Amnesia Supper Club In Midst Of ‘Footloose’-Like Controversy

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Amnesia Supper Club, a Brazilian hangout located on Fourth Avenue in Fort Hamilton, Brooklyn, has nearby residents and local officials up in arms, reports 1010 WINS’ John Montone.

In an episode that draws comparisons to the classic teenage dancing film “Footloose,” Community Board 10 members in Brooklyn are stopping the club’s owner from obtaining a permit so patrons can boogie the night away.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ John Montone reports

According to the Brooklyn Daily, the board unanimously decided to reject the club’s request for a cabaret license, and it may have a point.

Several arrests have been made at the club, committee chairman George Fontas told the Brooklyn Daily. Loud music can be heard late into the night, trash is littered all over the sidewalk and cars are repeatedly parked illegally on the street. And if that’s not bad enough, drunken patrons have been known to regurgitate outside the club at the conclusion of the evening.

“I live up the block, I hear the noise from my window,” one disgruntled man said. “I hear people yelling, people screaming, arguing.”

Such distasteful behavior has even affected local business owners. One night a fight broke out outside the club, and the end result was a shattered window at next door’s Narrows Coffee Shop.

“I came into work that morning and there was glass everywhere,” the shop’s owner told Montone.

The owner did admit, however, that Amnesia’s owners picked up the bill for the repairs.

Many angry locals aside, not everybody in Fort Hamilton is necessarily unhappy about what the club brings to the neighborhood.

“Everybody’s just trying to have a good time,” a less bothered neighbor said. “Especially females.”

Another resident agreed, saying, “It’s music. If it gets crazy, that’s what cops are for.”

How would you like it if a hoppin’ late-night club opened up in your neighborhood? Sound off with your comments below…


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  1. Sandy says:

    I live in the area and have a small daughter i dont want to hear loud music or druken bar fights on my street when i have my windows open and i dont want to fear walking to the corner store because the club is open, it doesnt belong on a residential street not only does it bother residents who pay decent amounts of money to live there it lowers our property value and not to mention i park my car in the area whos picking up the tab if theres damage to it?!

  2. Lynn Argenziano says:

    A place around the corner from us is applying for a cabaret license, but we already have all the same problems, even though it is currently only operating as a cafe and shisha establishment: loud music, trash, illegally parked cars (especially bad at fire zones on the corner of Bay Ridge Avenue and Bay Ridge Place), intoxicated people hanging out on stoops of residents, drug dealing. I dread to see what will happen if the cabaret license is granted.

  3. Jake says:

    I live in Fort Hamilton and there is ALWAYS fights at this club. My neighborhood used to be quiet before this place opened up. My family and I don’t even go out, or passed that place on Friday nights after 11pm because you run the risk of some drunk idiot starting a fight with you. The article above only talks about one incident, but I’ve seen so many fights with cops being called because of this place. CLOSE IT DOWN. it’s not good business when every night there’s a fight or damage being done to the neighborhood.

  4. man says:

    Please folks give me a break. this is NYC . they call us the city that never sleeps for a reason. if your having problems with loud noises , loud music. and people trying to have a good time dancing then your should move to suburbs or to another state that is not NYC. . Because thats why its called a City. People from all around the world comes to NYC to have a great time right in all different ways. can your imagine new york city being totally quiet. Then NYC will really be in big trouble with no venue coming in from all around the world. So the folks that have problems with Amnesia’s lets be real its more importants things to worry about then 1 dance club in NYC. What your should be worried about are Guns in the streets and Crime in the street.

  5. danny says:

    Another resident agreed, saying, “It’s music. If it gets crazy, that’s what cops are for.”
    Umm, no. The cops are to serve and protect, not to be a baby sitter.

  6. Neighbor says:

    A place like that does not belong that close to residential buildings.It is Amazing that places like that serve liquor until people are sick but let them drive home.I say closing them down will be best.

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