Gov Christie Honors SEAL’s Service But Won’t Apologize For Heated Exchange

BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP, NJ (CBSNewYork/AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he doesn’t regret calling a former Navy SEAL an “idiot” during a heated exchange at a recent public event.

Christie’s comment capped off the two-minute exchange with 34-year-old William Brown at a town hall-style event Thursday.

Brown, a former Democratic candidate for state Assembly, challenged the Republican governor’s plan to merge two public universities, Rutgers and Rowan.

Brown is a law student at the Rutgers-Camden campus who opposes the plan, and he interrupted Christie several times before being escorted out.

Christie defended his comment Monday, saying: “He acted like an idiot. He’s an idiot. I don’t have any regret about it at all.”

Christie says he honors the Mount Laurel man’s military service, but that “doesn’t give him the right to be a jerk.”

Was Governor Christie out of line? Let us know what you think in our comments section below…

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  • Lisa

    I feel sorry for his wife who has to put up with this slobber mouth.

  • Kevin

    Christie is a typical GOP politician, if you disagree with him, then its to hell with you. Christie has made up my mind for sure , I will never visit New Jersey, if the people are anything like this jackass , I wouldn;’t ever spend a dime in the state. He has no respect for differing opinions, and a bunch of the GOP i s pushing him for VP. Not no, but hell NO!

    • Christie: the Governor that ate NJ

      Wow, you came to the conclusion that everyone in NJ are probably the same as Christie. You painted us with the same brush you are using on Christie…without even meeting any of us.. Hmm, I wonder what state you are from, Kevin? Do your actions resemble the obnoxious elected officials in your state?. I think the answer would be no, right?

      We have to put up with the cr@p that spews from this obnoxious tub of lards mouth…but not from yours.

      • alfin

        certainly we can not condemn the people of new jersey for the excesses of one man, even if he is their governor. objectively, christie is in a class of his own, a sui generis, who came up from the depths. the great state of new jersey deserves a better governor, certainly not one of christie’s ilk.

  • nrichard

    I have seen the clip 4 times and have yet to see the “heated exchange” – the only thing I see is a young man asking the fat slob to consider an issue and the fat slob blustering in his usual boorish, obnoxious, bullying manner – what i would not give to see someone knock him on his fat ass!

  • Love NYC

    “Two wrongs do not make a right.”

  • cluxx clamsman

    This beachball with legs needs to be smacked in his fat mouth with a rubber chicken.Who knows this sperm whale might eat it after he is smackdown.

  • timelimit

    Animal Farm leader. what do you expect a decent pig.He would have been 4 F if their was a draft. Leadership from the “Animal leader. He seems sick.

  • michaelfury

    Former SEALs say all kinds of crazy things:

  • Fred

    What? Because this guy served our country it gives him the right to be rude? He was there to disrupt the event. He is a Democractic operative who, with the MSM behind him, wanted his agenda known, without the debate. If he wants his own lecturn the let him call a press conference.

    I am so tired of the Democrats being boors and then crying when somebody calls them out. on their behavior.

  • hh51696

    Being Governor doesn’t give YOU the right to be an idiot

  • Polie State

    They are both in need of prudent calm. The Navy seal should get off the Machmizo trip and chill, and Christie needs a high fiber cleansing diet so he gets rid of that edge of frustration that lets macho idiots get to him

  • G

    Give it a break! The guy was being an idiot. Christie was just bold enough to let him know. Maybe not the best of words.. BUT HE WAS BEING AN IDIOT.

  • Ladybug

    Christie is the biggest fatass idiot governor NJ has ever had. I am ashamed to be living in the state of NJ. He should rot in a padded cell.

  • alfin

    catch a big fat fish by its lips; who’s the big fat idiot now?

  • Claire Greco

    Damn Man, I’m Governor…tomorrow I might be the Supreme Being…so beware!

    Damn man, just shut up…after all…he’s the Governor! And all the rest of us are just the little people that make up the 99%. First Rush insulting a young woman for voicing her opinion on healthcare…and now we have the Governor of New Jersey insulting a young man that is a former Navy Seal for giving his opinion on education. Gosh darn, what are we to do? Whatever happened with encouraging our young people to speak up and be a part of their state?

    • Big People

      Dear Claire, I suggest you read the articles and actually watch the videos of what happenned before you start sputtering your nonsense. They were encouraged to speak and given the spotlight, but this little MAN was BEING RUDE. Who cares if he is a student or served in the military. He was not taught any manners at home. Its fine for yourself to consider yourself of whatever you think the 99% is comprised of, but believe me, the “99%” people do not all think like you. Many of us have strong dreams and ambitions. I think you’re trying to label yourself as part of the OWS spoiled rotten useless crowd. Good job.

  • Joshua Houston

    Governor Christie, Shame on you! You have spent your career insulting others who do not agree and when you cannot win you have them escorted out. I am ashamed as to the treatment you would give to former service members and hope that you can sleep well with the evils you have placed upon those who have disagreed with you. I am proud to still be in America and I am glad that I do not live in a state that you run.

    • AR

      you mean when they constantly interrupt you while you’re trying to talk? Usually “do not agree” doesn’t involve rude interruptions.

  • alfin

    catch a fish by its lips; who’s the idiot now?

  • alfin

    who’s the idiot now?

  • Mae

    It appears to me that someone is using a public town meeting as an excuse to degrade others in order to uplift himself. Sounds like a bully to me. These town meetings are a farce at best. If you were allowed to speak, you sign up and are given 3 minutes to state your stance. The responder stalls and you run out of time. This is an easy way to avoid the issue at hand.Even though this was not an open forum, Brown has more guts than most. At least he spoke his mind and did not sit cowering in a corner. Where were the supporters of his stance? Why didn’t they get up and walk out when C.C. called him an idiot?
    It is ironic how C.C. can order flags at half staff for a fallen service man, and in another voice call one an idiot. As far as I am concerned C.C. is not sincere in anything he says or does. Beware you get what you ask for. Silence equals death, ask the parents of sons and daughters who were killed in this war, because people didn’t have the ba*** to speak out for what they believe in. Mighty funny the Navy Seals were not idiots when they took out Bin Laden.
    And just for the record…a Town Hall meeting is not a courtroom!

  • Sam Popack

    Christie, is a fat fool with a foul mouth

  • Free Expression

    Christie is not too BIG to fail. He has failed yet again

  • Sam Popack


  • Sam Popack


  • John Gervasi

    yeas he call this man the wright name idiot if the jacket fit let hem were it

    • Ladybug

      Are you high on something???

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