Reports: Yankees Blown Away By Fiery Speech From A-Rod

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Alex Rodriguez may not be loved in many clubhouses across Major League Baseball.

But according to multiple reports, he took command of the Yankees’ locker room prior to New York’s spring opener against USF on Friday — and wowed his teammates with a fiery pre-game speech.

“What Alex did, it blew me away,” Eric Chavez told the New York Daily News. “To get up in front of the whole team, out of your element, he really embraced it. I don’t see myself doing that. I can’t knock down those walls, so to see Al do it, it was like, ‘Wow.’”

Yankees manager Joe Girardi wants a different player to share an inspirational quote — and their insights on it — each day, according to the Daily News. It seems A-Rod took the budding tradition and made it his own.

Rodriguez, who was voted by his peers in 2011 as MLB’s most overrated player, wouldn’t disclose the contents of his message. Yahoo! Sports reported Rodriguez talked about being “all in,” a reference to the rallying cry the Giants used en route to their Super Bowl title.

The Daily News said A-Rod used the word “score” as an acronym of sorts, with each letter serving as the launching point for a separate idea.

“One of the hardest things to do is to communicate in front of your peers,” A-Rod told the paper. “I bet if you asked them, some guys would probably be more nervous about doing that than playing in the World Series. It’s hard to stand in front of 85 people that you trust and respect.”

“It makes you feel vulnerable,” he added. “It’s a great exercise and it’s setting the right tempo for our team.”

Do you think his is the beginning of a new A-Rod? Sound off below…


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  1. carlos &son says:

    saw it on msn

  2. gil palen says:

    The ‘new A-Rod’ actually arrived when he realized in 09 that he couldn’t be Jeter and it takes a team to win…since then, he’s been on board….

  3. Kyle says:

    i totally support a rod. i dont care what other people say in his prime he was on of the greatest. and he still is one of them. and he always will be.

  4. teddyballgame says:

    Who really cares? He is A-Rod and most fans could care less – except for some of the NYY fans that “love” A-Rod. The guy is a joke!

    1. YanksTM15 says:

      Please don’t answer something “you could care less” about and then speak for “most fans”. He is far from a joke; he’s an incredible addition to a great team and if he chooses to lead, many younger players will be listening.

  5. Yankee Realist says:

    What a JOKE!!! I don’t care about His ONE clutch postseason performance, the guy is clutch CHOKE artist, and A-L-W-A-Y-S has been. From the Mariners to the Rangers ,’til now, A-Rod has Always shrunk during the late innings … ESPECIALLY when it’s a close game. The guy is an emotional trainwreck and I find it ridiculously comical, and only just like him, that after ANOTHER Epic Failure out of him last year, he comes in and lays out his “BEST material” before a Spring Training game! And like someone said earlier, the guy is “trying” to play mind games and “convince” himself that he isn’t just a shrinking violet. His ONE clutch stretch in ALL R-E-G-U-L-A-R SEASON HISTORY A-N-D PLAYOFF BALL was just the EXCEPTION to the Rule!! A-Rod is a cancer, a cerebral toddler, and he will N-O-T Improve upon his ritual FAILURE in the limelight!!

    1. amgjfg says:

      WOW!!!!!! Jealous much??????

  6. Jack says:

    How anyone can say he has never pulled through when they needed him.
    I can’t understand that.
    Yes for a while it was regular season only, with 9th inning heroics night after night it seemed.
    But last World Series win he was big time clutch also. And no way they would have won without him..

  7. Jan says:

    I love Rodriguez when he is “all in.” Hope we are going all the way this year!

  8. FRA says:

    I’m a Yankee fan who supports A-Rod 100 percent. If he stays healthy, he will be awesome this year. The Yankees have put together some terrific starting pitching. We need the bats to be loud! Sounds like Girardi has developed an interesting team building exercise. I am glad A-Rod rose to the occasion.

    1. Scott says:

      Wow! A fiery speech! What’s he doing, leading troops into battle like Patton. Come on. It’s spring training baseball. A game people not real life! Geez, how we make athletes soooooo important. Big deal. I hope nobody goes to any games this year. Then we’ll see how important they are. Let’s see….. feed my kids, put gas in my car or pay attention to A-Rod. How old we anyway when we give stupid nicknames to grown men. I want a nickname man! Maybe Geet, Gardie, Schmoozy, Clipper, You play baseball, it’s not like you’re saving the world for christ sake!

      1. MikeD says:

        Your doing what you say you won’t do…..Nice Job!!!

        1. Scott says:

          I guess but I still think its pretty funny that grown men wear other guys’ names on their backs. How old are we?? I also can’t stand it when athletes thank god like god had anything to do with winning or losing or when they use words like “the guy’s a warrior” like playing a game with a ball and stick even resembles being shot at. Mike D. I’ll bet you have a man cave and still collect baseball cards. My wish… empty ball parks across the county.

  9. js says:

    No , A Rod need to leave the NY Yankees, he is not worth the money he is paied and is 200% over rated. He thinks he is the man but he is just a little boy . Just doesn’t preform in his game at all when they really need him.

    1. Rocky says:

      Think you misspelled your name. Shouldn’t it be BS?

      1. Go Arod says:

        Lol even in his bad season he is still better then most.Watch this years numbers first time healthy in 4 years .You want to get rid of him so he can hit 40 hr for someone else.He is still best player on yankees and worth every penny with his jersey and just being a Yankee I think in merchandise and ticket sales Yankees made there money on him.

    2. YanksTM15 says:

      He has redeemed himself and has now come full circle to be the kind of player that the younger guys can look up to and learn from. There is no sweeter sound than when he hits the ball so hard that it leaves the park on a blurry line…music to my ears!

  10. Geof says:

    I think Alex will really surprise people this year.

  11. Shack-Fu says:

    La Schmoove, yo he don’t got nuttin to prove

  12. John says:

    I think A-Rod is trying to prove something to himself.

    1. flea says:

      “Rice is nice, that’s what they say, twice as nice, when violins play”……….The Lemon Pipers..1968.

  13. John says:

    I think A-Rod is trying to prove something to homself.

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