Baron Davis Sees Knicks Winning NBA Title This Season

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Baron Davis just took a page out of Rex Ryan’s playbook.

The Knicks point guard told the New York Post that he sees a “2011-12 New York Knicks” championship banner rising to the rafters at Madison Square Garden.

“I think that we’ll come out of nowhere,” he told the paper, “and we’ll do it.”

Davis said he’d “probably” DJ at a New York City nightclub “once we win the championship.”

The Knicks have surged back from a lackluster start to reach .500 behind the emergence of Jeremy Lin.

Now at 18-18, New York is poised to make a run.

“I am optimistic, and I believe in what we have here in New York City,” Davis told The Post. “And I believe in what we have here for the New York Knicks.”

Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni started the title talk back in December.

“If it all comes together, why can’t we compete for a championship?” he told WFAN’s Mike Francesa.

Linsanity has helped bring the excitement back to MSG. The Knicks displayed more of a team game Wednesday, but the crowd was electric as ever.

Davis said that combined with the depth of his team, the Garden faithful could “take us all the way.”

What do you make of Baron’s boasts? Sound off below…


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  1. Seir says:

    I am a huge melo, lin , and knicks fan. If their defense stays like this,, and baron davis can be a good point guard i say yes, they will win the championship

  2. Bobbyg says:

    Knicks can’t win with 2 ball-hogs, Hogmello , It’s a team sport Learn from Boston, Rondo has 3 stars and they all get doubledigits and he avg 11 assists

    1. knicklover says:

      lol boston thats funny cause u want them to be like a losing team

  3. Bobbyg says:

    Knicks get ready for a spanking by the celts 102 -82

  4. a. Leonard says:

    Not yet a Champioship team. But alot exciting basketball ahead….Go knicks

  5. John Smith says:

    We have witness some miracle in human history, now the underdog Lin and Knicks once again will show the world a MIRACLE. and Baron knows it, as he has the vision and he is part of this UNBELIEVABLE JOURNEY to championship.

  6. Emma says:

    The Knicks don’t have a tough schedule. Lots of people keep mentioning this upcoming road trip, but that’s a joke. They had the all-star break off. Then they played Cleveland on Wednesday, not a winning team but it took a monumental effort from the Knicks to pull out a win. Then they don’t have another game until Sunday when they go to Boston. Boston is tired and fading and the trip to Beantown is nothing. Then they go to Dallas on Tuesday. Could be tough, but alas the Mavs will be recovering from a Monday night showdown with the #1 Oklahoma City Thunder. Then finally they may get a challenge from San Antonio. Then after a day off, it’s off to face the lackluster Milwaukee Bucks. Seems like an average, if not easy, schedule.

  7. ray says:

    If davis returns to form knicks have a shot this year if not most likely next year with a yr under lins belt.

  8. Johnny Rod. says:

    I don’t think this is the year, but next season and after a Championship is a must. Commitment to DEFENSE should be established before being a championship contender. Now anything is possible with God. Go NYK

  9. Brutha4one says:

    If the starers could get on track defensively like the second unit , no telling how far they could go. Defense wins championships . Anyway you look at it it going to be an exciting interesting second half. Go Knicks !!!!!!!!

  10. Garvin Daniel says:

    The Knicks are the most improved team in the NBA this year.The Knicks have one of the toughest second half schedules in the NBA this year.
    Amid all the Linsanity and bench strength there are these questions.
    Is Amare going to regain his last season shooting form?
    Is D’Antoni the right coach for this team?
    Is the team going to be able to stay healthy and consolidate chemistry?

  11. Greg says:

    We’ll know what’s real April 15. Until then, the Knicks are better served to keep it quiet and keep workin & improvin. Regardless of what they say or dont, LETS GO KNICKS! ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK

  12. Chezi says:

    You are either not a smart and intuitive person or you don’t watch and follow the team. They are coming together as a TEAM and the chemistry is clearly evolving with the players and the upcoming Texas trip where the guys will be on their own for about a week or so, should really mold this team into a cohesive unit. That’s why I have been saying for a long while the Knicks will run away with the Atlantic and they will/should hit the Playoffs as maybe one of the hottest teams in the NBA. That’s what Davis is talking about and I agree with his sentiments exactly!!

  13. Carlos says:

    Knicks have a real shot because of their depth!!!!! Go Knicks!!!!!!

  14. Bhoops says:

    Baron is delirious, and D’Antoni is holding on to his job. I agree with “Knicks”, except I’m still hopeful for A’mare…

  15. Knicks says:

    They’ll be lucky to make the playoffs and get swept in the first round. If they played in the west they would not make the playoffs. Melo and Amare are huge Busts! Get them out of here bring in real players.

  16. TRACK says:

    I like your thinking, GOOD TEAM, GO KNICKS!…

    1. Tom says:

      Sorry, but there’s no way the Knicks can get past the Bulls or Heat in the playoffs.

      1. TRACK says:

        Tom, I’m always hopeful!, We will see….

      2. knicklover says:

        i remember last year when people said theres no way heat will beat the celtics and when theres no way dallas will beat lakers and no way the spurs will get beat by the grizzles i think theres no telling what will happen in the playoffs. but if they don’t believe and jus give the championship to the heat the way everyone this year has then they don’t have a chance. it starts with believeing

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