Report: Beyonce Nurses Baby Blue In West Village, Sparks Breastfeeding Debate

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Barely 2 months old in her first public outing, Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby girl, is already causing quite a stir.

Beyonce reportedly breastfed the baby at the Saint Ambrose Cafe and Espresso Bar in the West Village earlier this week.

The restaurant manager wouldn’t confirm the power couple had been there, but witnesses said they were having brunch when Beyonce nursed the child, not opting for the privacy of the bathroom, reports CBS 2’s Kristine Johnson.

As the restaurant does not allow strollers, Blue Ivy was carried by mom in a baby snuggly.

Most people on the street voiced their approval to CBS 2.

“Do it Beyonce, breastfeed your baby in public, on the street,” said Gary Weingarten of Bed-Stuy.

“I think it’s fine. If the baby was hungry I think it’s right,” another said.

According to civil rights law, “a mother may breastfeed her baby in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be….” but breastfeeding in public places remains controversial.

Proponents said they think Beyonce is setting a good example.

“I think it’s nice for breastfeeding mothers everywhere to have someone in the public eye who’s breastfeeding and again just to make it normal, to normalize it. It can be something odd or something special and it’s just normal,” said Leigh Anne O’Connor of La Leche League.

However, not everyone is on board.

“There are a lot of natural things that we all do in privacy and perhaps if you have the option to do it privately you should
be considerate of other people,” Jim Colucci said.

From the start, it seems everything about this baby has been in the spotlight, from the first public revelation of her pregnancy to the flaunting of the baby bump.

And with just this first outing generating big news, experts agree we’ll all be hearing much more about baby Blue.

“When two of the biggest celebrities in the world have a baby, there’s tons of interest. Any time they take Blue out is going to be very big news,” said Cristina Gibson of Life And Style Magazine.

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One Comment

  1. Bklyn mom says:

    I WISH I had been able to breastfeed on the go like that! I wasn’t. It’s so much easier than having to prepare bottle and lug a huge bag around. Bravo to any mother who is able to do this discreetly, as I’m sure Beyonce did.

  2. Rachael says:

    “Beyonce nursed the child, not opting for the privacy of the bathroom, reports CBS 2′s Kristine Johnson.”

    Um, do you eat your lunch in the privacy of a bathroom? I didn’t think so. It’s frickin’ gross. Why is this even mentioned as an option?

    1. Bklyn mom says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth! No need to comment further. People are just plain idiots.

  3. Brittany says:

    I am breastfeeding mother and I honestly look up to her as a person for doing this not because she is famous but I wish I had the nerve to feed my daughter without covering. My daughter eats better without it and gets comfortable but when I am out and have to cover she is fussy and all that so yeah I look up to her.

    But really everyone breastfeeding is the most natural, healthy thing for a baby. you watch babies eat out of a bottle now breastfeeding is the same thing pretty much just 1 million times healthier for the baby. you eat in public I eat in public, bottle fed babies eat in public, why cant a breastfed baby eat peacefully in public just like you and I do. Seriously its so much healthier and more natural than all of us eating what and where and when we eat let the poor mother feed her baby. Wow its Beyonce! so you have to say something about it, why dont you all talk bout the other breastfeeding mothers or say something to us. Exactly you wont cause we do not have millions of dollars let them live and feed their child in peace

  4. Brian says:

    For those who are against breastfeeding in public I ask; why does it bother you or make you uncomfortable?

  5. Gillian says:

    When your baby is hungry, you feed your baby. I can’t believe this is a discussion. I’ve regrettably fed my baby in washroom stalls to avoid my in-laws feeling uncomfortable. But really, the baby and mother should feel comfortable.

  6. Peep says:

    Can someone let me know when she breast feeds. I would like to verify she has a breast out in public.

  7. DMc says:

    Honestly can’t believe this even made the news. People don’t have a problem watching naked women on tv along with sex and violence in our movies, music and video games but some are seriously having an issue this day and age with a mother feeding her child in public, the most natural thing ever. Wow…what is wrong with this picture!

  8. sk says:

    why is this article even written? the restaraunt did not make an issue about Beyonce breastfeeding in public so why are you just bringing this up anyway! this article is rediculous and you should move on to talking about more important things!

  9. Steven says:

    Why is this ever an issue? How old are we? Bathroom? Yeah, great, feed the child in a dirty, disgusting bathroom. Get over it.

  10. mb says:

    Why in the world does it disquiet YOU to watch a baby eat? If it’s sanitary for YOU to eat in public, off of plates that LOTS of other people have used, how is it MORE SANITARY for baby to nurse on a TOILET stall, than in mama’s arms??

    Since you don’t want to sit at a table where any biological fluid might have been, stay home. Then you’ll know if anyone drooled on the table, used the fork before you, or if some kid vomited there last week. You clearly haven’t thought through your excuse. (Not to mention, you’re probably EATING bodily fluids – steak and cheese don’t grow on trees, ya know!)

    Oh, and by the way, bottles are LESS SANITARY than breasts. That’s why you have to sterilize BOTTLES.

  11. Me says:

    I don’t understand where the debate is. The people who were asked weren’t even in the restaurant at the time and only ONE person said it should be done in private.

    Calling this a “debate” and trying to make this a controversy is false journalism.

  12. jay Pee says:

    Why not urinate in a restaurant too? I mean that’s all natural too right?

    1. Corrine says:

      so true!!!

      1. alwaysamazed says:

        so you 2 braniacs are comparing a mother’s milk to a biological waste product? Wow, do we have some mommy issues here?

    2. vera says:

      um, maybe because one is waste, and the other is nutrition, and the restaurant is serving food made of nutrition, um, yea, so that about sums it up, is that good enough for you? Why don’t you pee where you eat? A baby should eat where ppl eat, why not.

  13. Francesca 63 says:

    People with sexual hang-ups GET OVER IT !! It’s maternal and natural NOT
    sexual ! Practially all over the world it is seen in public with no problem but here in our own NYC you still here OH MY GOD! THAT”S DISGUSTING!! all I say is you are a prude and don’t look. You go Beyonce and the 1000s of women who go au
    naturalle every day!!

    1. jay Pee says:

      @ Francesca; Give me a break. I am a medical person so please spare me lectures on the benefits of Breast feeding and yada yada.
      It is not a sexual thing it is a sanitary thing. it is disqusting to look at. Why wouldn’t a mom want to have the quiet moment with her infant in private. and BTW does the baby benefit from a expresso ?

      i do not want to sit at a table where any biological fluid from anyone may have been. Period.
      Go get a breast pump fill up bottles at home and then go out.

      1. Mama of 4 says:

        I can’t say I know what “disqusting” means but I am very happy you didn’t say you are a medical professional… If you go in public, you are surrounded by biological fluids, anytime anyone sneezes and coughs you are exposed to other people’s biological fluids, a true “medical person” would know that, even a janitor.

      2. Sandy says:

        Well, if it’s about sanitation, Mr. Pee, why don’t you eat your lunch in one of those lovely toilets. I’m sure they’d be happy to put a chair in there for you, too. And if you were indeed a medical person, as I am, you would know the considerable effort and cost related to pumping, not to mention the idiocity of feeding your baby a bottle when the real and sanitary thing is right there. Americans are so unbelievably stupid, that’s why we spend the most in “health care” and we have the worst health on the planet.

      3. Me says:

        What do you do as a medical person? Its what nature intended you to do. I dont eat meat but I allow my family to do so with out comments.. to each their own. If you dont like it, turn your head – or move to another seat, you have your rights.

      4. Ben says:

        You are NOT a medical person…you just play on online

      5. Ben says:

        You are NOT a medical person…you just play one online

  14. a doll says:

    Me being a nurse a fan and an advoca te for breastfeeding everyone should just leave heer alone. I have a whole family of women that breastfeed also and we have no problem flaunting our babies and nursing them in public becaus e it is natural men dont know if you know it but thats is why breasts where placed on women and that is to nurse the babies. Lets not be ignorant I hope what Beyonce did sparks everyone to start doing whats best for themselves and their babies and that is breastfeeding.

  15. Bullett says:

    I guess Beyonce is trying to tell us all that shes serving her baby the “Real Thing”, something not inflated.

  16. Farmmer bill says:

    Gross she’s a pig looking for attention

    1. Melissa says:

      See, thats why your an ass, you werent breast fed and you are an ignorant pig. I hope you are not a parent.

      1. princeton1991 says:

        It’s really Okay — just a temporary feeling of rejection. Farmer bill told me about his other side and is jealous. He’s half donkey. But still wating word on what the other half could be.

    2. Francesca 63 says:

      I feel sad for you

  17. David B says:

    Bravo to Beyoncé for breastfeeding in public. This debate is tired and plain idiotic. My wife breastfeeds, and though she prefers privacy, it’s our puritanical society that’s ruined any ‘freedoms’ we have. Move on already.

  18. Susan Burger says:

    I am amazed that this article did not state that New York State law has protected women and their babies from harrassment when they feed their babies normally. The law has been on the books since 1985. It includes the fact that you don’t have to comply with someone else’s idea of decency. No adult is required to eat with their head covered or eat in a bathroom. The law is posted here.

    1. princeton1991 says:

      Good law — yet some negatiive and ignoramus comments belong in the 1st grade (or less). I know some adults who never passed the Kindergarten sandbox test and, indeed, still long to be breast fed. Good luck explaining to these people that it’s perfectly natural and has nothing to do with them, even if they regress.

  19. Tami Clifton says:

    OK. How about Mom’s will quit breastfeeding in public when other people stop dressing so that I can clearly see their butt crack, breasts, mid drift…need I go on? Mom’s know what they are doing and most of the time I am quite sure the public (unless they are staring right at you) has no idea what we are doing. I can see where a celebrity would be cautious of nursing in public…KUDOS to her! She proved her child is more important than what someone might think.

  20. Lori M says:

    Give me a break. Mothers don’t breastfeed in public to flaunt or make a point. They do it because their kid is hungry and they don’t want their kid to be screaming in public. Because I’m sure if they were, you’d all be on here complaining about that, too.

    Sounds like a lot of folks don’t even know what breasts are for these days.

  21. Ted Ball says:

    It’s amazing that women in the past were able to breast feed their children without causing a comotion, these women today do it just ot get a response, but when you have no class,what do you expect????

    1. Mama of 4 says:

      How is feeding your baby an issue of having no class? Do you like eating in the bathroom? Nursing a baby is a perfectly natural thing and oddly enough, babies get hungry even when they are in public… Leave moms alone and let them feed their babies. If you don’t like it, don’t look. Easy as that.

    2. Lori M says:

      Or, maybe she just did it because her baby was hungry.

  22. susan says:

    breastfeeding a baby is what mother nature word..if someone is offended they have their head in a tree! you see more breast on the red carpet at the academy awards than you see when a woman breastfeeds a baby! babies eat all the time because they need the nourishment, so its not exactly easy to time when they get hungry..beyonce or not, im sure if the restaurant owner was not happy with the situation, he would tell her or have someone else do it..

  23. Wendy Booz says:

    There is NO problem with breastfeeding in public (I did it with my daughter). The problem arises when mothers are not reasonably discreet. Ladies, that’s what receiving blankets are for! Throw one over yourself and the baby, and no one will know whether you’re breastfeeding or not. Exposing your whole breast is unnecessary.

    1. mrodnyc says:

      THANK YOU. That is my POINT exactly. be DISCREET, and NO ONE would ever have a problem with it. be nasty with your tits out..and YES, I’m goin got have a problem with it. And so are toerh people.

    2. mrodnyc says:

      THANK YOU. That is my POINT exactly. be DISCREET, and NO ONE would ever have a problem with it. be nasty with your tits out..and YES, I’m goin got have a problem with it. And so are other people.

  24. SokrMom says:

    So did Jim Colucci make his wife breastfeed his babies in dirty toilet stalls, force the babies to stay hungry until the family could reach the privacy of their home, confine his wife to their house until his babies were weaned, or just feed the babies only formula? Just wondering…

    1. Jim Colucci says:

      Hi — Jim Colucci here. I feel like I was tricked into saying something I didn’t mean by the reporter, who kept saying that there was a private room, and not a restroom, “RIGHT THERE! SHE COULD HAVE USED IT!” So I was just saying that if that was the case, maybe the private room would have been better. Of course no one should have to feed their child in a dirty restroom, and I support Beyonce’s, and any mother’s, right to breastfeed in public, because it’s just a necessary fact of life. The kid has to eat! I’m sorry that this is not what it appears that I said.

      1. Joe says:

        Ah, yes….the real reason anything is in print nowadays….to make a headline…to sell papers and viewpoints, rather than news. Jim, I fully believe what you say….and yes, if a woman has a sanitary way of feeding her child in private, rather than public, I think it is wise to take that route. Less germs around as well….

  25. Moms Milk is best! says:

    If people are bothered by breastfeeding in public then they shouldnt look! Just saying. A mother should be able to breastfeed wherever a mother can bottle feed. Breastfeeding is better anyways. why give a kid a man made product liek formula when the baby can have natural moms milk!!!!!!

  26. Mama of 4 says:

    For everyone out there who thinks she should feed the baby in the bathroom, think about this… would you go into a public bathroom, sit down on a toilet and eat your lunch? I know I wouldn’t and I wouldn’t expect a mom to do that to feed her baby, I don’t care who the mom is.. and for C… there are many who are quite sure that a nursing baby should do nothing but nurse (no bottles) until they are much older than 2 months old to avoid nipple confusion

  27. Let Her Be says:

    She was fully covered and noone can see anyhing.NO harm No foul.

    1. Dido says:

      I’m sure she had an SUV that she could have used right outside waiting for her…Just because it’s legal does not mean you should be disrespectful and subject others to this…….Some thhings are best kept private!

      1. babies deserve to eat says:

        It was kept private not like she had her boob out for all to see.Baby and boob was covered.There is nothing wrong with that.It is just like a guy walking down street adjusting his package.What is big deal she did it the right way.

      2. Lori M says:

        YOU are the one being disrespectful! Have you ever tried breastfeeding while in a car, or a bathroom stall? Babies deserve to eat, and you should mind your own business. I don’t see how it affects you at all. If you don’t like it, don’t look. Of all the ‘nasty’ things to see in NYC, this isn’t one of them, Dido.

      3. MCN says:

        If you don’t like breastfeediing, please, be my guest, borrow this blanket and put it over your head.

      4. mb says:

        That’s right, Dido – babies should be STARVED so you can watch girls in semi-state of dress flaunt their breasts for your sexual pleasure, and not have to be reminded by discreetly nursing moms, that they have a practical purpose as well. It’s all about you, glad you cleared that up for us!

      5. heathgard says:

        breastfeeding in a vehicle can be dangerous. What if someone had lost control of their car and hit the SUV? baby all over the windshield. Lovely sight there for the rescue workers and Beyonce. Shut up, leave her be, I’m quite sure she was not flashing boob.

        Would much rather see a baby nursing @ mom;s breast than joe jackwipes underwear cause he is a too STUPID to buy the right size pants, or b forgot to pull them all the way up.

  28. C says:

    One of the things I cherished the most about breastfeeding my daughter, was the quiet intimate time together ALONE. No sirens or crowds of people. Anytime we had to go out, I would already have her milk pumped and in a bottle wrapped in foil, so it stays warm. It’s unnecessary to be breastfeeding in public, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Get a pump, save those precious times for you and your baby.

    1. Erin says:

      Not all of us CAN pump. I had to pump 2-3 times to get enough for ONE feeding. And then my breasts would be aching and leaking if I missed a feeding while out. This led to me getting breast infections. And not all of us have babies that will take a bottle – especially from mom.
      “Just pump” is NOT a solution for every mother/baby dyad.

    2. Lori M says:

      C, that is ridiculous. A new mom should not have to worry about pumping and carrying tin foil wrapped bottles around just so they can avoid the judgement of people like you, who clearly are convinced that they are the ‘best’ at being mothers! Breasts contain pure, sanitary, pre-heated milk. How stupid to think you should pump and put it in a plastic bottle just so you can be ‘acceptable’ enough to leave the house? Shame on you, as a breastfeeding mom, for judging another mom that way. It used to take a village to raise a child, now it takes a village of judgemental witches to look down on another mom rather than support her.

      1. Jeannette A says:

        Lori M, I love you! 🙂

        Its pathetic that moms dont support other moms. I am currently still breast feeding my 18 month old and while he doesnt ever want it in public anymore, If he did he would get it! I nursed in public many many times and some people gave dirty looks while others congratulated me! Its sad that either happens. It should be like any other thing seen in public.

        What get me is a woman can walk around with her butt, breastsm stomach hanging out of clothing or even a thong bathing suit but a mother cant feed her child in public? PFT! GROWW UP PEOPLE!

        1. TRACK says:

          You said it all! thank you…GO “MOMs”…

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