Hearing Today On Whether To Bring Tolls Back To Connecticut

HARTFORD, CT (CBSNewYork) – It’s been years since there were tolls in Connecticut, but today there is a public hearing about bringing them back.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau On The Story

Some lawmakers are eyeing tolls as a way to pay for construction of a superhighway in eastern Connecticut, Route 11, but State Senator Michael McLachlan of Danbury, a member of the transportation committee, says this is a bad idea that should not even be under discussion.

“The problem I have is that if we open the door to tolls on one road in Connecticut, I think that ultimately means we’re going to see tolls across the state of Connecticut,” the Republican said. “We really need to stop this now. Tolls is not an appropriate thing for the state of Connecticut. Recently, the state of Rhode Island rejected on their borders and we should certainly do the same in Connecticut.”

Gov. Dan Malloy, a Democrat, is not overly enthusiastic about tolls.

A spokesman says Malloy is not in favor of them short term, but he says the governor is not willing to take the issue off the table.

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  1. VY says:

    If the money could be collected by new electronic means, without those dangerous toll booths that cost more in collector salaries than they add to the money used to maintain the roads, then by all means colect tolls.
    Just don’t build those old type of toll barriers that stop traffic and make drivers eat gas going no where.

  2. Junior says:

    It already takes forever to drive 95 NY to RI, add the tolls, and extra traffic, LOL! Take even longer. It also costs money to build and man the tools.

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