.

  • rocker90

    is this the security viceo?

  • larry schwarz

    The Airline does not want to acknowledge that he worked for them.I am certain he has been fired.

  • susan

    what airline does he work for..that would be interesting to know..

  • Roger

    Was this guy hip to the fact that in airports cameras ABOUND?

    What a dope.

    • Peter

      Amateur !!!!

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