Nassau County Votes To Close Half Of Its Police Precincts

Vote Goes Along Party Lines, 10-9; One Republican Leaves In Tears

MINEOLA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Police precincts in Nassau County have been chopped due to an ongoing budget battle.

With the county facing a $310 million budget gap, the Legislature voted along party lines, 10-9, on Monday afternoon in favor of closing half of the county’s eight precincts. According to CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan, one Republican legislator who voted for the proposal left in tears.

“You are soft on crime, and that’s how we see this plan,” one angry taxpayer said.

“It’s very heavy on hyperbole and short on factual data as to what the commissioner plans to do with this county,” another taxpayer said.

1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria Reports

Moments after Nassau’s new police commissioner, Thomas Dale, was confirmed, he was subjected to jeers and catcalls after admitting the exact details of the controversial police precinct realignment plan were still being worked out — although the vote was scheduled just moments away.

“How could you with good conscience vote on a plan that is up in the air?” Valley Stream resident Milagros Vicente told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Some taxpayers complained bitterly and the Democrats — up in arms — demanded tabling the plan until kinks can be worked out to downsize the police force.

“I never voted in my 17 years I’m here on a plan that’s in flux every minute of every day, and I don’t understand how anybody up here could possibly vote on it,” 16th District Legislator Judith Jacobs said.

Under the plan, the 1st Precinct in Baldwin, 5th Precinct in Elmont, 6th Precinct in Manhasset and 8th Precinct in Levittown will become community policing centers with fewer officers.

EXTRA: Precinct Map (pdf)

The 2nd Precinct in Woodbury, 3rd Precinct in Williston Park, 4th Precinct in Hewlett and 7th Precinct in Seaford will remain open and operate as usual.

WCBS 880 Reporter Mike Xirinachs Reports

Officials said 48 police officers will be moved from desk jobs to so-called “problem-oriented police positions.”

County Executive Ed Mangano said the plan will save taxpayers up to $20 million a year, eliminating over 100 desk jobs and slashing overtime costs. He said police patrols wouldn’t change in neighborhoods.

“We’re talking about what public safety looks like in the policing centers, and I assure you it’s a lot more than two police officers 24 hours a day, which, unfortunately, some of the public were led to believe. We are sitting down intelligently talking about police work and that’s a good thing for everyone here in Nassau County,” Mangano said.

Mangano and Commissioner Dale said residents have nothing to fear.

“We have a common purpose here. We all want to deliver public safety — in the most effective an efficient way,” Mangano said.

“And all these things that are happening, we’ll deal with it. We’ll address it one by one,” Dale added.

Residents losing their neighborhood precinct aren’t so confident.

“Maybe on paper it sounded good, but you’ll see what happens,” one person said.

“You gotta find someplace else to cut the corners,” another person said.

“It’s gonna be hard keeping it safe around here — for the kids and schools,” added Esha Rambarran of Elmont.

Union leaders dispute that figure and warn crime could increase if the precincts are closed.

“There were thousands upon thousands of people who’ve said this is a bad idea, yet they continue to vote this into law,” Police Benevolent Association President James Carver said.

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One Comment

  1. AgeRomance_CoM says:

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  2. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    Most of the cops are driving around anyway, so why does it matter that they reported to one building instead of another? And why should a bunch of desks get more protection than actual taxpayers?

  3. bob says:

    These are probably the same fools that voted no for the New arena referendum. When the Coliseum closes in 3 years, you think Nassau County won’t be in another fiscal mess? Heck, they even can’t collect all of the money from parking and red light violations.

    1. Lawn-Guy Land says:

      Kiss my nutsack.

  4. Sick of the BS says:

    And while you’re all at it look at how the county refunds tax grievances. I’m pretty sure that’s more of a reason the county is bankrupt than civil service worker’s salaries. As an easy example for those of you who don’t know how it works…. say you pay $10000 in property taxes for the year, the county gets about $2000 of that the rest goes to school (in some cases around 70% of your taxes) municipalities, and the like. You grieve them and get let’s say a $5000 award, the county pays 100% of it!!!! It doesn’t get anything back from the other places your tax money goes. so in this example they give back 100% of what you paid them and an additional $3000!!!!! Try running a business like this. You wouldn’t make it a month. And this my friends and foes is the REAL reason for Nassau County’s financial woes. Why doesn’t someone run with this story? Why doesn’t the County Emperor and his clowns address this real and EXPENSIVE issue? Why? Because it doesn’t make for sensational headlines and it’s politically unpopular. Fix the real bleeding. Leave the working man alone!!!!

  5. Sick of the BS says:

    Here’s the reality. The workload for the upper management at the remaining precincts just went through the roof. There will still be the same amount of Officers on the road as we have been told the sectors will remain the same just reporting to the new 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Problem number 1 with that: these station houses are old, decrepit, buildings that can barely house the number of officers responding to them now with paperwork and criminals on a daily basis, number 2 parking at these precincts is already a joke and you can never find a spot. This should be interesting on the first busy day after the re-alignment. Number 3 the precincts will be so big that response times to a real emergency at a critical time (i.e. rush hour am or pm) will be so great that something bad will eventually happen. And this new commissioner who wants the NCPD to become NYPD east will burn the Officer who couldn’t do his job through no fault of his own. As for the vote to give him the power to discipline (read as fire because that’s what he can’t wait to do) without going to arbitration will further erode morale and have Officers walking on eggshells worrying about getting fired instead of worrying about doing their job and keeping the streets safe. Why would I go out and look to get involved in something (early signs of crime i.e. undesirables walking around in places where they shouldn’t be, going into areas known for drug and mischief, etc) if I have to look over my shoulder because some jackhole has a desire to fry guys at the drop of a hat to set an example that HE has arrived ” and things must change.” I’ll tell you what you can do with your change, you and Obama can go cram it in your kiester! There’s a reason Nassau county has a low crime rate. WHAT POLICE ARE ALREADY DOING THERE WORKS! Granted there have been spikes in certain crime but that is because since Mangano has taken control of the county he has systematically REDUCED the number of crime fighting units on the street. Where there were Police oriented policing (POP) units in all precincts, there are NONE in some of the precincts now as well as PEP units that have been disbanded that used to combat the drug problems in the areas that have become worse. These losses were not due to realignment of precincts. This has been going on since the beginning. As we can see it will only get worse.

  6. Dems 2Blame says:

    Unless you are part of a Union special interest group you have to be insane to vote democrat. If the democrats had their way they would look for tax revenue above and beyond property taxes. Dems would add a county income tax to appease the unions if they could get away with it, they would tax business transactions. The unions own long island democrats. I am sure Bellone in Suffolk county is looking for any way whatsoever to come up with money for the unions before one word of pension reform or layoffs are even mentioned. The pba cheered when he was elected.

    1. Obama says:

      It isn’t the democrats fault long island is broke, it is the fault of those bad bad peiople that work on wall street. You know those rotten people that get up at 5am , go to work just to make money. If everyone was a cop, teacher, or a social worker, the world would be just fine.

  7. Dems 2Blame says:

    Way to go long island democrats ! Schools closing, Precincts closing, Layoffs, taxes going up and up- Keep up the good work, as long as those mega million size pension payments keep going out every month that is all that matters. Who cares if the county goes bankrupt. Thank a democrat, I guess they thought it was free money.

  8. Tommy says:

    I want to work for 20 years and then get 3/4 pay tax free for the rest of my life. Why can’t I? Nassau County residents are all rich, they should pay me!!!

  9. VY says:

    Save your family’s safety and move to Queens where the NYPD keeps us safe.
    If you analyze the crime statistics be zip code, most of Queens has the same or lower crime than most of Nassau.

  10. Vernon Hell says:

    Next time a woman is raped due to these cuts, call him Mangano the Rapist.

  11. Johnny Reality says:

    It’s a simple fix. Save the precincts by increasing property taxes. It would be my pleasure to pay more taxes so these “underpaid public servants” aka glorified security guards could continue to be among the nations highest paid police force. How about some money for real cops aka NYPD who deal with real crime. No, I’m not a cop, just a citizen and a realist.

  12. RealisticViewpoint says:

    Work on getting all the african american community leaders together and ask them to instruct their community to boycott the thug culture and mental poisoning crap thats rappers programs kids with. You will see crime drop 50% in a few years.

  13. RealisticViewpoint says:

    They are not firing officers, they are making them get off their arses and actually fight the rising crime in nassau instead of getting way higher pay then NYPD cops, by just sitting at a desk.

    1. Michael says:

      Finally. Someone that is paying attention.

  14. Mr B says:

    The cops separate Them , criminals etc . From us , civil law abiding citizens ……What’s left after layoffs or consolidations and attrition that is happening in many counties across the USA . Is Lawless , Vigilante , Take the law into your own hands …….Is it any wonder why Gun sales and ammunition sales are soaring through the stratosphere. Seems a reasonable response to me

  15. Ian Elliott says:

    Saddened to hear of this problem in my childhood county. I hope this doesn’t adversely affect law enforcement there.

  16. yknipp says:

    Let the criminals run free….we’ll see how well that works….friggin stupid idea.

  17. Irate taxpayer says:

    Horrible plan thought up by idiots. As for Kazoo, I highly doubt you were ever a cop. Any cop would tell you that each stationhouse covers an area just large enough to be managed by officers and staff that interact with the communities in that area. Now one Inspector is responsible for double the cops, communities, and problems? Not a job I would want. This is all politics and the Republicans have become the new “soft on crime” party. This move was political suicide. When crime rises, which it will, they have no one to blame but themselves. I’m sure they’ll try to fudge those numbers too.

    1. Lawn-Guy Land says:

      Since most of the cops are driving around anyway, why does it matter that they reported to one building instead of another? And why should a bunch of desks get more protection than actual taxpayers?

    2. Kazoo says:

      irate taxpayer you are a fool. did my 20 and retired. collecting my pension that has now become a lighting rod in todays economic world. something by the way that has to be changed in a fair manner. as far as the staion houses, they’re just that houses(buildings) they have NOTHING to do with the work done on the streets. get the house mouses out from behind they’re desk and let them earn their keep.

  18. Jay says:

    They are overpaid and under woked. Enough of this union nonsense.

    1. Tom says:

      lol you want them over worked?! Good call- maybe when crime is rampant you can wonder where all the police are.

      1. cruz says:

        Look, one can not blame the cops for what they earn. They get what all of us get, what the market will bear. Maybe, the one man car should be addressed since two normally respond. As I Nassau Co. resident, I am very proud of our cops and feel fortunate to have them. When you find yourself jammed, it is a relief to know they are there for you.

        1. Michael says:

          That the market will bare? Oh, please. That is exactly what Unions kill.

          1. cruz says:

            Mike: Can you blame anyone for getting as much as they can in salary? I don’t think so. What happened here in NC is that it has always been a “Family Controlled” county. Residents have donated to certain parties so that they may get jobs. Housing steered to the connected and the like. Its simple, residents must get of their duffs and reject party politics. This guy Mangano, who is he? he was a sacrificial lamb to Souzzi but won. Why? Residents stayed home. Everybody thinks our cops make too much but if there is a nut with a gun in your garage they are the ones who must and will go in. I think that in itself deserves good pay.

    2. development says:

      They are under worked because they keep crime down,less crime less work; and the seem to be overpaidbecayse they keep crime down = less work..It is not as if the job is been paid more than it is worth or would you prefer they wait for the crime them put out an emergency hire after the deed has been done? . I hope the powers that be know what they are doing. They keep raising taxes and they are still in a deficit something is wrong. They also need to cut school taxes. And dont tell me about the children and size of class. I see lots of students who seem like they are from other towns or elsewhere coming to school. If their parents are allowed to pay then the cost to residence would go down and that too would help the budget.

    3. yknipp says:

      Stop smoking that funny stuff.

    4. Jonathan says:

      you’re not kidding. Disgusting union has no interest in the taxpayers. And lets face it, maybe Rapes are low in Nassau because people living in Great Neck aren’t rapists???? Its rediculous

  19. lenny grimes says:

    Doesn’t address the problem, defined benefits based on 1970’s return projections, payouts, and the union writing their own paychecks the last 30 years. Until the pension problem is addressed, this is a band aid on a bullet hole.

  20. Lawn-Guy Land says:

    As long as the cops are driving around anyway, does it really matter that they reported to one building instead of another? And why should a bunch of desks get more protection than taxpayers?

  21. cruz says:

    Kazoo is absolutely corrrect.

  22. Kazoo says:

    As a retired police officer and a resident of the 8th pct in Nassau, I say vote to close. Nassau police turn out on post not from the station house. The number of officers on patrol will increase and the staion houses will remain open just with fewer officers behind the desks.

    1. Jason says:

      This move will save only 10% of the projected budget deficit which once again shows the nonsensical lack of common sense in solving the dilemma.
      Its as if they had a flat tire and removed a fender to solve the trouble?
      Its the pensions and perks stupid!

      1. Taxed to death. says:

        Is 10% a bad thing when it will have no negative affect on the number of Police on the street? It’s the pay, the pensions and the golden parachutes that are killing the taxpayer. Cut payroll and you cut pensions. Get rid of the golden parachutes altogether and maybe we can start saving some real money.

        The school taxes are even worse, lets not lose sight of that.

        1. USA says:

          Your taxes to pay for those that choose not to work, collect welfare, foodstamps & then the illegals cost much more than supporting working people who pay taxes. This country has lost sight of what made it great – the opportunity to work & make what you want of yourself. Now the choice is to NOT work & make what you want of yourself.

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