Stonehill College Student’s Lawsuit: Roommate Had ‘Disturbingly’ Open Sex Life

Lindsay Blankmeyer Alleges Girl's Wild Behavior Furthered Her Depression

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A college student from New York is suing Stonehill College in Massachusetts, a Catholic Liberal Arts College, saying her roommate’s sex life drove her into a suicidal depression and that the school did nothing to address her concerns.

Web Extra: Read The Criminal Complaint Here

The student, Lindsay Blankmeyer, alleges that her roommate, “Laura,” was “having online and actual sex right in front of her,” according to the court complaint.

“More disturbingly, Laura would have sex with her boyfriend while Lindsay was trying to sleep just a few feet away. Laura would also engage in sexually inappropriate video chatting when Lindsay was in the room,” the complaint read.

Blankmeyer suffered from depression and Attention Deficit Disorder when she enrolled at Stonehill in September of 2007. She said she wanted to see how she would perform in school “without any sort of additional help in the form of a reasonable accommodation.”

However, the complaint states that Blankmeyer began to incur issues because her roommate “often had overnight guests without asking [Blankmeyer’s] permission or even informing [her] that she would be having guests.”

The complaint also went on to say that Blankmeyer’s roommate would “stay up late with lights on,” keeping her awake. The complainant even claims that her roommate “began shaking her and yelling at her” while she was sleeping.

Blankmeyer eventually went to her resident assistant, detailing her “toxic environment” and “emotionally taxing…struggles.”

After the resident assistant apparently told Blankmeyer’s roommate, Laura, to provide advance notice of guests visiting the room and to “video chat in the common area,” according to the complaint.

Blankmeyer was given additional housing options, which did not meet her satisfaction. She and her parents asked if she could have her old dorm room back minus her roommate.

When that request was denied, they asked for a single room, but were told Blankmeyer “was not entitled to a reasonable accommodation of a single room.”  In the weeks and months afterward, she fell into a “dark and suicidal depression requiring her to take a leave of absence from school.”

Blankmeyer eventually moved to a hotel, but left the “increasingly isolated environment.” She was eventually able to complete her final semester of school while home in New York.

The lawsuit against the school alleges Stonehill refused to grant Blankmeyer “reasonable accommodation of a single room.”

It alleges that the school violated the Rehabilitation Act, the federal Fair Housing Act Amendments and Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws.

Stonehill said it is taking the accusations seriously.

“We are reviewing the complaint, which focuses on a previous roommate issue. There are two sides, and sometimes more, to every story. We will be responding to the complaint,” said Martin McGovern, director of Communications and Media Relations at Stonehill College, in a statement.

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  • John

    If her accusations about her roommate are true, what does her looks have to do with anything. Are you saying that attractive women enjoy promiscuous sex up in there grill while ugly women do not?

    • Laurie

      I believe she’s angry because the school did not provide her with free contraceptives.

    • Mary Jo

      After living the nightmarish hell with my daughter at a New Jersey college, I understand why this is girl is taking the legal route. Colleges do not want to deal with the numerous issues that they have with misbehaving students. The statement that they are there to receive an education is true, but remember those bad girls who were mean girls, the partying girls, and the promiscuous girls in high school? Well, in college, they are entirely on their own, and if mom/dad didn’t raise a child with morals and values, these kids go wild when they get to college. Having sex in the dorm room on a nightly basis or even just on the weekends is a common practice, as is alcohol and bullying. Our daughter is our second child in college. Our first was a son, and while it was a little different with him, the same tones of sex and alcohol were the same. It doesn’t matter where they go. This is what our society has become. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

    • Bill

      Well John, data do suggest that attractive people have more access to sex than ugly people so take a chill pill. The bigger question is this: did Laura have access to free Government-funded contraceptives? If so does that make the government culpable in this?

    • Mark

      To quote Winston Churchill: The Jew is either at your feet, or at your throat. Blankmeyer played the part of “at your feet”. Now Blankmeyer will play “at your throat” with a lawsuit. Typical behaviour throughout history.

      • Ivan

        How do you know she’s a Jew? By her last name, little Hitler?

        The funniest thing is that Churchill said it about Germans, not Jews. It also covers NAZI wennabes like you

        By its sudden collapse, … the proud German army has once again proved the truth of the saying, ‘The Hun is always either at your throat or at your feet’.

        Speech before a Joint Session of Congress (May 19, 1943), Washington, D. C., in Never Give In! : The best of Winston Churchill’s Speeches (2003), Hyperion, p. 352

    • Avenger

      Good one!

    • Loral

      Who cares what either one looks like? Nobody wants to be in the same room with someone else having sex? Nighmare roommate. The school should have accommodated privacy concerns.

      • domij

        That’s what my wife told me!!! HA!

    • A


    • arhjyl

      Anybody have her roomates number?

      • Vinnie

        Finally! Someone who gets the point of the story.

    • W. House

      Lindsay should have added a miniscule dusting of itching powder to Laura’s sheets.

      Then she should have filmed the proceedings and posted them on YouTube.

      • domij

        unless the roommate was gay. if she filmed that, she would be charged with a crime

    • Jim

      The problem here is that there are no “rules” This is a Chatholic School, one would expect there to be resonable rules that are required when 2 or more people live together. There should be no “Guests” in the room after 9 pm. If you want to sleep around, get a hotel room. And light out after 10 pm…period.

      • steve sharkman

        it depends if the girl having sex was ugly or not.
        it’s bad if she was ugly,

    • tony

      You must be a Democrat?

    • proudnot2bliberal

      exactly two names Chelsea clinton or monnica lewinsky both ugly boith supposedly had lots

    • Montjoie

      The most important question is, did the roommate have access to taxpayer funded contraception.

    • el_loco_jp

      What’s all the commotion? Unless the roommate was smoking them nasty cigarettes after. Then she would have been crucified.

    • Rob_NC

      ..I guess you can take the girl out of the trailer park but you can`t take the trailer park out of the girl…trash

    • Nimadan

      Is it just me or does this sentence not make any sense?

      “After the resident assistant apparently told Blankmeyer’s roommate, Laura,
      to provide advance notice of guests visiting the room and to “video chat in the common area,” according to the complaint”

      • Jimbo Limbo

        I’ll correct it for you: “After Blankmeyer submitted a written complaint to the resident assistant (RA), the RA apparently told Laura, Blankmeyer’s roommate, that she needed to provide advance notice before having any overnight guests in the room. The RA also advised Laura to restrict her video chat activities to the common area.

        Here’s the real problem: the depressed girl, Blankmeyer, did not fight this behavior early enough, or actively enough. If your roommate is regularly having overnight guests, in a two person dorm room, then Blankmeyer could have fought and had it stopped. In effect, by having overnight guests, there is an extra person in a two person room, who is not on the lease.

        • Jac

          Apparently not, when the response from the RA is to allow to roommate to continue having sex in the room with Lindsay there as long as Lindsay was given “advance notice” to find another place to stay during these “exploits.” It is not Lindsay’s fault that her roommate had no human decency and the administration failed to impose decency.

      • Ouderkirk

        Imagine, bad grammar and poor sentence structure from See B.S. news. The dinosaur Media is becoming more pathetic with each passing day.

      • Tacitus7

        You are correct. That sentence is an abomination. It could be fixed by changing “After” to “Afterwards,” but as it stands it’s nothing but a subordinate clause standing alone. I am amazed that two and a half days after you pointed out the error, CBS still has not fixed this blunder.


        These are College Educated People.

        Of course they do not know how to write a complete, grammatically correct sentence.


      • Dell B

        It is poorly worded, and weird, why would the RA tell her to do online sex activities in the common area?

        • HMichaelH

          DELL B…… I guess they did that so everyone could watch? I know I would be depressed, too, if my roommate was getting laid regularly, and I wasn’t!

          • hillcoguy

            “she’s in there doin’ what I’m here doin’ without”

            To praphrase an old C&W song ;o)

        • Kate

          I’m guessing they figured she wouldn’t be having internet sex if there were more people watching. Though judging by the fact that she didn’t mind her roommate watching, I don’t know that that is an accurate assessment.

        • seanoairborne

          She just told her that she wouild have to go to the common area to use the computer.Nothing was said about on line sex!If she had went to the common area and continued what she was doing in her dorm room she would have been expelled from the school.Why not expel her from school for violating this students rights? A person is a deviant if another can see what they are doing.Psycology 101!

          • Jim K

            Spot on. These days, up is down, down is up, bad is good, good is bad. This young woman, a prisoner forced to witness the sexual antics of a nympho who didn’t have the common decency to boff her studs in private is dissed and dismissed while the deviant is free to debauch away. SHE’s the weird one. Not the rutting pig. I hope she wins enough of an award for an Ivy Leage Post Grad education with all expenses paid and a dorm room to herself. P.s. I wonder if her room ate is on a free condom / food stamp program. I’d hate for her to be responsible for buying her own protection. I mean…..that should be our responsibility. A Chicken in every pot, condoms in every purse.

            • Sue

              Like! :-)

            • fdas


            • ej

              You must be really lame too! This girl sounds like a frigging wet sock! Really?
              Whaaa, my roommate stays up late? Whaa, my roommate gets laid all the time. Whaa, and they drank alchhol too! Really?
              Get over it and realize your a shut-in freak!

          • Jeiger

            But you failed Spelling 101 badly. “PSYCHOLOGY”

            • Anne

              Notice the punctuation also. What the hell is this person doing in college?

          • Thinks SeanOAirborne's a Moron

            sean airhead,

            You’re an idiot. Seriously.

      • gaymedia

        The sentence means: you have to tell [your roommate] in advance when you are going to have a visitor over in person. And you have to video chat in the common area. The story does not sday whether either of these things happened. The story does not say whether the roommate continued to have sexual chats in the common area, or whether or not the boyfriend came over at night and they were knocking it out 3 feet away from the roommate, having given her notice he was coming over. I strongly suspect there is more to this story, but I also believe that the roomate had sex and sexual chats openly in front of the girl. GROSS. I would have formally withdrawn from the school and sued for my money back.

        • Jeiger

          You are a troll peddling the most stupid website out there–and that’s saying a lot.

        • Ken

          The school didn’t know sex was at issue. read the complaint if you want context. it’s terribly written, but the girl has only retained TWO separate law schools. The media just sees “catholic school” and “sex” so that’s what they make the story about. The lawsuit is basically claiming housing discrimination and violations of the ADA…

        • dawg

          It is obvious what the sentence means but it is gramatically incorrect. What happened after the RA told the roommate that???

          • Eric F

            They forgot a comma following the word After, that’s all.

            • Richard Rogers

              No, that’s not all. If it were meant the way you say, the word would have to be “afterward”.

              • sk

                or ‘Later’

      • EnglishMajor@StonyBrook

        The writer should have inserted a comma after the word After, or used the word Afterwards…again with a comma.

      • mjazz

        There should be a comma after the word ‘after’.

      • sallysue

        It is an incomplete sentence. What happened after the RA told Laura these things?

      • Birdy

        A comma after after fixes everything.

      • LWGII

        It is not a sentence.

    • Mary

      the same thing happened to my daughter in college. the school’s attitude was it was her problem to figure out. also, at a catholic school! We thought choosing a Catholic school would ensure some degree of moral behavior in the dorm. Not so.

      • ginandtonic

        It’s all Billy Joel’s fault.

      • Joel

        One has to be very particular which ‘Catholic’ college one chooses nowadays sadly. I can count on one hand the number of Catholic colleges or universities I’d ever consider sending my children to considering the moral state, or lack thereof, in some of these ‘Catholic’ institutions.

        • justmom

          try BYU…they have honor codes.

          • SirGareth

            I do not doubt it all. But isn’t it really passing strange the the only moral religion left in the USA was founded by a prophet who was shot in the back as he tried to escape the parents of the children he was having sex with.

            • Tacitus7

              Wow! Where did you come up with THAT? Joseph Smith was never “shot in the back,” nor did he have sex with children. He did take as a plural wife Helen Mar Whitney when she was 14, but the age difference was not at all unusual for the time. I have studied hundreds of marriage bonds from Kentucky in the first have of the 19th century. The age of consent was only 16, but in a very large proportion of these marriages, the bride’s needed parental consent, meaning that they were 14 or 15 years old; perhaps as young as 13. Edgar Allan Poe married 13 year old Virginia Clemm when he was 26, yet he is not denounced as a pedophile. Further, Helen’s parents were fully consenting to the marriage. Her father, Heber C. Kimball, came from strict Puritan roots and initially abhorred polygamy, but eventually accepted it as a restoration of an Old Testament practice. Whether this marriage was every consummated is debatable.

              Joseph Smith’s first plural wife, Fanny Alger. She was not a “child.” Her parents were devoted to Joseph Smith and the church he founded their entire lives. Similarly, he secured the consent of Newel K. Whitney before marrying his daughter Sarah, and remained fast friends with the Whitneys.

              • keepyourpower

                My family is not Mormon. parents gave permission for my sister who was 15 at the time, to marry her husband. Out of the 4 sisters in my family..she is the only one still married.

      • randomcatholic

        Mary, I only ask that you do judge the faith by the witness of a “Catholic” college. Every Jesuit school, and the vast majority of “catholic” colleges are universities, are no more Catholic than the local public college…. (and to say the truth) are often less so.

        The only truly Catholic schools out there are places like Christendom, TAC, Franciscan at Stubenville, and a handful of others. The Church is in defacto schism, something only the brave have the courage to admit, and the liberals (these PIGS at Stonehill and other places) are okay with abusing and even killing their students so long as they can pursue their socially liberal agenda.

        Please don’t judge the faith by a non-catholic school like Stonehill’s example!

        • l

          Random… Dang!! That was brave to say. I agree with you. The Catholic Church is in a deep schism. They’ve known and allowed outright homosexuals in most of the seminaries since at least the 50’s and 60’s and it’s catching up. Most Catholics have no problem with abortion as long as ‘they’ are against it personally. They are perfectly fine with contraceptives under all instances and don’t really have a problem with the morning after pill. Although, I will say that the Catholics are normally out in front of the abortion issue more staunchly.

          I believe you will see a deep parting just like the Methodist’s, Lutherans, Presbertarians and other mainline church denominations.

        • billy

          You sir, are a moron Bearing false witness is a one way ticket to hell. Or do you not believe in your sacred ten commandments?

      • Claude Slagenhop

        Catholic girl is synonym for slut these days. 98% of Catholics use Birth Control. This sort of behavior is not an anomaly at Catholic schools, it is the norm. College in general is not some place you want to send impressionable young adults.

        • Jeiger

          Stop repeating the same idiotic lie over and over. “98%” of Catholics DO NOT use birth control—or is this a birth control pill for men? 98% of Catholics are not apostate to their Church.

          • Empirical

            How come most Catholic couples these days have only two or three kids? Of course they are using contraception. Do not be naive.

        • rich

          98% is a lie. Read up on your 98% and find out it is so narrowed down to fit the hoists cause. Your on the internet quit being so lazy.

      • Andrew

        Sorry to burst your bubble… it’s common knowledge that Catholic girls are easy to get in the sack. All the repression foisted upon them growing up explodes when they get to college and have a taste of freedom. It is not at all uncommon for these sweet catholic darlings to go to college and begin taking on random and multiple sex partners. And while they are enjoying their new found sexual freedom, somehow their parents think they are still as sweet and innocent as the day they left. Mildly hilarious.

        • Thomas

          Hail Mary full go grace…………………yea baby!

        • ginandtonic

          That Billy Joel was SO wrong!

        • SirGareth

          This was true even in my High School days; bless those young sex starved girls who attended all girl parochial schools. They were more free with there bodies than any of the coeds of my school. I felt near to heaven each time I passed that wonderful school. The Mormons were against everything but sex which also put them high on my list as a teen.

        • ramicio

          It’s not repression. It’s the Catholic attitude of going to a few masses over your entire lifespan, worshiping and praying to idols in the form of statues, paintings, priests, the pope, Mary, etc., and being assured that if you do some ritualistic confession to some priest, you can do whatever the hell you want in life. I think pretty much all girls are sluts, anymore (girls meaning there aren’t any maturing into real women.) I doubt “Catholic” girls are any easier to bang than any other smeeze out there.

          • margaret D

            Bigot much?

          • proudnot2bliberal

            OK ramco Ill type very slowly so you leftwing LIEberal mind can follow. 1st Catholics do not pray to statues or priest or the pope. They are symbols. If you go to church or whatever you do is there a cross? Or a preacher? Do you pray while at the church? Then by you LACK of logic as is common with most bigoted LIEberals then you pray to the cross & the preacher.

            For you LIEberals haters out there try for once to educated yourself & read “Surprised by the Truth” series of books. It gives stories of converts the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic & dispels many of the myths of the Catholic Church.

            BTW this roommate sounds like obomie the commies so called georgetown college student who spends $1k a year on birth control … yeah right

            • Nate

              Yes, you are proud to not be a liberal. It appears you have no pride at all, for you don’t seem to mind making a complete fool of yourself in front of people.

          • Kari

            Your ignorance is astounding!

          • aubreyfarmer

            Catholicism and Orthodox Judaism share the ritualistic aspects of religion with little of the spiritual heart felt conversion needed to change one’s life from the inside out. Some Catholics and all Orthodox Jews are obsessed with outward appearances while continuing to live lives of sin. The idea that one can live their life any way they wish as long as they get the priest of rabbi to forgive their sin is evidence that a true relationship with God is not the intent of either of these religions. On the contrary, when one looks closely at both religions there are numerous obstacles placed in the way of the individual in the quest to become righteous. Catholicism is full of apostasy. History is full of instances where the truly righteous have been slain for differing from Catholic dogma. Dogma which is fact is in direct conflict with the Bible. Orthodox Judaism of today has absolutely no love of the Torah. It is a religion of worship of self and the denial of the deity of God and the promotion of the rabbi as above God. Moses Maimonides stated that God comes to the rabbis for answers.

      • funny
      • Daisy

        “It’s not the Baptists who are abusing little boys.”

        Um, yes it is and doing so in precisely the same proportional rates as Catholics, Jews, atheists etc.

        • l

          You forgot to mention school teachers who have the highest percentage.

        • Gregorovich1810

          The religion doesn’t matter – it is the homosexual predators who are targetting children – homosexual predators trying to hide behind a religious front. No TRUE believer would not behave in this way. If you want to blame – put it where it belongs – with homosexuals.

          • james pog

            You’re an idiot. Homosexuals does not equal pedophiles. People, who are denied all sexual contact, and put in rooms with little boys, all day long, due to some outdated beliefs, is where the blame should be. Straight men are shown to be pedophiles much more then homosexual men.

            • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

              Got that down pat, hmmm, James?

            • l

              A person who has sex with a person of the same sex is a homosexual.. Heterosexuals can’t be heterosexuals if they are having sex with males. They could be switch hitters. What they are are sexual perverts. Just like people who cheat on their spouses contantly, or have sex with hundreds of people. It’s all deviant sexual behavior.

            • Mike

              Aren’t you being judgmental and prejudiced when you call someone an idiot because they have a differing opinion?

              • cognus

                To call someone an idiot for having a difference of opinion would be prejudiced. To call someone an idiot for trolling badly is simply judgmental. For example, “No TRUE… would not…” is a double negative. So TRUE believers would behave this way? Judgment, on the other hand (even poor judgment), is still acceptable.

            • you're wrong

              A male attracted to other males has a much higher probability of being a child molester than a male attracted to females. Almost as many boys are molested by men as girls are molested by men. When only 1 in 10 males are same sex oriented, that’s pretty disturbing.

              • Ken

                YOU’RE WRONG. You’re assuming that the men who molested boys are gay because they molest boys. Perhaps (and probably) they are actually ONLY pedophiles. You’re also not considering that these pervs have more opportunity for same-sex molestation of kids. Since pedophiles aren’t normal sexually, I don’t think you can make the leap your making without stronger data to back it up. I think you’re just bigoted, and unenlightened.

                • The Bobster

                  What a pantload. They chose boy victims because they are kweer pedophiles.

                  • lebaron92

                    She sounds fat.

                    • Jac

                      You sound stupid. So only skinny people have problems with people having sex in front of them?

                      Google her picture. She’s not fat. She’s actually a pretty blonde girl who would never look twice at you.

              • Mike

                Prepubescent male victims are more likely to be victimized by a heterosexual, post pubescent male victims are more likely to be victimized by a homosexual.

                A large majority of male pedophiles that molest male children are otherwise functionally heterosexual. Male homosexuals tend to be specifically attracted to masculine traits in a partner. Prepubescent male children lack these desired traits. This is a very common misconception about sexual deviance. Please refer to the current DSM IV for more information. This is a very commonly misunderstood concept.

            • GozieBoy

              No, but most homos are sexually deviant in a variety of ways. Evidence: any Gay Pride parade. They are almost all promiscuous and sex crazed.

            • GozieBoy

              No, but most homos are sexually deviant in a variety of ways. Evidence: any Gay Pride parade. They are almost all promiscuous and sex crazed.

  • Jack

    Sounds like she should have enrolled at Georgetown instead of StoneHill as a college choice. Since according to Miss Fluke they have tons of sex at Georgetown.


      I like that Jack!!! You are exactly right. All the sex you want at Georgetown!!!!

      • ali3nation

        And who will pay for the contraceptives?

        • Dana

          I like that one !

        • JAC

          Really? That is “logic?” I hire people for a living. I’m currently hiring a butt wiper. You appear to meet the minimun qualifications.

          • David Kramer

            Fluke you.

          • FCJYP

            Jac, why are you hiring a butt wiper? Not judging,,,just curious. I know unemployment’s a bit high and all but what the hell??

          • FreeandFriendly

            Satire only works if you’re Al Franken. OK, it doesn’t work with him either. Miss Demeanor, however, has done an incredible job of articulating her thought in her last sentence. The schools need to do a better job of matching an alpha female with a passive-aggressive roommate. Those relationships are doomed to failure from the start, and has nothing to do with pushing a diversity agenda.

          • Ray

            JAC , Are you too lazy to wipe your own butt??

          • RMF

            I would not hire you to hire people, as you can’t seem to catch the intelligent logical fallacy given my Miss Demeanor… I also would not employ you because you used the term “butt wiper”

            • BigBob

              I would not hire you because you do not know the difference between “by” and “my.”

              • lee

                i wouldnt hire her either
                but id fire that jacktard Jac

      • Sal

        Catholic universities are Catholic in name only. All the priests that ran them years ago left the order in order to have sex. Attracting men to the priesthood is an uphill battle. Ironically, the Jesuits who run Georgetown have a history of leftist politics. Now, the big government they
        have historically backed is telling them they have to pay for policies against their
        religions doctrine. I am smiling.

  • alexa

    This same thing happened to me at Boston University 30 years ago. After the University basically told me that my roommate could do whatever she wanted to do on her side of the room (our beds were 6 feet apart in a small dorm room at Sleeper Hall), I broke BU’s freshmen living policies, moved into a studio off campus, and told the University that if they made a stink about it that they could “stick it”. The University left it alone. This girl needs to move.

    • USArmyCombatMedic

      You’re right. But if this roommate was bothering her so much, she should have taken advantage of the “additional housing options, which did not meet her satisfaction”. But she didn’t. This girl just wants special treatment.

      Oh wow, somebody enjoying their youth in close proximity to someone moping about life. What a shame.

      • lovetron

        Nailed it.

      • justmom

        Enjoy your youth??? That is rude and stupid, no matter what your age. Gosh, what is privacy or modesty anymore? Unfortunately, this girl was intimidated, as many young girls are, and afraid to speak up….so she is wrong?? Geez.

      • CypressChic

        Are you serious – having sex in front of someone else is just ‘enjoying their youth” and someone who doesn’t enjoy people having sex right in front of them is ‘moping’? Really? There’s absolutely no modesty, decency or morality in that line of thinking.

        • Crazy_Redneck

          Rick Santorum, I presume?

        • JustCurious

          I think most normal people do it with someone right there in front of them. How do you do it?

      • Mr. Truth

        If only she were invited to join in.

        • karma

          Nice. Problem would have been avoided.

        • Vin

          You’re a jerk.

      • tired170

        Its more than just “enjoying their youth”. To have sex with someone and to have your roommate just a few feet away, is not good. Its especially not good if that roommate feels uncomfortable, as this one obviously did. You can also chalk it up to being incredibly disrespectful of others.

        However, the girl should have exercised the other options until she found something that suited her.

        I am with the young lady on this one but she needs to know that beggars cannot be choosers and you do what you can, when you can to eliminate a bad situation.

      • Kate

        Promiscuous sex is unhealthy and makes a girl a skank in most people’s eyes. Enjoying their youth??? I think not. Screwing up their youth and getting old and wizened before their time does not sound enjoyable. to me.

      • Nimadan

        Your pornographic consciousness is disgusting.

        Nobody has a right to inflict their sexuality on a non-consenting person.

      • West Point

        “Enjoying her youth?”
        This is a comment from an Army Medic?

        Sex when others are present? Beyond rude.

        • Daisy

          “Sex when others are present? Beyond rude.”

          I agree. It’s a form of sexual abuse enacted on the room-mate. Not that any feminist will acknowledge that females are perfectly capable of sexual abuse.

          • starwhite

            I agree Daisy it is beyond rude! Probably because they are so horny I would imagine.

    • a

      she should film it. if her roommate and boyfriend have a problem with being filmed and posted on youtube, they’ll find someplace else or some other time to have sex.

      • beazr

        now that was the real solution to this problem! Kudos! fight fire with fire.

      • BlueC

        That would be perfect. The prude would get arrested and locked up and the bunnies can get back to business

    • Kearney

      Do these two “Catholic” university not have a no sex policy? Notre Dame does and students found violating it can be expelled. Any rector who acts like this one would be out of a job and no freebee tuition.

      • Ken

        BC has one too. Stonehill does not. However, the complaint alleges that it does. Either way, Stonehill denies that it was ever made aware that sex was involved.

      • Andrew

        I believe the ctholic church has a no sex with altar boys policy as well. We all know how that goes.

    • Daisy

      “This same thing happened to me at Boston University 30 years ago.”

      30 years ago students weren’t demanding that you and I provide them w/contraceptives/abortions etc. while they sexually abuse their room-mates. And do so not only w/impunity but w/the backing of academia.

      • Tam

        Great new word!
        “Wimpunity,” a noun: The ability to claim that common-sense rules don’t apply to you because you’re a loser.

  • Get a life scumbag

    Yea cause everyone who doesn’t want to watch some disgusting slob like you have sex must be fat and bitter right you dirty pervert?

    • Just curious

      That sounds like the kind of angry reply one would get from a fat and bitter person.

  • nrt

    She was just pissed that she wasn’t getting laid too…if her roomie’s friends were bangin’ her too she would be as happy as a clam at high tide

    • lovetron


    • Oderus

      LOL, damn straight

  • potvin

    Her roommate sounds like a real slut.

    • astralweeks

      Sounds like the Georgetown coed who wants everyone else to pay for her birth control.

      • boomboom

        Exactly! And of course the taxpayers will have to pay for all her STDs to be treated. What I find disturbing is how young women have no concern about being perceived as sluts, which is just what many of them are.

        • james pog

          And, they said that she slept with more then one guy? This could not have been a consenting, monogamous, relationship? So, just being married, means you won’t have STD’s, and be perceived as a slut?

    • Georgetown Law

      Maybe it that Fluke girl that got Limbaugh in trouble.

      • JustSayNoNow

        Gotta be Fluke. In related news… the costs of Obamacare are now projected to be $111 billion more than anticipated – partially, the result of the cost of contraceptives for Fluke.

        • David Kramer


        • Gerri

          Fluke could not possibly have THAT MUCH sex. Unless she is trying to set the world marathon gang bang record.

          • domij

            maybe that includes the cost of the booze needed to bed her?

      • Mr. Truth

        Naw. Rush isn’t in any trouble.

        • Zipperhead

          Everytime they go after Rush they just increase his audience.

      • Gerri

        OMG!! I can not believe the hate spewed here. Ms. Fluke needs our full support so she can fufill her desires. That is what we would all want! Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We Amerikkkans should not deny others RIGHT to whatever contraceptive is needed.

        • Avenger

          I hope you are sying that “tongue in cheek”!

        • Linda Holder

          Nobody is denying anyone their right to contraceptives. They are all available at the corner drugstore. Use your debit card; they also take cash. That’s a ruse by the gov’t you all are falling for.

          • PMArtin

            What if they want a sheep, huh? You can’t use a debit card to get a good sheep. Taxpayer gotta pay!!!

            • Gerri

              The government will provide a special voucher for whatever servicing you will be needing. Kind of like food stamps. Then everybody will have to go to a government run and staffed site that will be able to cater to any whim or kink possible. We do not want to have a bias against any alternative lifestyle or desire.

              • PMAartin

                Wait a minute. Are we talking about sheep here? I thought you meant sheep to slaughter and eat. Are we talking about something else?

        • David Kramer

          Fluke you too.

        • Hidingandwatching

          A “right” doesn’t come out of somebody else’s wallet.

          • PMArtin

            Does so if it’s two sheep! Who doesn’t like a good sheep?(See Geri above).

        • russell

          Then you can pay for it dingbat!!

        • ali3nation

          Gerri, I do hope your comment is tongue in cheek.

          • Gerri

            My comment was NOT tongue in cheek. For example, If someone wants a sheep for happiness, he or she should have at it. AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!! In this era of hope and change, no pursuit of pleasure or happiness is beyond the bounds of taxpayer support.

            • Hidingandwatching

              So if it would make me happy to slap you upside your head, should the taxpayers buy me a plane ticket for the trip?

            • PMArtin

              What about two sheep?

              • Gerri

                You’ll need to talk with Barney Frank about that one.

            • Joe taxpayer

              Geri….go make your own money….once you work for a living and hopefully pay taxes……you will not want to pay for lazy worthless people…I assure you…just because daddy paid for everything doesn’t mean the rest of the planet gets to cover your expenses when you “grow up”

        • John

          Even as a teenager I would buy my own condoms, but you think there should have been a government program to buy them for me?

        • Toknee

          Gerri, are you serious? Ms fluke is getting her right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness. What she wants is for us to pay for her happiness. Why should the american taxpayers supplement their income so she can go out and get laid? We are not denying their ability to get contraceptives. There isnt a ban on contraceptives. Its just some horny co-eds think they are entitled to free stuff. I dont know about you and where you work, but I pay for my condoms, i pay for my wifes birth control, and on top of that i pay my insurance premiums to cover the birth control. And guess what…. I’m a student too.
          College students do get free health care through the school health plan. But we shouldnt be subsidizing everything for them. Guess what student loans are for? Guess what a job is?
          Its time for these “entitlement” students to grow up and see reality.

          • Oderus

            I don’t know what school you attend, but we damn sure don’t get anything resembling “free” healthcare here. We can pay for student insurance, and I do mean pay. It ain’t cheap. If you have a headache or a cold, you can stop by the clinic for a tylenol and an antihistamine, but that’s hardly healthcare.

            • The Bobster

              It’s a lot cheaper than insurance in the real world.

        • Meepsch

          Nobody is denying anyone their RIGHT to whatever contraceptive is needed. We just don’t want to hear about it, deal with it OR PAY FOR IT. Make your own choices, handle the consequences of your own choices and pay your own bills.

          • Jim

            I agree, When will we have the “Right” to a government funded prostitute to achieve my right to pursue happiness?

            • monger

              How about a govt funded viasectomy so we can start cleaning up the gene pool.

          • Mags

            I need an effin’ enema. Who’s payin’?

        • Tien

          You love the KKKs so much that you have to mention it in all your posts.

  • Apolcalypto

    Git som!

  • Tyler

    You are a clueless jerk. Would you similarly criticize someone with diabetes or a heart condition? I don’t agree with the particular lawsuit but here is a young woman trying to succeed in life and all you can come up with is how horrible people with ADD must be in the bedroom? What planet are you from?

    • caligula

      comparing an ugly person who can’t get laid to someone with an actual illness is quite a stretch.

    • USArmyCombatMedic

      I truly don’t consider ADD to be on the same level as diabetes or, say, coronary heart disease. I’m not saying ADD is “made-up”. To me, a person with ADD is on the same level as someone in 2012 with scurvy. Sure, it exists, but’s its pretty ridiculous.

      How is it the military is able to train people (even those diagnosed with ADD, or heaven forbid..ADHD) to stand in one place for hours at a time without so much as scratching an itch?

      • Rom

        And we all know how important standing in one place can be on the battlefield.

        • USMilitary11

          I doubt you would know anything about that.

          • 11B

            You beat me to it, bro…

          • Secretwhistler

            I would and he is right. You don’t want to STAND in one place in the battlefield. Unless you want to get shot of course.

      • Bill

        It’s called torture.

        • ali3nation

          Its called discipline, self discipline and the vast majority of our citizens would do well to learn about it.

  • John

    If her accusations about her roommate are true, what does her looks have to do with anything. Are you saying that attractive women enjoy promiscuous sex in there presence and ugly women do not?

    • Mr. Truth

      Plenty of ugly women have sexy time. Just go to a NASCAR race and look around!

      • Secretwhistler

        There are more good looking women at a NASCAR event than any other sport.

  • al

    When did our civilized modern society degrade into people acting like animals in the presence of others?

    • Avenger

      It started in the 1960’s and now we are paying the price for letting liberals run things.

    • lcs

      When? When the children of boomers ‘grew up’ and had kids.

    • Japes Macfarland

      Maybe it began when the secular Left started daily insisting we are more akin to monkeys than angels?

    • Danny

      A long, long, long time ago. You missed that boat.

    • B

      When the govt started saying its ok to have no personal responsibility, accountability, or consequences to your actions. When taxpayers will be forced to bear the brunt of the cost of promiscuity. When kids are told “Do what feels good, and then complain when you don’t get what you want.”.

      • apachecav

        B you got that right!!!

        • Minorkle

          I concur

    • red

      When? When did society evolve into the human body and natural acts being a cause for depression in someone else?

      Guess what, we ARE animals, and we are very sexual creatures. She was in her living space having sex. Welcome to living in a shared college dorm. If she wanted better accommodations she could pay for it, which she did moving into a hotel.

      I had a roommate the really grossed me out with some of his “habits”. Doesn’t mean I claimed he was the reason for my problems and sued the school.

      What a pitiful little girl. She needed an excuse for being a failure at school and a failure at relationships. This will look really good for her future too. Why would I want to hire someone that is going to make up stories and sue me when she doesn’t get her way?

      Her roommate is was in the right, she is in the wrong. I’d like to see info on her grades and classwork, seeing as I highly believe this is her excuse for a poor college performance.

      • nancy

        When you became a dog in heat!

      • jh

        Excreting solid waste is also a natural act, but we don’t do that in common areas (speaking for myself of course). If you want an active sex life (and most of us do), YOU need to get the private room (or coordinate with your roomate). Decency anyone? It’s not that hard.

        • DF

          Whatever happened to the old sock on the doorknob messaging system?

          • Eli

            Lot of schools these days are against it. But it worked fine when I was in university and my BF came over.

      • Nimadan

        Your attitude is incredible.

        There is no evidence that Blankmeyer made this up.

        The roommate ( and her boytoys) were Inflicting their sexuality on a NON-CONSENTING person. By what bizarre reasoning, you conclude this is okay is incomprehensible to anyone who isn’t morally retarded.

        Blankmeyer was in the right, the skank is 100% wrong.

        • Sandra Johnson

          I agree 100%. I hope the girl wins the lawsuit against this college. Her roommate sounds like that Fluke girl. Wonder who pays for her birth control.

        • Secretwhistler

          There is no evidence that says that she didnt make it up either

          • Nimadan

            So you concede all the other points? THANK YOU…. for not being a complete subhuman. However you do yourself no credit by supporting the OP’s slander of Ms Blankmeyer.

            • Secretwhistler

              I never said that i support it. I just said that there was no evidence that she didn’t make it up. Ya follow?

    • The MaD HaCkER

      She would have never heard the end of it if she had turned the hose on these dogs.

    • Secretwhistler

      Because we are animals

    • Vin

      Acting like animals — that’s exactly it. The school should have thrown the girl — and her boyfriend — out on their donkey ears.

  • Chuck

    My prayers are with the girls – especially the one who had suicidal depression. Incredible, though, if this had been driving a homosexual boy to suicidal depression, no one would hesitate for a second to support him. C’mon, people, let’s be consistent – suicidal depression is not the butt of a joke, treat it seriously, in ALL cases.

    • astralweeks

      Yeah right, you read too many Penthouse forum letters.

      • Saul Alinski

        Let me relate a story about my amputee girlffriend.

    • Tiffany

      My experience is that in that kind of 3 way. the women are often left depressed at the end.

      • Ricardo Diaz

        I think I just feel in love with Tiffany!!!

      • Eric

        We are going to need more details on that “experience”…..

  • John Zaffino

    OK, I was sympathetic, until I read that she claims that her roommate slaps her, shakes her and yells at her to keep her awake….. why? Is this real, or imagined to explain her inability to cope with college life? If it’s real, then there should to be a criminal assault charge filed. If not, this girl needs som serious mental health help..

    • lovetron

      I can completely understand how living with this wet blanket could drive one to slap, shake and yell at her. What a complete buzzkill she must’ve been. I’ve known people like this who are so self-absorbed with their own insecurities, maladies and shortcomings, they’re on a constant campaign to ruin everyone else’s good time and make them as miserable as they themselves are. You can only take so much of walking on eggshells around this kind of person before it must eventually come to a head.

    • A Murphy

      Your kidding, If had been a homosexual, I would have encouraged suicide

  • DY

    No sympathy for this person; She was given options and she REFUSED them…

    • Hans

      Why should Blankmeyer move.? The broad having sex should move.

      • lovetron

        Why? It’s her room too. She’s entitled to get it on in her own space as much as she wants. The plaintiff needs to grow up. She doesn’t live with mommy and daddy anymore. Some people are just totally unequipped to deal with the real world.

    • John

      I would agree with but what is consistent throughout this article is that we were not given a lot of information. What were those options?

  • Leslie Singleton

    This story is worthless without pics

  • Harry0

    Another unpopular female with an out-of-work lawyer for a father.

    • Get a life scumbag

      Are you on the sex offender list?

  • Judge Schmales

    This girl could have had a lot of fun with this if she wanted to … couple of things come to mind like video and setting up her roomate for some pretty embarrassing situations. And when I was in college me and my roomate would routinely have women in the room all night – not at the same time either … .and it never bothered us or the girls.

    • Carl

      Ever hear the one about the Priest, the Colored boy and the Rabbi?

      • David Kramer

        Quit picking on Obama.
        By the way, what did the bartender say when a terrorist, a pedophile, a murder and a founder of a totalitarian government walked into the bar?

        I thought muslims did not drink Muhhamed?

      • domij

        Good one bishop! (line from Caddyshack)

  • john

    The chances of getting into Blankmeyer’s pants – are slim to none !

  • Cooter

    Can I volunteer to have her old dorm room and roommate?

    What was her name again?

    • David Kramer

      I think it was Fluke.

  • Steve

    This does sound awfully stupid on the part of a Catholic college. Rampant deviate sexual behavior and the one not doing it is the one who has to leave school. That really doesn’t seem to be the environment a parent envisions when they send little Dottie to church school and pay out the big bucksl. It ain’t Harvard so you could expect some standards. Evidently no,t unfortunately.

  • 57nomad

    From The Fifth Element:

    ” a few pictures………for the archives.”

  • K

    wow, this sex addict sounds like my roomate at Hofstra… wonder if it’s is her daughter! It was a revolving door of men with her, sometimes 2 and three different ones a night.

  • Leon

    You got to be kidding me. This girl should realize the destruction she is doing to freedom and our right to tap that booty. I hope she lives alone forever. She sounds Jealous more then anything, its called open up and let someone in. Physically and metaphorically.

  • Lisa Pell

    And if the Govt. pays for Birth Control they can be pulled into the lawsuit!!

    • kmrod


      No they can’t.

      Your statement is about as stupid as the original lawsuit.

      • irishsmile

        A reply that doesn’t involve calling other posters, “Stupid” would be nice.

        • kmrod

          i’ll be happy to oblige, when the original comment isn’t stupid.

          • phnx

            kmrod you apparently unfamiliar with the concept of satire, look it up.

            • astralweeks

              nimrod is more like it.

    • Elbee

      Sure. No doubt under the Commerce Clause. I’m sure there is a lawyer in the Obama administartion who will prosecute

  • Redford

    In my day, we just changed room mates.

    • noworries

      In my day we just changed the sheets.

    • JB

      The roommate should just have started farting when the skank was copulating like a wanton whore.

      • ali3nation

        Most people can not fart on command

    • John

      She tried. Read the article.

      • ali3nation

        She tried farting? or she tried to change room mates? :>)

  • kmrod

    My college roommate made the basketball team and I didn’t. That made me depressed. Maybe I should sue because the college didn’t accommodate me after I asked to be put on the team.


  • Nancy

    Find her roommates stash of condoms and use a pin to help nature along.

    • JB


    • Greg

      Problem solved in about 9 months…

      • Me

        Actually in one cycle of the moon. Or, maybe some other 28 day cycle.

  • Minky Moose

    Remember when women respected themselves, had dignity and grace, didn’t farm themselves out to multiple men like pieces of meat? I almost want to say ‘yeah, me neither’ except that it’s true young women today are skanks. There have always been the slutty girls but not nearly as many as you see now. By the way, if you don’t like this comment, go xxxx yourself.

    • Brown

      It was before Feminism.

  • David True

    Sleep is essential, should be curfue on loud sex in dorm rooms. Set aside places in lounge area for whom the itch is unusually high, plant bushes. keep everyone happy.
    But if one gets it all, the other will still be depressed. I suggest sharing.

    • kmrod

      there’s no need for a curfew on loud sex, there’s already a curfew on loud noises.

      let’s make sure we understand the real issue here………… the college offered to make accommodations and she turned them down then sued the college for not making accommodations, aka STUPID FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT.

    • Think About It

      How trew. Sharing is not a nue concept. It especially helps when you’re feeling blew. A place in the lounge might not be a good idea as the students will eventually scrue.

  • Steve

    They left out the most important detail – Stonehoill is a Catholic college – at least in name.

    • kmrod


  • brad

    She showed have planted a webcam and charged a view subscription or played them for Pelos’si committee.

  • Jenny

    If her roommate was openly having sex in front of her she should have taped it and posted it to the Internet. She could have made a few bucks off of the tapes and made her roommate miserable enough to leave.


    • Try Again

      Yeah, just like the case last year where the roommate did that and is now facing a slew of charges because the roommate ended up killing himself due to the video. You’re absolutely brilliant.

  • aeroskyn

    Note to self…..don’t date a woman named Lindsay Blankmeyer.

    • JB

      A good Lysol spray down is in order, followed by fumigation with a pesticide and order eliminator. Can you spell Shameless Skank?

      • Try Again

        You guys are killing it on the reading comprehension here.

    • Zipperhead

      Lisa Blankmeyer, wasn’t that one of the characters in Anilmal House?

      • Zipperhead

        Lindsay Blankmeyer, wasn’t that one of the chacters in Animal House?


    She should have borrowed a copy of Sheldon and Leonard’s Roommate Agreement. All those issues are addressed and remedies stipulated.

    Can’t figure out what kind of ambulance chaser would even take on this case.

  • Othello

    I wonder which lucky company will be the one who gets to hire this Blankmeyer dynamo …

  • Ricardo

    This story is worthless without pics (of the room mate).

  • lauren

    are you sure the room mate’s name was not ” Sandra Fluke?”

    • JB

      Hahahaha LMAO… that’s good

  • Daniel Morgan

    Let me see……colleges are not suppose to interfere with the sexual rights of students and provide them with birth control, abortions and healthcare and also protect the rights of students that don’t want to listen and watch and demand special privileges (this girl could have doubled up with someone else more in tune with her beliefs)… matter what the college does, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    In the end, colleges mass produce students who are rude, impulsive, unable to solve their own problems and are basically unable to deal with the real world.

  • walljasper

    ‘Am trying to understand her point above being subjected to live sex acts of her roommate but ‘will need corroborating film footage, photos and any audio recordings for further study to draw any conclusions.

  • 223/4/freedom

    Romney and Obama support Eugenics:
    The goal of Planned Parenthood and the eugenic legacy of Sanger, Sebelius, Obama, Polosi, Boxer, Clinton, Mitt Romney, etc., and organizations like NOW and LDS support Eugenic policies to localize, to centralize, and to eliminate the physically unfit, the materially poor, the racially inferior, mentally incompetent (which is by their definition anyone whom disagrees with their particular Utopian world-view), and the methods for these ends are alive and thriving today. They relish and worship the term “science” which in fact “is” a method not a body of truths or facts. The scientific method is education, contraception, sterilization, and abortion. The best part of this tragic comedy is that it is the intended victims of these practices and policies that are the most ardent supporters, but don’t bother pointing this out to them, they have been so well manipulated like the Epsilons of Huxley’s “Brave New World,” that you will be the focal point and not their zombie like obedience to the libidinous proclivities from the lower functioning amygdala to which they are enslaved.

  • Suburbanbanshee

    Wow. One minute everybody’s all being sorry for the young man whose roommate taped him, and swearing that never shall anyone be bullied again.
    The next minute, it’s perfectly acceptable for one roommate to hog the room, assault the other woman, and do all kinds of stuff unacceptable at a Catholic school — because obviously, it’s the victim’s fault, and bullying such a suicidal victim is good.

    What seems obvious to me is that the sexually aggressive roommate was sexually harassing the other one, and was probably deliberately trying to get rid of her. It sounds like it may even have involved sexual assault, depending on how the laws of the jurisdiction count sexual assault. Certainly there was physical assault, if she was deliberately waking the roommate up like that.

    Of course, colleges constantly discourage calling the real police, but it’s often justified. Certainly a lawsuit is in order.

  • Dave q

    when you get Laura’s phone number pleeze pass it on…that chick sounds hot..

    • jawal

      Ahhhhh, the benefits of a liberal education. Look, she should have just bit the living piss out of her roomate for being such a disgusting pig. As, free spirited as it sounds, it is lewd and piggish. We have reached a point in American society where we have equated freedom and liberty with human depravity. Yes, human depravity still exists and deserves to be called out as such.

  • adios amigos

    Guess she was jealousbecause she wasn’t getting any!

    • Peter

      Your correct maybe she should have joined in !!!

      • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

        Yep – she should have drove on the Threeway Freeway….

        And put the videos on Youtube.

    • walljasper

      Sounds like nobody ever climbed into her canoe for a midnight paddling around Lake Romance.

  • Nik

    The Lawsuit is frivolous because Blankmeyer was being unreasonable by not taking another room. She insisted upon having a single room when she could have just moved into another double. She claims her “preexisting psychological conditions” gave her the right to a single room. If this was the case, then she should have applied for a single room at the beginning of the year. Also she still managed to graduate in 4 years without a delay.

    • herm

      Normally I’d agree, but the Americans with Disabilities Act seems to give her a leg to stand on;)

  • Evan, Stonehill '10

    “The first option was to move to another dorm called “The Courts” where Lindsay would have to live in a room that was previously being used as a study lounge. It was not a dorm room, but rather a small cubicle-like space.”

    I lived in one of those singles my senior year, and I was lucky to do it. Those rooms were the biggest singles on campus and my favorite dorm room from all four of my years at SC. She was offered a perfectly acceptable solution and turned it down. My theory: she just got her first notice to pay back her student loans and freaked out.

    • george

      Or maybe she sees this as her road to fame, however fleeting. Not to mention the prospect of digging some bucks out of the school.

      • kmrod

        “maybe she sees this as her road to fame” ……….. she’s definitely going to hear her name on Leno and Conan.

  • rocker90

    why is she watiting this ling to file?

  • dakotahgeo

    Blankmeyer needs a damn good spanking and some educating! She’s darn lucky the university even listened to her.

    • Nimadan

      So I take it, you’re bringing your kids up to act like the slut room mate did?

      And then, let me guess, you’re going to be surprised and indignant
      when they’re charged with sexual harassment, aren’t you?

  • mj

    can someone get me laura’s phone # ?

    • Thomas

      508 867-5309

      /just guessing – you might reach Jenny, though

  • Len

    Actually she’s right. Her roommate seems to have consistently and continually violated basic dormitory rules. While its not the job of the school to judge the roommates openly sexual lifestyle, they do have an obligation to enforce dormitory regulations equally for all students. By allowing the roommate to ignore the rules, the school has left itself open to this type of lawsuit.
    If the roommate had carried on her open lifestyle within the rules, including but not limited to obtaining permission for overnight guests and conducting video chats in a more appropriate area (remember, dorms are not free…students pay large sums of money each semester), then the lawsuit would indeed be frivolous.

    • Jean

      She needs to grow up. Living in a dorm is never easy. Every one of my friends have had problems with their first dormmates including bringing their boyfriends to stay over. None of these people fell into a deep depression or became suicidal. She had these problems before going to school and she should have known this could happen or she should have gone to a school she could commute to from her parent’s house where she was “safe.”

    • mitchrx7

      are you a baby too?

    • MIZ-ZOU

      I don’t recall any rules at my University regarding the need for permission to bring in overnight guests or how to use the internet in our own rooms. This sounds like an issue of an inconsiderate roommate more than anything. If she wanted to be in a place where they (try to) keep guys from staying overnight, she should have moved into a sorority, rented an apartment, or taken one of the other reasonable accommodations the school offered. When you share a living space, you don’t get to dictate everything.

      • Jac

        You get to dictate DECENCY. It isn’t unreasonable to ask a roommate not to have sex in front of you.

      • mjazz

        Shouldn’t have to share a living space with a third person, though.

  • Lauren, Stonehill '10

    I am embarrassed for the lawyer who decided to use his law degree to take this case.

    • Curly

      Don’t ever be embarrassed for a lawyer!

      • george

        Absolutely not. The lawyers themselves are never embarrassed.

        • Joe

          Really ! No wonder most politicians are former lawyers !


        This girl will become another “f”ing lawyer…just what we need ….oh yes one more thing….”OBAMA OR AMERICA YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH”…PLEASE PASS IT ON…THANKS

  • Esmerelda

    Blankmeyer sounds like a spolied nut.
    I cant get the room I want so I’m going to sue.
    Too Bad, that’s life, cant always get what you want.

    • nosympathy

      1. Google the lawsuit filing on PDF; very interesting; Apparently Lindsay’s first roomie dropped out after attempting suicide. Think about that for awhile. Maybe her first roomie should sue her…
      2. Google her and check out her twitter pic.
      3. But a lawyer can get you what you don’t deserve..


      And if the Govt. pays for the room mates birth control you can sue the Govt!

      • kmrod

        nope, still wrong.

        • phnx

          satire kmrod, satire

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