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Brandon Jacobs May Take Pay Cut, But Won’t ‘Sell Soul’ For Giants

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Brandon Jacobs wants to stay with the Giants — if the compromise is right.

Jacobs restructured his deal last offseason, allowing New York enough flexibility to re-sign Ahmad Bradshaw. It sounds like he’d consider doing so again with $4.4 million remaining on the last year of his contract.

But the 29-year-old is only willing to accept so much of a pay cut.

“I want to stay in New York a whole lot, man, because this is where I started,” Jacobs said Wednesday during a local television interview. “I have wonderful, great teammates, man. I won a second Super Bowl here with this organization. But I’m not willing to sell my soul, you know? It’s a great organization and I want to be a part of it, but if they’re not feeling the same way, then so be it.”

According to the New York Daily News, the Giants may need to cut his salary “by more than half.” One solution, the paper reported, could be to offer Jacobs an extra year or two with guaranteed money in exchange for the reduction.

Jacobs told the New York Times earlier this month that if he doesn’t return to the Giants, he’d be open to staying in town with Rex Ryan’s Jets.

“I don’t know what they’re thinking,” said Jacobs. “I want to be here. If not, there’s 31 other teams out there.”

The backup running back would likely know his fate before a $500,000 roster bonus, reportedly due on March 17, kicks in.

“There’s stuff that can be done if they want me around,” Jacobs said. “If they want it to work out, it’s going to work out. If they don’t want it to work out, it’s not going to work out. That’s all I can say.”

Jacobs rushed for 571 yards and seven touchdowns in 2011.

Giants fans, do you have any problem with Jacobs’ comments? Sound off below…


One Comment

  1. Al Militano says:

    Jacbs is not effective trying to juke his way through a hole. His forte is bulldozing straight ahead and there are dozens of guys around the league and in the draft that are more capable than him. Let him go!

    1. Jay Weisburd says:

      Amen…He could not push past tough lines in the play-offs, nor did he have the stamina as he once did to make long runs…a younger “bulll,” and there are several, could replace him…for less money.

  2. DonnieG says:

    Yes, running back should be a top priorty in the upcoming draft. Maybe even with the number 1 pick. We can get a TE.LB,or DB in later rounds.

  3. TK says:

    Let him go. Not effective anymore. He plays twinkle toes instead of just hitting the hole…and as soon as he starts to “dance” he’s all done. Let him go.

    1. Arthur says:

      I still believe Brandon has more years coming .With a couple new lineman and the offensive coordinator useing him with more than a 1 man backfield he can still run people down. He is not a quitter.

  4. al says:

    i like watching jacobs hard nose guy,but if g wants to stay contention need another bradshaw type,will make life alot easer for manning

  5. Arthur Theodoss says:

    Jacobs gave up part of his salary ilast year in order for his team mate to be signed. Why dosent someone else step up abd help.Jacobs is an emotional player. He gets hit hard by many and gets up quick. I would defiinately want him on my team. Hope he gets a 2 or 3 year contract.

    1. Colleen Gamache says:

      I agree with you Arthur. I like Jacobs.

  6. L J says:

    Finally, the G-Men always seem to have good rotation on the “D” line. what i would like to see is two or three good quality linebackers. someone who can cover a tight end and make a play on the ball. Also, a SECONDARY that can stay healthy for a season so as to not put so much pressure on the “D” line to get it done. We have not had a secondary for many years now. Even when we won the big game in 87 and 90 with parcells we didn’t have a secondary. what is it with this team that we can’t get a secondary that is formidable. Jason Sehorn was overated and short lived. Aaron Ross can’t cover anyone effectively and he was a 1st round pick. C’mon MAN!!!! get some quality players back there-PLEASE

  7. Jay Weisburd says:

    Brandon Jacobs had problems bulling his way through some lines this year, even for a few yards, and had no big gains. His game is based on strength, not speed, and there are actually a few free agent running backs who can push their way through…I just don’t see him being worth it for much longer, so if he has to go, let him go. If he goes to the Jets, he won’t have that much better a year than he did with the Giants…He has slowed and he was never a speedster, and his strength in the playoffs and SB was simply not there. He will never be a 1000 yard rusher again…The Giants have always seemed to find good rushers since the days of Joe Morris and Rodney Hampton…and their line is re-developing (didn’t really jell until late in the year, one reason for their big swoon mid-season).

  8. Sandra says:

    Leave Jacobs on the team he has done a good job.

  9. steve fort says:

    keep jacobs if possible, if he wont come down enough…no hard fellings!..the gmen will go on and jacobs w2ill be ok!

  10. Harry says:

    keep Jacobs!!!

  11. Spud Webb says:

    The Giants and Jacobs should part ways! He is simply not a good runner anymore, way too show to the hole. Cannot be depended on to get a yard on 3rd or 4th and short. ALSO, he’s a wild card- 1 small step away from totally losing it on almost every play. Always looks like he wants to fight. Showboat. Just let him go!!!

    1. L J says:

      i could not agree with you more!! all these people saying, “keep Jacobs”. FOR WHAT? he runs his m outh too much with very little return. in my opiniion, he’s never been the punishing back the G-Men thought he’d be. Cannot even get one yard in critical situations. he should have been let go two or three seasons ago if you ask me. Bradshaw should have been starting in ’08!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Frank Viarengo says:

    jacobs was great when he came into the league but we all knew he was a 4 or 5 year battering ram i love his style but he no longer has the knees 4 that running style he cant get off the los anymore i dont want 2 but this is a buisness and he can’t get short yardage anymore unfourtunately i would cut him unless he’ll play 4 the minimum which he won’t.So draft a new fresh legged running back 2 back up bradshaw or maybe even start since bradshaw can’t stay healhy 4 an entire season so i draft a back in an early round and one about round 5 or 6 no more defensive ends even if osi leaves and no i dont have a problem w/his comments why would he take less he signed the contract but hasn’t lived up 2 it so he needs 2 shut his mouth if he won’t take it he had a great early run here but its come 2 an end i appreciate his time here but we cant take you back unless its for the veteran minimum which he prob.wont do that’s too bad but he had a great run here and helped us to 2 superbowl rings so i will always love him for that! THANKYOU BRANDON 4 running all those people down i loved it!!!!

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