With Peyton Manning officially hitting the open market yesterday, Al Dukes reached out to our old friend Colts linebacker Gary Brackett, who was a teammate of Manning’s in Indianapolis since 2003 – and he joined the Program just before 8 a.m.

First off Brackett praised both the Colts organization (whom he is still employed by) and Manning, saying the two-sides could not have handled themselves better throughout this ordeal.

As far as his next destination, Brackett said he has no insight, but feels it will not be with the Jets.  Brackett went on to point out that the Jets already have a signal caller in Mark Sanchez and that he doesn’t think his former QB would be comfortable amongst Rex and the gang.

For the record, Brackett doesn’t agree with Craig’s prediction that Manning will wind-up in Kansas City.

In summary, we learned that Brackett – who is from Glassboro – New Jersey does have ‘Linsanity’ but despite being a ‘Hulkamaniac’ he has no interest in seeing Hulk Hogan’s sex tape…

LISTEN: Gary Brackett Says Peyton Manning Wouldn’t Be Comfortable With The Jets

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