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Occupy Wall Street Running Out Of Money In NYC

NEW YORK (AP)Occupy Wall Street in New York City could run out of cash in a matter of weeks.

A finance report shows the group that galvanized the nationwide movement against economic inequality six months ago had about $45,000 left in its main account. That’s for the week of March 2. Weekly donations plummeted to about $1,600.

The report on the group’s General Assembly website says at “the current rate of expenditure” the occupiers will be “out of money in THREE WEEKS.”

There was no immediate response to a request for comment emailed to Occupy, but a former member of the group’s accounting arm cautions that the report doesn’t tell the full story.

Pete Dutro says occupiers continue to organize, launch projects and plan for protests in the spring.

Why do you think funding for “Occupy” is down?

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One Comment

  1. Vik says:

    Ha Ha Ha. Next.

  2. Karl Marx's Love Child says:


  3. The Realist says:

    How can the “Occupy” CORPORATION be out of money? It has made over $20 MILLION so far from its protests all over the country. (All that police and sanitation overtime was accrued due to the “Occupy” CORPORATION and thus counts as income to “Occupy.”) Maybe its top executives paid themselves a bit too much.

  4. juice says:

    No more banging on drums? I guess its going to be a long, hot summer playing video games in mom’s basement.

    1. Todd Rundgren says:

      “I don’t wanna work. I wanna bang on the drum all day.”

  5. Rick says:

    Why doesn’t the Michael Moores’ Susan Sarandons’ George Clooneys,Tom Hanks’ etc, etc etc, Give OWS some of their millions. Why don’t they put their money where their mouths are. Hypocrite a@#holes.

    1. Anne says:

      AMEN to that!!! Add Bill Maher to the kist. Seems he has a Million$ for Obama’s
      PAC but none for the “PEOPLE”

  6. Lion says:

    OWS got so caught up in their own selves, that they totally ignored the very things that they should have been talking about. John Corzine was the most obvious example of a Top 1%’er running amok, he only lost $6.2 billion on a crap shoot and cost 1100 people their jobs, but not a peep about him. Mitt Romney would have been another perfect target, but more defining silence. It turns out that OWS is mostly kept going by full time anarchists, so they have ceeded any popular support that tey should have been getting.

  7. John says:

    OH? I guess they ran out of other people’s money!

  8. Fred says:

    What expenditures could they possibly have?

  9. Winston Smith says:

    “the “occupy” movement was a good one”? The American Revolutionary movement was a good one – Suffrage Movement was a good one – the (early) Civil Rights movement was a good one. There was a clearly defined GOAL that they set out to accomplish – and they did it. The goalS of the OWSers were buttered all over the universe! They ranged everywhere from “they pay me $60 to show up” to utter and complete ANARCHY!
    What’s worse, did Washington ask for aid from England – did Dr. King ask for aid from Governor Faubus? Of course NOT! But the OWSers gleefully accepted all manner of support, financial and otherwise, from thoroughly entrenched members of the (allegedly) hated “1%ers”

  10. Syd says:

    The problem is the people they negatively affected the most were mostly the 99%.
    Small business owners,local residents, subway riders & police. All part of the 99%!
    The Wall Street crowd never took them seriously and laughed all the way to the bank. And perhaps worst of all, they cost the 99% taxpayers millions of tax dollars having the NYPD babysit them.

  11. susan says:

    i think in theory the “occupy” movement was a good in olden days, peaceful protest and interest by a large group of people..the problems is, the movement has actually not atrracted the attention the organizers wanted, which was the so called 99% against the 1%..instead, it has turned into virtual “tent cities” which have been moved around in most of the cities due to congestion,sanitation, and the cities saying you have been here long enough..elections are coming up and the best way to be heard at this point is to support the people who believe in your cause, and get out and vote! there are many ways to be heard…

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