Stonehill College Student’s Lawsuit: Roommate Had ‘Disturbingly’ Open Sex Life

Lindsay Blankmeyer Alleges Girl's Wild Behavior Furthered Her Depression

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A college student from New York is suing Stonehill College in Massachusetts, a Catholic Liberal Arts College, saying her roommate’s sex life drove her into a suicidal depression and that the school did nothing to address her concerns.

Web Extra: Read The Criminal Complaint Here

The student, Lindsay Blankmeyer, alleges that her roommate, “Laura,” was “having online and actual sex right in front of her,” according to the court complaint.

“More disturbingly, Laura would have sex with her boyfriend while Lindsay was trying to sleep just a few feet away. Laura would also engage in sexually inappropriate video chatting when Lindsay was in the room,” the complaint read.

Blankmeyer suffered from depression and Attention Deficit Disorder when she enrolled at Stonehill in September of 2007. She said she wanted to see how she would perform in school “without any sort of additional help in the form of a reasonable accommodation.”

However, the complaint states that Blankmeyer began to incur issues because her roommate “often had overnight guests without asking [Blankmeyer’s] permission or even informing [her] that she would be having guests.”

The complaint also went on to say that Blankmeyer’s roommate would “stay up late with lights on,” keeping her awake. The complainant even claims that her roommate “began shaking her and yelling at her” while she was sleeping.

Blankmeyer eventually went to her resident assistant, detailing her “toxic environment” and “emotionally taxing…struggles.”

After the resident assistant apparently told Blankmeyer’s roommate, Laura, to provide advance notice of guests visiting the room and to “video chat in the common area,” according to the complaint.

Blankmeyer was given additional housing options, which did not meet her satisfaction. She and her parents asked if she could have her old dorm room back minus her roommate.

When that request was denied, they asked for a single room, but were told Blankmeyer “was not entitled to a reasonable accommodation of a single room.”  In the weeks and months afterward, she fell into a “dark and suicidal depression requiring her to take a leave of absence from school.”

Blankmeyer eventually moved to a hotel, but left the “increasingly isolated environment.” She was eventually able to complete her final semester of school while home in New York.

The lawsuit against the school alleges Stonehill refused to grant Blankmeyer “reasonable accommodation of a single room.”

It alleges that the school violated the Rehabilitation Act, the federal Fair Housing Act Amendments and Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws.

Stonehill said it is taking the accusations seriously.

“We are reviewing the complaint, which focuses on a previous roommate issue. There are two sides, and sometimes more, to every story. We will be responding to the complaint,” said Martin McGovern, director of Communications and Media Relations at Stonehill College, in a statement.

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  • Wilder Naplam

    I’ll bet she is fugly as hell.

  • Bob

    I went to San Diego State… My roomie and I had an agreement that both us were always going to find away to get laid as frequently as humanly possible! If one of us had a lady friend over we had an unspoken agreement that if we could pull it off a threesome was always welcome.

    Nothing better than turning your back to the action and making the girl feel like you were sleeping and hearing your buddy making her have a loud orgasm!

  • GettingEducated

    I had a room mate who was like that. Everynight he was banging some “girl” and I was wacthing the community TV until the wee hours. I finally had enough and told him to take it somewhere else since I was there for an education!!! Not everyone is able to kick their roommates butt.

  • weneedrubio

    This would all be solved if the government would just pay for more contraception. After all the sexless one obviously can’t afford it. This is the single biggest problem in the country and we should put all of our best men on her, I mean it, I mean, you know what I mean.

  • what_what

    can someone rewrite the following sentence from the article to be readable? Is there just a comma missing after the word After or is there a deeper grammatical issue going on??????

    After the resident assistant apparently told Blankmeyer’s roommate, Laura, to provide advance notice of guests visiting the room and to “video chat in the common area,” according to the complaint.

  • Steve

    More petty bs.

  • Don

    Give me a break, the school offered another room to her, another person trying to get rich overnight. The judge should throw this lawsuit right out.

  • Herman Cain

    Herman’s cane is able! Call me — I did weird, in distress chicks!

  • Bill Clinton

    I’ll need to look into things here!

  • Charles

    She should have turned the tables. Sat up in bed and watched with some popcorn, made comments, and invited friends over. I bet she would have quit.

  • Jimmy from Houston

    She is lucky she is not at Notre Dame. There she would kept awake by all that groveling and kissing of Obama’s rear.

  • CommonCents

    This CATHOLIC university is failing here… where is their ‘student code of conduct’?

    The ‘out of control’ roommate should either be expelled or told to move off campus.

  • Gerri

    OMG!! I can not believe the hate spewed here. Ms. Fluke needs our full support so she can fufill her desires. That is what we would all want! Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We Amerikkkans should not deny others RIGHT to whatever contraceptive is needed.

    P.S.: Lush Limburg is a vile, woman-hating pig!

    • Wilder Naplam

      So calling Rush a “vile woman hating pig” isn’t spewing hate? Obviously you are a dumbass liberal.

    • dakotahgeo

      Thank you Gerri… not to mention a former (???) DRUG addict!!!

    • newjerseybt

      There was no hate spewed…just the truth. The woman’s virtue is not in question as Sandra has aleady explained her virtues to all of America and her parents.This woman’s “right” as you say to have unlimited sex is not in question…It is the PRICE she demands that is in question. She demands that her tons of sex to be subsidized and paid for by the American taxpayers. Uncle Sam is not her JOHN!

  • newjerseybt

    I can see sleep deprivation causing depression. How can anyone sleep with the constant headboard slamming all night?

  • Steve

    Wow can I be her room mate

  • JD

    My wife had a college roommate who did the same thing. Her stated goal was to sleep with every guy at her small private College. In order to accomplish this she would have to take them on two at a time, sometimes with a friend. Today, at least if she attended Georgetown Law School, this slut would demand that I pay for her contraception in the form of my tax dollars.

  • SandraFluke

    I wonder if her birth control costs are up to $3000.00 yet.

  • donttreadonme

    Can anyone get me in touch with her roommate??

  • JandJ

    Sounds like a reasonable case. I don’t like lawsuit happy people, but maybe this case could help stop the wild Sod0m and Gomorrah animal behavior on colleges especially without care for a roomate

  • Em Jones

    Same ol’ sex (and getting stoned) deal …anywhere with anyone. Same as it was when I was an undergrad in the 1960’s. The few guys that I knew who maintained any standards of self respect, self restraint and morality were few…and very far between. One fact that I recall from the few (I was one of ’em)…no trips to the infirmary for STD drugs. And we graduated.

  • Jeff

    This is what happens with big government, people expect the government to fix things instead of taking control of their lives.

  • EP

    Fart, scream, laugh, emasculate her boyfriend, blast awful music, microwave indian food, videotape them, and do everything you can to make it the worst sex ever. Next time they might think twice about getting rowdy in the room with you there.

  • mark

    Thiis girl had the problems before she went to the school. The article clearly states that the girl did not want the school to give her a special accomodation. Then after she complained, they offered her several different arrangements which she turned down. It seems like she wanted to sue from the beginning and set the senario up in order to sue. If she was so upset she should have just moved to a different room when the school offered.

  • pwrplay126

    She should have just taken video of her. Every time she was doing something inappropriate break out the video camera and start filming. She is allowed to do whatever she wants on her side of the room too.

  • tubaman

    go get em,girl.make the stupid university pay!!!!

  • Jaquizz

    Blankenmeyer should of just jumped into the sex sessions and get that good ole endorphine release :)

  • Junnipersmippets

    It would make me sick, too. Not everyone wants to live like a whore, or live with one for that matter. Sounds like roommate had the emotional/mental/personal problems, not the woman filing the complaint.

  • Vod Kanockers

    All I can say is, here is another crybaby liberal that didn’t get her way…..waaaaaaa

    I hope she chokes on it…….Jeeeeeeezzzzzz

  • Jack

    A fornicator should be expelled from the college.

  • CoedSmusher

    Pictures, we need pictures.. also if I could get a facebook link to the roommate I would greatly appreciated.

  • Thomas Pain

    All she had to do was threaten to record these incidents and then send them to her parents, grandparents, professors, etal. That would have worked!

  • Ben

    It sounds like the college did everything within reason to accommodate her. The sad part is that this girl lacked the people skills to resolve the issue on her own accord. That is the direction our culture of victimhood has taken us.

  • Jake

    Anyone seen PCU? There is a scene where Jermey Piven is hooking up with his girlfriened and jumps across the bed all crazy and attacks David Spade. I wonder if this is how it went down here?

  • Shawn

    Drama lama

  • Ricardo Diaz

    Just go to any bathroom up there…It should be written on a wall somewhere

  • GivemeIUDorgivemedeath

    I wonder If Obama will call here and see if she is OK.

  • Dee

    please READ the Complaint filed before posting any of the stupid comments. This is a vaild court action filed by someone who should have been helped.

  • DrMaxH

    What a bunch of scumbags leaving message on here.

    If she did not have a good case, a lawyer would not have taken it. don’t belive me, try taking a frivolous take to a trial lawyer and see how fast they send you packing.

    The school –all schools—should have rules prohibitng sex in shared dorm rooms, with expulsion being the consequence of breaking said rules.

    They are plenty of other places to have sex and decent people (that excludes most of you commenters) should not be forced to have to deal with dispicable, disgusting roommates like the student described in this case.

    This may be a “free country” where freedomn is defined as the right to degrade yourself sexually and by all other means, but those with values and morals also have rights to live accordingly.

    It’s about time that school administrators put a stop to all of the animal, screw-in-the-street, sex-parties and drugs and booze. They are suppsoed to be the adults. They should be held accountable for allowing the dormitories to turn into brothels and human garbage dumps for the slimeballs who approve of the roommate’s conduct — the subhuman who do not deserve the life God gave them.

  • Melvin

    If I was the girl and the, “Skeezer,” roommate was having hookups with everyone including the school mascot, and the neighbors dog, she just should have gotten a bucket of cold water and poured it on them to cool their desires.

  • bob wehadababyitsaboy

    that isn’t her. that chick goes to school at NYU. stop abusing your troll capabilities.

  • Ron J

    Lindsay needs a “mushroom tattoo” on her forehead.

    • Melvin

      Same could be said for Laura the roommate. Except maybe Laura should have on her forehead, “Open for business.” But then again I guess some guys like sloppy 2nd’s, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths……..

  • bob wehadababyitsaboy

    i agree. i bet she is fat and looks ugly as sin. fat chicks hate seeing women have a good time. looks have a lot to do with these types of situations. very good comment mike.

  • Rolando

    Is the college running a whore house or an educational institution.

    Fire the RA and his/her boss and the college president. They are supposed to be running a residence and college of educational value.

    You can have cheap sex in the back of a car any time you want. Intelligent students are actually paying to learn how to think and accomplish really important things.

  • mike

    Catholic college allowing ‘visitation rights’ is in the wrong out of the gate. If the roommate wants to sleep with her boyfriend, it shouldn’t be in her dorm.

  • gk60

    Suck it up, and dont be a idiot

  • Think About It

    When do taxpayers have to start paying for her whorish roommates contraception?

  • gk60

    This happened all the time, we dealt with it, we didn’t go down the all american path of suing, suck it up and deal with it….

  • I. Ronick

    “This idiodic [sic] lawsuit”

    You have to love an idiot referring to his intellectual betters as “idiodic [sic]”…

  • Marbran

    Is her roommate Sandra Fluke? That would explain all the contraceptives ($3,000 a year) that Fluke claims she needs for free from somebody…just not from her purse.

    I am so sick of the endless victim mentality. Quit your whining, Lindsay.

  • Ron Ocala

    I was hoping for more information on the roommate. Like full name, favorite positions, cell number……

    • Ed Simple

      BWAAHHAHAHAHAHAHa ….exactly.

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