Sen. Menendez Has Plan To Bring Down Gas Prices

WEEHAWKEN, NJ (CBSNewYork) – With the price of gas climbing, New Jersey U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez is proposing a plan to push prices down.

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Do you believe the U.S. is an oil importing or an oil exporting nation? Across from a gas station in Weehawken on Friday, Menendez provided the answer.

“For the first time since 1949, the United States is actually exporting more oil products than we import,” he said.

Menendez is proposing a bill requiring that more U.S. produced oil be kept here.

“All oil, drilled in federal lands or waters, and refined products such as diesel and gasoline derived from that oil stays here in the United States,” he said.

Menendez said if you have demand and your supply is greater, then you’re going to drive down prices.

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  1. C Chambers says:

    Cal I say try it all. Since we have two or three ways to get oil why do we buy it. Nothing but a bunch of investors running America. Take the oil off the market and make it a company. Try being old with Chrisy being your governor and taking away all you little income and then high gas prices I manage not to be able to do anything. Now it is even a problem paying bills. I cannot even go to a classic car show ten miles away as I need my gas to go shopping and doctors. Great fun being a senior.

  2. Trebor Mayer says:

    True genius-first good luck in figuring out what crude oil was used to produce the refined product, and then reduce the refinery’s profit by banning their export and assuming they will cut profits even more by cutting prices. Sen Menendez should probably take a clurse in basic Economics before proposing assinine legislation.

  3. wayne says:

    Go for it!

  4. David says:

    I love the idea. It should have been done in the 70’S oil embargo.

  5. Tom says:

    How about he comes up with a plan to stop the flooding in NJ then worry about gas prices.

  6. JERRY says:

    He is trying to play smoke and mirrors, why is he not pushing North and South Dokata sand oil that has a reserve of over 1000 years at approx 18 $/barrel.

    It is time to not relect anyone annd eliminate the road block in OUR GOVERMENT

    1. Storm says:

      Because it would be detrimental to the areas environment. In the long run, it would cost the Government more to remedy the aftermath than it will reap.

  7. judy j says:

    Go for it, any help will be welcomed in this household. We NEED to work and the only way is to drive. Carpooling does NOT work and there’s NO public trans or means of getting there. At this rate, we’ll be homeless in 2 more years.

  8. George says:

    I’m all for it, even though I think more can be done !!

  9. Peter says:

    The Federal tax on gasoline is 18.4¢ per gallon. If Sen. Menendez is serious, he would reduce or suspend this tax. Like everything else in Washington, this is just empty rhetoric.

  10. Pat says:

    Give it a try! Can’t hurt, only help.

  11. cruz says:

    Do It!..Good Luck!

  12. cruz says:

    I say do it!…….Good Luck!

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