Police Arrest Four In Suffolk County In Connection To Burglaries

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Four New Yorkers were arrested by Suffolk County Police on Friday for their alleged connection to several burglaries dating back to February 8. The burglaries are believed to have taken place in the towns of Centereach, Selden and Coram on Long Island.

Police were called to a house when an alarm went off Friday afternoon and detectives in the area noticed that a car near the scene matched that of one involved in a burglary from March 1.

After looking into it further, detectives say that the four people inside the car were responsible for multiple burglaries that took place in the area over the past month.

Police arrested Brian Leavey, 19, of Selden; his wife, 19-year-old Olivia Case-Leavey; Michael Nuzzo, 22, of Centereach; and Cassandra Feldman, 24, also of Centereach. All four are facing multiple counts of burglary charges.

The investigation is still ongoing.


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  1. The Truth says:

    All you idiots defending these morons are pathetic. Go take a look at the homes they not only broke into, but destroyed, and tell me you feel sorry for this garbage? Have fun in jail! Karma’s a bitch.

  2. Robert Moses says:

    The first person they should have arrested is Michael Bloomberg for deliberately and ILLEGALLY exporting New York City’s crime to the suburbs. BY LAW, crime is supposed to be confined to cities, while suburbs (where REAL Americans live) are supposed to be quiet and pristine.

    1. pro-brian-olivia says:

      i agree and give us back our pills so we dont have to shoot them

    2. What the fack says:

      “BY LAW, crime is supposed to be confined to cities, while suburbs (where REAL Americans live) are supposed to be quiet and pristine.” wut. a lot of people live in the cities to WORK, I guess real Americans don’t live were there are plenty of jobs or good colleges. Its ALL Bloombergs fault, he PUT these kids in our suburbs (who btw grew up there) and told them to commit crimes. ITS HAPPENING ALL OVER LONG ISLAND. OH NOOOO. DAMN HIM FOR PURPOSELY PUTTING DELINQUENTS IN OUR PRECIOUS SUBURBS. Its not like centereach has been riddled with herion needles for 10 years or anything. Every state and every country has its good and bad areas, no where is sacred.

  3. Jessica says:

    you all need to get a life as i am sure there is someone in your own family who is struggling with addiction. If you knew olivia, she is an angel with a heart of gold, so save it. when you are pointing a finger at someone else, you have 4 other fingers pointed back at yourself…

    1. Boomer says:

      Olivia might have a heart of gold, but she is a junkie thief. If you are a family member or friend, you should check your wallet and belongings- bet she lifted something from you to support her habit. They all do…

      1. Anoynomous says:

        That’s Not true, Jessica is right and they all love their family I am sure.

    2. Alisha says:

      I agree Jessica. People aren’t born this way; one thing leads to the next and you can easily lose yourself in the hands of addiction (it happens very often). No one is invincible. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, on both sides; God have mercy- and let it be known, it it’s never too late to do the right thing.

    3. Jon says:

      Yes, a heart of gold, and seven counts of Burglary in the 2nd degree. Addiction is a reason, not an excuse. Hopefully, she’ll get the help she needs, but quit lying to yourself.

  4. Loser Bye Bye says:

    Losers when they were young now losers as adults .What a great job thei Parents did.They deserve a pat on back.

    1. Do NOT judge says:

      Are you serious. How dare you judge people who you do not know. I happen to know them and they are great people. Sometimes it has NOTHING to do with parenting. Unfortunately, it just happens. Because if it is the parents, then that would mean that yours didn’t teach you NOT to judge people. Just saying….

      1. John says:

        This quartet has a combined 27 counts of 2nd degree burglary, they are not “great people.” Those burglary’s also don’t “just happen.” You don’t trip and fall through someones bedroom window and leave with an xbox. How about instead of knowing these four, go meet their victims. Get both sides of the story.

        1. Do NOT judge says:

          I was not speaking of the arrested. I was speaking of the parents. If you read the comment that I was responding to, it was in reference to the parents. And yes, they did commit crimes that are unspeakable. And they need to pay for their crimes. That is not what I was saying. Do NOT judge the parents. That is all I was saying. Next time read carefully before responding.

    2. Anoynomous says:

      You have never met their parents! Its not always the parents or the people, So dont judge a book by its cover.

      1. kevin says:

        yes i have and there parents are just like them.

        1. Reality Check says:

          And you’re Gods gift to earth… I forgot. Thank you for enlightening us.

        2. Do NOT judge says:

          Wow Kevin, It must be great to be you. If you have met them then why didn’t you try to help them. So now you judge…And by the way, the Leavey’s are awesome people. And sometimes, bad things happen to good people. I guess you are not a parent…..

  5. Boomer says:

    Hope their parents are proud of the junkie garbage they created.

    1. Do NOT judge says:

      Wow you are ridiculous. Do you have any sympathy for the pain that they are experiencing. I just hope that your kids(if you have any) don’t make bad choices that you may have to hear judgemental people like you. Did your parents teach you to be that way….just saying


    Four disgusting junkies.

  7. Greta says:

    Total Dirtbags.

  8. Tea Bag says:

    Criminal Masterminds

  9. Big Nards says:

    Meth addicts I am sure.

    1. Jacob says:

      and your an asshole i am sure.

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