B&C Morning Show: Do You Know More Sports Than Hot Ellie?

She came, she saw, she conquered.

I’m talking of course about Ellie, who made her way into the Allstate Studio this morning to play a little game we like to call, ‘Do You Know More Sports Than…’.

Ellie was more than up to the task, as she thoroughly dominated the over-matched Rob from Jersey, who was clearly not up to said task…

LISTEN: Do You Know More Sports Than Hot Ellie? (02/29)

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  • Gavin

    Craig, today was the third straight day that you were eating while on air. There is no worse sound than that. I had to change the station each time and didn’t go back. I know that your ego is getting bigger each day lately, but why have listeners not listen? Thanks

    • matt

      I don’t think it’s that big of a deal…it’s actually funny because it annoys Boomer and Jerry so much.

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