Education Becomes Focus Of Christie Town Hall On Hospital Reopening

WESTWOOD, NJ (CBSNewYork) – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got a standing ovation as he announced state approval to reopen Pascack Valley Hospital, but many of the questions were at the town hall meeting were about making the public schools better.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond With The Governor

Christie, a proponent of school choice, said his parents moved from Newark to Livingston when he was 5-years-old to give him a better chance.

“Now, I can guarantee you if I went to the Newark public school system, the overwhelming likelihood is I wouldn’t be standing here today. I wouldn’t be governor of New Jersey,” said Christie in Westwood on Wednesday.

He said he believes thousands of kids in inner city schools won’t reach their full potential “because we don’t the strength, the will, or the guts to stand up to these political bullies in the union and say ‘No more! Every kid deserves a chance!’.”

He’s pushing for school vouchers and changes in the teacher tenure system, saying too many tax dollars are being wasted.

“New Jerseyans are really generous, but here’s what New Jerseyans are tired of. What they’re tired of, and what I’m tired of, is paying for failure,” he said.

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  1. Ready, Set CRAP! says:


  2. Online High School Diploma says:

    Thanks for linking this up..

  3. paulnadra says:

    Governor Bully has to stop dumping on unionized teachers. Does he really think good teacher will work for pittance?

  4. Kleetis MacAnurney says:

    “He’s [Christie] pushing for school vouchers and changes in the teacher tenure system, saying too many tax dollars are being wasted” Hey Gov. Fatso, how about you set the example by creating savings from the top on down. Hmmm … how about the first thing you cut is your personal use of the State Police helecopter to attend your kid’s baseball games! Typical do as I say, not as I do PHONEY …

  5. SokrMom says:

    Actually, the many New Jerseyans who live in areas where the schools are excellent are tired of having to subsidize boutique charter schools that we were not given the opportunity to vote down. As Christie knows very well, these schools siphon money from excellent public school systems with excellent (and unionized) teachers.

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