Craig declared today to be ‘Sports Armageddon’ here in the big city and he had a laundry list reasons of why he feels that way, beginning with the New York Mets franchise, who will be forced to pay up to $83 million. Yes, the case involving their involvement with Bernie Madoff will proceed to trial.

More from the Mets, as Craig said the Mets/Wilpons stretched the truth regarding the ‘seven different entities’ they claim to have lined up for minority ownership stakes.

The guys also touched on both the Knicks’ and Rangers’ plans to raise ticket prices for next season.  Boomer & Craig are both season ticket holders, so this one hit pretty close to home.  Craig called the price hike embarrassing and offensive.

Yet another story adding to Craig’s ‘Armageddon’ claim involved to Super Bowl Champion New York Giants and their decision to place the franchise tag on their punter, Steve Weatherford.  Considering the Giants have 21 free agents, and because when Weatherford joined the program back in February he made it clear he wanted to remain with the Giants and was confident that something would be worked out, Craig was having a tough time understanding Big Blue’s decision.  Luckily Boomer was on hand to explain the Giants thinking to his little radio buddy.

There you have it, ‘Sports Armageddon’ on the FAN…

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